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How to Install WordPress Theme in 4 Steps {WordPress Installation Tutorial}

WordPress Theme Installation – Introduction

How to Install WordPress Theme in 4 Steps

If you’ve a glance at your website once, it’d not be terribly exciting it, in all probability seems the same as the picture below. Whether you like it or not, this is your first website. But my WordPress Themes Installation Tutorial teach you how to install WordPress theme without any difficulty.


STEP-1-Go for Premium WordPress Theme

You’ve two options to pick your best theme for your WordPress website. Yes, one is free theme offer from WordPress.Org and also from other websites. The second one is WordPress Premium Themes. The main difference between the two themes is features. Premium themes have more features than free themes. Premium themes looks professional, easy to modify, you can add more widgets at the top, sidebars and in the footers. You can modify as you like. Free themes have no support at all. But when you purchase WordPress Premium Themes from reputed websites exclusively for this purpose then they’ll give tremendous support starting with installation, layout, queries, asking questions in their forums, some websites even giving life-time support for its members, so always go for premium themes. Premium WordPress Themes always best practices for Search Engine Optimization and getting advertisements from Advertisers. Premium attracts more visitors to your website. Professional WordPress theme always enhance your website, no doubt about it.

The great news is that the looks of WordPress sites is simple to modify, due to availabilities of both free and premium themes. WordPress themes square measure website styles for your journal that square measure basically act as a magazine for your web site. There square measure minimalist themes, colorful themes, real-estate themes, tourism themes, life-style themes, web development themes, web hosting themes, blogging themes and much more.. In fact, there is AN nearly limitless range of themes to settle on from for your new web site.

Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes >> Install Themes >>Select Upload

Note : Upload your WordPress theme in .zip format. Don’t unzip it.
You also look into a number of the free themes, offered on the site. as an alternative, when you’ve get logged into the admin control board, scroll down your mouse to look Appearance and click on on the Themes, within the center of the page you will see AN Install Themes Tab. Clicking this may quote a page with all types of choices to examine off, and WordPress can notice a free theme for you supported your needs. You can choose your best theme from more than 200 themes available on this website. So choice is yours. See Free WordPress Themes offered by WordPress.Org in the below picture.

Suppose you do not see any free themes that match your needs, then you’ll be able to think about paying for a premium theme. Premium themes square measure designed by professional wordpress theme developers WHO produce, sell and support themes that square measure meant to be feature-rich, SEO-Friendly, versatile in layout, and supported by active user communities.
Some terrific premium themes offered by :

  1. Elegant Themes – Download all 86 premium WordPress themes only for $39. Wow!!
  2. WPZOOM Themes – Browse WordPress Premium Themes @ one place.
  3. ThemeForest Themes – Browse more than 10,000 WordPress Premium Themes
  4. StudioPress Themes – Check out these Amazing Themes.
  5. Theme-Junkie Themes – You can select best theme for your successful website.
  6. Thesis Themes – Thesis Gallery Showcase – Browse all premium themes here.
  7. Genesis WordPress Themes – Checkout all these Amazing Designs.
  8. ThemeFuse Themes – Browse your favorite premium themes here.
  9. WPHub Themes – Browse all WordPress Premium Themes here.
  10. TemplateMonster Themes – Browse all Responsive WordPress Premium Themes here.

As an extra resource to perforate if you are feeling therefore inclined, the planning website Smashing Magazine will a through yearly roundup of a number of the simplest WordPress themes.

If you opt to buy a premium theme (and often this is applicable to free themes). Then download your favorite theme from the website and then save it in your computer Download (folder) So it’s easy to upload thereafter.

STEP-2-Before Buying Premium Themes-See its Features

Some of the important features for WordPress Premium Themes I’ve listed below :

  1. WordPress Latest Version Compatible.
  2. Advanced Control Panel
  3. Search Engine Optimized
  4. Custom Widgets – which includes social widgets in sidebars like Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc
  5. AD Management – You can place various size of banner images in your sidebar and banners to other built-in ad positions with ease.
  6. Lifetime Support
  7. Cross-Border Compatible – Your themes are W3C standards compliant which means regardless of the browser – Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer – your site renders perfectly.
  8. Custom Page Template – Your themes come packaged with multiple pages templates including Archives, Full Width, and additional custom templates to enhance your site.
  9. Location Ready – All our themes are localized which you can translate into any language using .po and .mo file.
  10. Google AdSense Ready Template / You can also place some affiliate banners on your website.
  11. Responsive Design – Compatible with Mobile Website.
  12. Social Sharing Buttons in Home Page, Post Pages and Custom Pages of your WordPress. Better it should be the part of the theme rather than, adding social plugins to it.
  13. Auto Upgrade and Support
  14. Plenty of Widgets
  15. It’s easy to customize your WordPress Theme.

