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How to Select the Best WordPress Theme for Your Site

How to Choose Best WordPress Themes – Introduction

I got an e-mail from one of my site reader. He asked me one question regarding Best WordPress Themes. Sir, How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for My Blog? Another thing, he also said he don’t want to change the theme once he installed the theme. Wow, this is a tricky question. But anyway I answered his question. Here is my detailed answer. I explained everything about “How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme” and I also explained it’s not the same theme for all the niches. So themes will be different for each niche.

For example : You can’t use Photography (Photo Gallery) theme for Technology Blog. In the same way you can’t use Technology theme for Real-estate Blog. So, now you understand the importance of choosing the right theme for your niche blog. Theme totally depends on your niche. Theme totally depends on your requirement. What you expect from your WordPress theme?. Especially newbies confused between free themes and premium themes. I always suggest you to go for Premium Themes. Free themes never help you in long-run. If you want to create a successful blog, then don’t see the price factor always prefer a Premium theme. In this post I am going to show you how to select the best WordPress theme for your blog. There are 15 things to be considered before choosing the right theme for your blog.

15 Features of Best WordPress Themes

How to Select Best WordPress Theme for your Site - Best WordPress Themes

Find a Best WordPress Theme based on specific features listed below. Before that I request my friends to see the below picture once, you understand what I am talking about.

Best WordPress Theme

1. Colors

Simplicity of the theme is more important. Don’t use too many colors and spoil your theme appearance. There are 15 high-quality colors available with WordPress Free Themes. 1. Black 2. Orange 3. Tan 4. Blue 5. Pink 6. White 7. Brown 8. Purple 9. Yellow 10. Grey 11. Red 12. Dark 13. Green 14. Silver 15. Light. So these are the top 15 colors available to you. But I strongly recommend you can use only two colors on your site. For example (Backgrounds of Content section and Footers)

  • White and Grey
  • White and Yellow
  • White and Silver
  • White and Black
  • White and Grey. That’s it.
  1. I personally recommend always use White at the header section, because its suits any color site logo.
  2. You theme body background always white don’t go for any other color other than white.
  3. Footer colors always either Grey, Black or Yellow. Don’t pick any color apart from this.
  4. If you want to do some sort of experiment with your theme color then do it with Top Navigation Bar and Sidebars. Don’t do it with body background and footer colors.
  5. You can use light grey for your sidebar background that will enhance your site appearance on the whole.

2. Columns

How many columns do you need for your WordPress theme? this is always a million dollar question. Some would say 2 column, some say 3 column, some say 3 column with left and right sidebars and so on. My recommendation is if you’re running a technology blog like me, then either choose two column theme with right sidebar or left column followed by content and then right column (like site you see the image below) Hope you now understand the importance of selecting the exact columns for your site.

Best Example for Three Column Theme : I explained everything in the below picture, where to place Hello Bar, Google Custom Search Box, Your Site Logo, Top Navigation Bar, Left Navigation Bar, Social Follow Up Buttons, Google AdSense Ad Unit and so on in the below picture. Hope you’ve no doubts about this after reading this post regarding layout of your WordPress theme.

3. Responsive Design

Most of the Internet users now starts using their mobile phones to browse the web. So when you’re purchasing the theme, make sure your WordPress theme is responsive one and your site audience view your site without any difficulty in their electronic device. There are three layouts 1. Fixed Layout 2. Fluid Layout 3. Responsive Layout. I am talking about the third one. If you’re using blogger platform, most of the blogger themes are responsive one’s. I personally recommend Sevida Premium Blogger Template for Blogger users. In the same way if you’re using WordPress Platform I personally recommend 1. FreshLife WordPress Premium Theme (for Technology Bloggers) 2. Daily WordPress Premium Theme (for Technology Bloggers) both themes are fabulous designed by Theme Junkie WordPress Theme Developers. I also personally recommends you to go for Resizable WordPress Premium Responsive Theme (if you remove that featured widget from the main theme then it looks more or less like theme) At present there are 8 classical responsive themes designed by Theme-Junkie that works great on any resolution on the desktop computer and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry Phones 2. Thesis Theme for WordPress 3. Genesis Framework.

