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What is Breadcrumb and how to use it effectively

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What is Breadcrumb?
 Before proceeding to the main argument. Let discuss about “What is Breadcrumb“.

Breadcrumbs are a user-friendly navigation, which appears horizontally across the top of the posts page below the “Post Title“.

 Breadcrumbs always provide a link back to the previous page(s) or a category or a label or a home page of the website from the current post page. It‘s easy to navigate your site hierarchy.

Breadcrumb for Websites

A greater-than sign (>) often serves as hierarchy separator, although designers may use other glyphs (such as » or ›), as well as various graphical treatments. This Paragraph Courtesy : Wikipedia

Types of Breadcrumb

  1. Path : The path of the breadcrumb is dynamic takes the user from home page to the current page of the website. Every post it can change.
  2. Location : The location of the breadcrumb in other words “Label” or “Category” or “Group” never change and it is always static one.
  3. Attribute : Always gives you an idea about the current page and also listed below the particular category.

Breadcrumb Properties : Example

<a href="">Home</a> › 
<a href="">Tourism</a> › 
<a href="">India</a> 


it look like this, when it is added to the website

So now you understand the hierarchy of the website. Here in the above example you notice one thing. The website may not be related to “Tourism” for example In this website there are more than 600 categories or sub-domains. But home page is in the same way. In the above said example the Home page is a general topic like ( / and so on) but when it comes to category division you have to mention the category exactly matches the topic of the post. Now you understand the importance of Category or Label to be used in the Websites and blogs. 


Property Description
Home Index page of the website
URL URL of the Category / Label
Post URL Followed by Post URL



Now we come to the main discussion part – Breadcrumb Pros and Cons. Whether we’ve to use breadcrumb for our websites or not? Whether Breadcrumb really improves search engines rankings or not? What is the real benefits of breadcrumb? What is the drawbacks of breadcrumb? What is the difference between Breadcrumb and Permalinks. So questions going like this…my answer is simple after reading the above things. Now you’ve an idea about what is breadcrumb? Whether this breadcrumb really helps my search engine rankings or not? How to use this breadcrumb on your website or blog and so on.

First I request my friends to see below two images of my website on Google Search Results page. First image is for the keyword “Google AdSense Training” and Second one for the phrase “how to add meta description in blogger”.

When you mark up breadcrumb information in the body of a web page, Google can identify it and use it to understand and present the information on your pages in our search results. This paragraph courtesy : Google 

After reading the above paragraphs now you know the importance of using breadcrumb in your website. But I read one article about breadcrumb Why breadcrumb not seo friendly for your blog?. few days back. Whether you accept with the linked article? or not.

If your site or blog have more than 30 posts then I personally recommend to use breadcrumb. That is category or label. If you’re using wordpress then start using category, if you’re using blogger blog then start using labels. Without purpose why WordPress and Blogger have that option on their respective platforms and Google strongly recommends to use labels and category for the websites and blogs. But so called “SEO Experts” not aware of this fact or in other words they’re not fully SEO Professional according to me.

 I ask one question to my fellow bloggers or so called “SEO Experts” without crawling your blog post(s) fully,  how Google display your site post(s) on Google Search Results Page and that too on Top 10 of the Google Search Results page is million dollar question. First of all I tell one thing. Google crawls entire website (which includes Home Page, Post Page, Category, Labels, Archives, Post Title, Meta Description, even Widgets in the sidebar and footer) So people saying if you’re using breadcrumb (category) in your website or blogs your blogs or website listed only for few keywords and not for all the keywords (or more number of keywords or phrase) is meaningless discussion according to me. 
Bottom Line : Google gives more options to its users not only to read the post but also read other articles related to the post. (namely: Category / Label). There is no drawbacks or cons according to me when you’re using breadcrumb on your website. Infact breadcrumb helps your readers to read all the older posts related to the particular category which they’re looking for or in other-words they’re eager to read. In other-words breadcrumb gives lives to  older posts of your website. 

If you want to add labels to your blogger blog – You can watch this video here. You can optimize your labels and categories to make your post seo friendly oneNote : Already Meta Description option for home page as well as posts page added in New Blogger Interface. Now it’s time to add breadcrumb to blogger blogs. Hope, blogger team will consider this in the near future.

If your wordpress theme already not having breadcrumb option then you can install this plugin from this site Breadcrumb by Yoast

What are some best practices for indicating breadcrumbs?

If you want to share anything related to this topic, then you’re welcome to post your comments and feedback in the comment box. Enjoy Blogging:) 

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