Before buying any WordPress Premium Theme(s) you should remember all the above mentioned points. So that it’s easy to buy a full featured theme with all options. If you miss any one of the above points then you will suffer in future. So make sure you theme have all the features mentioned above. If any features I’ve left above then I request my friends to add that feature(s) in the comment section.

Now we move on to the third and final step, the important step of Installing WordPress Theme to your WordPress website.

STEP-3-Install WordPress Premium Theme to Your Site

Before installing the WordPress Premium Theme to your website, make sure you still on the same Install Themes tab – from here, you can click the Upload link (second one) in the top horizontal navigation. If you need any help please see the below image.

Appearance >>> Install Themes >>> Upload >>>> Under that Browse Theme (Select the theme from your personal computer to upload)


STEP-4-Manage Your WordPress Themes

After uploading your chosen your favorite theme or selecting them from the local desk, you can now manage your themes at one place called “Manage Themes” tab, now you’ve a option of choosing any theme from the below themes, you can change it easily and see which looks more professional and also compatible with all browsers. Which theme is looking best for AdSense and other affiliate programs. If you need any help here. See the below picture demo.


Great! we covered a lot in this WordPress tutorial, now we move on the another important step of installing WordPress Plugins to your site.

Happy Blogging 🙂 Hope, you like this tutorial, then consider sharing with your friends on Social Media.

Important Note : This tutorial series was published in 2013 in Actually that series stopped with only 5 posts on WordPress. So I want to continue that series here and completed all the remaining tutorials here successfully. So I’ve decided to move all the important posts on WordPress tutorials from that site to this site. So this is one of them. Read it and enjoy the tutorial and share your valuable comment also. Because your comments are more important to me and its motivates me to write more useful post like this.

What WordPress Fans saying about this tutorial

Read their exclusive comments about this WordPress Tutorial Series.

Harleena Singh –

Harleena Singh says :

Harleena Singh -

Hi Kumar,
Very comprehensive post and nicely done up tutorial :)
I think anyone wanting to install a WordPress theme should come to this post and check out the details as you have covered the major part of how the process starts. Not to mention the best themes mentioned here too.
It reminded me of the time when I switched from Blogger to WP and the tough time I had because I had NO idea about WP, as it was a totally new platform for me. Moreover, the themes are often confusing, though I think the main ones are Genesis and Thesis, but that also depends on your personal preference and choice, and what theme you like eventually. Those who are good in SEO and coding, I guess go in for Thesis, and I too was advised for that. So, my writer’s blog is on that and I did have a tough time with some codes but I managed, though a lot more to learn to do in that one. Genesis was what my present blog was earlier on, but I still wasn’t able to get the kind of look for my blog I was wanting, so I changed to the present one and am finally happy with it now.
Thanks for sharing, and we look forward to more of such How-To posts and tutorials.

At present Harleena Singh have 2 blogs in WordPress. One is on LifeStyle and another one her personal blog.


Shalu Sharma –

Shalu Sharma says :
Shalu Sharma -

Very good explanation of how to install WordPress theme. This whole process took a long time to understand when I started using WordPress. Only if I had this tutorial then. Thanks for producing this great tutorial.

At present Shalu Sharma running more blogs on WordPress. I give two of her popular blogs.


Enstinemuki –

Enstine Muki Says :

Hi Perambur,

Now I love what you are doing to aid newbies up. Make this a series, then compile into an ebook to give away while building a list or even sell to make some quick cash.

keep it up and bring more of these wonderful tutorials

At Present he is running two blogs on WordPress.


There are more posts to come like this one. So subscribe to my blog and get latest of all WordPress Tutorials.Thank you. We’ll see you in another exciting tutorial of WordPress.

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