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How to add banners to your header or footer

Add Banners to Your WordPress Site Header or Footer

How to Add Banners to Header or Footer
Adding banners to your footer or header depends on the theme you’re using. If it has widget area added to its footer or header, you can follow the instructions in the first part of this tutorial for adding banners to the sidebar.
On the other hand, if your theme does not have widget areas added to the footer/header areas, you need to add your banners manually. To do this login to your WordPress admin page and go to Appearance -> Editor. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will add a custom Site-Ground banner to your header. Since we will add the banner to the header of the site, select header.php from the list of files available for edit. Note that the code inside this file will be different depending on your theme. You need very basic HTML skills in order to add this.
Add Banners to Your WordPress Site Header or Footer

First, find the opening of the body tag. In the twenty-twelve default WordPress theme it looks like this:

Right after this add the following code:

You need to replace BANNERLINK and LINKTOIMAGE with the URL where you want the banner to point to and the link to the banner image. Finally, replace the width and height parameters with the actual dimensions of the banner image.
This code will render your banner on top of your site. Note that depending on the theme you’re using, you may need to move the code in order to place it wherever you want.
Showing Banner on Header of Your WordPress Site
Note that we wrapped the banner into a div element. We did this because we want to style this banner further. To do this, select style.css from the right column and when the page refreshes, add the following lines:
Adding a banner to the footer is basically the same with one small difference – you need to open the footer.php file instead of the header.php one. Then, all you need to do is paste the code where you want to display the banner.

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