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How to Create a Successful Website with WordPress

How to Create a Successful Website – Introduction

In a period of time, you will develop your own voice, credibility and trustworthiness among your targeted audience. This is the final goal for every webmaster to achieve.

In 2008, I started my online journey. During the last 8 years of my career. I have conducted Google AdSense Training Training Workshops for numerous corporate clients and more than 5500 individuals. One problem that I always faced was – whenever any of the participants would ask me to suggest a book or a website which covered most of the things that a typical webmaster needs to know, I couldn’t suggest one. Surely, there are lots of How to Create a Website Tutorial websites on Internet. But none of the website(s) giving clear idea where to start and where to end. And another important thing there is no text-book for How to Create a Website. Most of my online friends thinking that creating a website is quite tough. If this ts the case, then where is question of creating a successful website.

How to Create a Successful Website with WordPress

Another misconception commonly held is that you need to have a strong background in HTML, CSS and Web Designing in basics. Nothing could be further from truth. Some of the webmasters that I know never studied HTML, CSS, Photoshop and so on. They also not good at Web Designing (like me!). This never deterred them in learning and mastering in web designing. So why should you feel unequal to the task! Web Designing is serious business, but you need not take web designing seriously to get great work done from them!. Now I am going to show you How to Create a Successful Money Making Website from scratch.

Domain Name is going to be the Web Address for your website as well as for your business. Selecting domain name is crucial not only for search engine rankings but also for building brand identity for your business.

You can also read How to Setup a Custom Domain in New Blogger Interface. So that you can build a successful website with blogger platform too. How to create Multiple Domains, so that you’ll not allow your competitors to steal your web traffic.

Successful Website is totally different from Normal Website. In normal website, you don’t see keywords in Domain Name. But while come to Successful Website, you will see Domain Name with Keywords.

Now we’re going to Register a Domain Name with GoDaddy which is the first step of creating a successful website.

Web Hosting is important for any website to succeed in Internet. Web Hosting play a vital role in search engine rankings.

Web Hosting

Fast loading of any website gives a lot of happiness to its audience. Google loves fast loading websites and give more importance in search engine rankings. It improves page rank. Site Build It (SBI) is a special hosting package which contains lots and lots of unique features. This is for all small online business and also for local offline business too. In normal website, people not even aware of what is web hosting, which is best web hosting company and so on. But when you come to successful website, people select only best web-hosting company like Hostgator, Godaddy, Yahoo, Google Web Hosting for Blogger Blogs and so on. So now you understand the difference between normal website and a successful website.

We now going to host our website. Web Hosting is the second step of creating a successful website.

How to Select Best Topic for Your Website

It’s easy to select best topic for your website. Always select HOT Topic for your website. Topics are otherwise called as “Niche”. Which Niche you interest most, you select that niche.

It’s not necessary to select the money-making niche like Forex, Insurance, Real-estate, Tourism and so on. Niche totally based on your interest. Before selecting any niche for your website. First confirm yourself that you have sufficient knowledge in that niche and also scope to develop. So based on that only you select the niche. You cannot change your niche too often. So select the best possible niche in the first instance itself.

I now give you Website Topic Ideas which will give you clear idea how to select best topic for your website. This is the third step of creating a successful website.

Hire Guest Bloggers

I don’t have the time. I am busy with my office work. Yes, you can hire somebody to maintain website for you. But the thing is who knows your business better than you. Who can explain your product and services better than you. Who can devote more time in writing posts better than you. Who can share your experience better than you. Now at this stage you will find yourself answering – yes, nobody replace me. So it’s your business, it’s your product, it’s your service so you must be the person to take the business and services to your customers.

  • I’ve no idea what to write about.
  • I’ve no technical knowledge.
  • How much money I’ve to invest I don’t know
  • My Website only read by my friends and relatives.
  • I’ve no targeted audience.
  • How to develop my website I don’t know. Other than my friends, nobody comes to my website.
  • Whether website Creation is the Stupid thing.

All these above questions I have answered here at this post. This blog post gives clear idea for beginners and also for web-designers to create their first website from scratch. Most chapters are structured around 15 major topics. Under each of the category you are able to read some important basics of creating an ordinary website to building a successful money-making website. So this tutorial designed in such a way to help future webmasters of the Internet world.