My Personal Recommendation for Blogging and Tech Niche BloggersBookShelf WP Theme Premium World Class WordPress Theme.

WordPress Theme Layout

4. Subject

There are four things to be consider in subject section 1. Magazine Style Themes 2. Photography Related Themes 3. Seasonal WordPress Themes 4. Holiday Related Themes.

5. Niche Related WordPress Themes

Pick exact WordPress Premium Theme that related to your Niche. Suppose if you pick Hosting Themes for Tech Blog it looks ugly. In the same way, if you pick Tech Themes for your photography site means it looks something foolishness. So pick the right themes is important when it comes to blogging. I personally recommend Freshlife WordPress Theme for Tech Bloggers. Actually when you’re selecting the right theme itself makes you motivated to write more posts on your site. Infact this is the real inspiration for your blogging. Attractive themes not only important for your site audience, it also equally important for you too. Because you’re the one, daily looking into your site. If you not like your theme then it leads to frustration and it will leads to failure in blogging. So select the best wordpress theme which you like most and attracts your site audience.

6. Browser Compatibility – Cross-Browser Compatible

Your theme must be Cross-Browser Compatible one. Theme-Junkie WordPress Themes, Thesis Themes and Genesis Framework by Studio-press are always W3C Standard Complaint one. Which means regardless of browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari your site renders (site works) perfectly on all browsers.

7. Easy Navigation

Easy Navigation is important for any site. WordPress Themes are available with different layouts and columns. You’ve to select the right which provides you easy navigation. Audience shouldn’t find any difficulties in navigating your pages. I personally recommend you always prefer the left navigation bar template for your blog. In-fact around 80% of the audience usually when they enter the site look at the left side of your site. So prefer left navigation bar template at your first choice, if it is not available then go for two column template with right sidebar. But top navigation is must for any template. Another important thing if your site not having left navigation but you have two top navigation bar one after another then it’s welcome move because you can fill up one navigation bar with categories and one with your top wordpress pages. At the end of the top navigation bar look at the search box available or not. If it is there, then you replace that search box with Google Custom Search Box. Wow, this is your dream template forever. Hope you enjoy your wordpress theme after you fully customized your theme.

8. WordPress Latest Version Compatible

Sometimes your theme not able to go with the latest version of WordPress. This happen to free themes often. But if you prefer for premium themes then there is no problem at all. Usually WordPress Themes Developers automatically update their themes to the latest version of WordPress so that you’ll not face any difficulty with your theme functionality. Your theme will be fully eligible to get all the advantages comes with new version of WordPress.

9. Themes Options Panel

After installing your WordPress theme successfully. Now you’ve to go to admin panel of the theme to customize it according to own needs and taste. You can take full control of your theme with the powerful yet easy-to-use options in the admin panel of the theme. You can do whatever you want in the General Settings Page and in the Styling Section Page. So that your site will be attractive one. Audience love to visit your site and stay in your site for a while. If you believe it or not this is the easiest way to get traffic and also reduce the site bounce rate.

10. SEO Friendly – (Search Engine Optimized)

Best WordPress Themes always SEO Friendly one. Smart design and XHTML Valid code ensures maximum Search Engine Visibility to your WordPress Site. Especially I am using Theme-Junkie themes for three of my websites for the past 5 years. From my experience most of my posts listed in Google within 5 minutes. So I recommend theme-junkie at the first place than other two themes. Theme-Junkie themes always SEO Friendly one. Actually we can make our themes SEO Friendly by using some SEO Plugins like WordPress SEO or All-in-One SEO Plugin. So you no need to give too much importance for this feature. But you’ve to see the Loading Speed of the theme. That’s what matter the most while indexing your site in search results. Once again come to theme-junkie themes. These themes always light weight one and also easy to load faster than other premium themes. If you use W3 Total Cache along with either Cloudflare or Google PageSpeed wow, it’s amazing to see your site loading in lightening fast.

11. Customized Widgets

Best WordPress Themes always comes with fully packaged widgets. It includes Social Sharing Buttons, Social Following Buttons, Author Bio Widget, Subscription Widget, Twitter Followers and Twitter Updates Widget, Facebook Sharing, Flickr Photo Sharing Widget and so on. So with one click you can install all the necessary widgets to your site. It will enhance your site to the different level.

12. Ad Management

You can place various sizes of ads at the header section, in the sidebars and also in the footer section of your template. Make sure you have option for that in the theme option itself. For example : Either 468×60 Banner Ad Placement or 728×90 Banner Ad Placement is must. In the same way at the sidebar you’ve a place for inserting Google AdSense 300×250 Ad Banner and also affiliate banners. Some of the ad positions not available even with premium wordpress themes in that situation you can use Quick AdSense WordPress Plugin to fill that gap.

13. Custom Page Template

Best WordPress Themes always comes with variety of things which includes Full-width pages,Archive pages, additional custom templates to enhance your site appearance.

14. Life-Time Theme Support

Whether you’re single theme user or club member of any themes, you should get life-time support for your themes that too for free. If they’re not providing any support then don’t go for that themes. Support is must for any premium themes. You can’t do everything yourself in terms of coding customization or any trouble you find with the theme you’ve purchased. It’s their duty to solve the problem.

15. Theme Updates

WordPress releasing their new versions every 3 months once or 6 months once. So your theme is ready to take the advantages of that new versions. For that your theme must be updated one. I personally recommends theme-junkie and Genesis Framework for this. Their themes always updated one. You no need to worry about the theme updates. Once they update, they’ll inform you.

What happen If you change your WordPress Theme Frequently

Most of the time, I am watching the people wrongly chosen the theme and later, going on changing it. It’s not a advisable one. If you’re new to blogging then it’s OK, but if you’re blogging for say more than 2 years and doing this mistake, it’s not acceptable one. Why I am saying this, you just read the below factors, you understand “What happen if you change your WordPress Theme frequently“. What happen If I change the theme frequently First and foremost thing check your new WordPress theme working perfectly without any trouble. Most of the time, the problems really occur with the Widgets and Plugins. Some of the widgets not displaying in the new theme. Some of the plugins not working with your new theme. Before activating the New theme, I suggest you to take of copy all the important codes from your old theme like Google Verification Code (Meta HTML Code), Bing Verification Code (Meta HTML Code), Alexa Verification Code (Meta HTML Code), codes, Google Analytics Verification Code and if you implemented Google AdSense code directly in the Home page or Single Post page then copy those codes also. So copy all the codes and save it in your local desktop.I’ve received more than 500 e-mails from my readers after changing to new WordPress theme, the Text tab not working (I mean HTML View tab) in the text editor page. Readers not able to switch between Visual tab and Text tab. This problem always occur when you changing the theme.

My suggestion is

  1. Deactivate all the Plugins to see whether this will resolves the problem
  2. Switching to WordPress sponsored themes in the theme dashboard and see whether this will resolve the problem.
  3. Sometimes, inactive plugins cause this problem, So delete all these plugins from your FTP Panel or CPanel and check it.
  4. If you like your new theme very much the only option left now is delete the entire site. Before that you have to take complete backup of your WordPress blog. Then install WordPress and install your favorite theme and then install all the important plugins and see whether it works. Hope last one will work for you but it takes lot of time and work to do that perfectly.

I personally recommend 3 WordPress Themes Directory. Theme Junkie, Thesis Themes, Genesis Framework by Studiopress. Apart from these 3 WordPress Theme Directory I don’t recommend you any other themes. If you select any other themes means then you’re ready to face difficulties once you install the theme. So don’t take any risk. Better purchase any theme from above said 3 themes directory. Last but not least if you change your wordpress themes frequently you’ll lose substantial organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. So don’t change your change your theme frequently is my suggestion. Always stick with one theme. That’s why if you choose best wordpress themes for your sites then you no need to change it in future.

It’s over to you now, if you like this article then consider sharing with your social media friends. If you want to say something or any other additional matter which I’ve missed out in the above post then you can share those things in the below comment section.

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