Make Money with Google

I am receiving daily around 300 to 350 e-mails regarding How much I can earn from Google AdSense, if I work for 5 hours? most of the people treat Adsense like a company. If I work for so many hours how much you will pay for me? OMG! First of all I want to clarify one thing especially with Indian bloggers. AdSense is not a company. It’s an affiliate program run by Google Inc. If you want to earn from Google AdSense. First you have to register a domain name, then you have to host your website, write useful articles, promote your website through proper channels then people visit your blog and if they click your Google Ads which are displaying on your website. You will get money for that. So you have to work very hard to get adsense cheque. It’s not that easy as you think my dear friends. So hereafter don’t ask question like this.

Social Media Presence

  • Sign up your social networking accounts
  • This tutorial exclusively for How to Create a Successful Website. For creating a successful website, you need a strong customer base. For that you have to create social media accounts.
  • Register your profile with following social media sites.
  1. Google+ (Create your Google+ Profile and Google+ Business Page)
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Stumbleupon
  5. YouTube
  6. Pinterest
  7. Linkedin
  8. Picasa – For Photo Sharing
  9. Flickr
  11. Hi5
  12. MySpace
  13. Tumblr
  14. FourSquare
  15. Instagram
  16. Infographics – Create Infographics Online Chart

When you’re doing sign-up with various social networking sites, keep your profile consistent across all the sites. For example if you’re registering blogstarsindia on Facebook, make sure it’s the name on Google+ and all other social networking sites. So don’t change or choose different name for each media site. Most importantly don’t forget to add your Website URL address in the description box and also don’t forget to add brief description about your website / product in the description box provided for this purpose. You can also read how to increase traffic to your website.

I’ve listed 16 social media sites above. It’s not necessary you must join all the sites listed above. You can join at-least 4 to 5 sites and register your profile there. It’s not possible to cover all the 16 sites at a time. Try to add as many customers as possible in all the network that you’re using. Don’t post any self-boosting captions in social media. That will hurt your business a lot. Try to ask a question related to your blog post and then post some small description and then the URL part of your blog post. If you do that on a consistent basis you will get lots of friends, lots of customers, lots of followers to your profile. So social media presence is important in creating a successful website.

Create a Successful Website with WordPress

Create a Successful Website with WordPress. WordPress is an awesome blogging platform for bloggers. You can build your website without any hassle. There is no technical knowledge or web designing knowledge required. You can install WordPress software script within 10 minutes, you can also optimize your WordPress site, Create a Static Page in WordPress, there are more than 10,000 themes to choose from. There are more than 26,000 plugins to enhance your website to a different level. WordPress started as simply a blogging system, however has evolved to be used as full content management system then way more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes, WordPress is proscribed solely by your imagination. You can also add forums and mailing lists to get involved with online community. So if you ask me which platform is best for blogging. No-doubt I my opinion WordPress is No.1 blogging platform. You can build extra-ordinary website with WordPress.

How to Create a Successful Website with WordPress

This tutorial not only for newbies but also to professional bloggers. Now I’ve listed 12 top categories under that there are important topics which we’re going to discuss in this tutorial. After reading that you can implement those things in your website and make your website successful one.

Recently I’ve started one new site WordPress Tutorial for Beginners. This site not only for newbies but also for professional bloggers want to succeed with WordPress. This site covers all the WordPress related queries. Starting from How to Install WordPress to How to Make Your WordPress Site into a e-commerce Site. So subscribe to this site and get all the recent updates immediately.

How to Choose Best Theme for Your WordPress Site

Theme or in other words templates play a crucial role in search engine rankings. If you select a wrong theme then you’ll never get traffic from Google organic search results.

Select always attractive WordPress Premium themes, don’t go for free themes that will never help you in building a successful website.

Even though there are 100’s of free themes which are available in WordPress Theme Directory. But those themes are not fully customization to fulfill your needs. Most of themes are not SEO Friendly one. Most of themes are simply white in color. No attraction. Sidebars and Headers not to your expectations. Too much height in header section. There is no footer section or the footer section is fully white there no colors in the footer section. Most of the free WordPress Themes are not responsive one. It is not suitable to view in your Mobile phones. So select the best premium themes and mainly responsive theme. Don’t change your theme so often is my advice. You can get all information about the themes and how to install to the WordPress theme here in this article.

How to Create a Successful Website – Step-by-Step Tutorial for Beginners

Here is the comprehensive list to create a successful website from scratch.

Before Building a Website (Pre-Build)

  1. How to Plan a Website
  2. Defining Your Website Audience
  3. Blog or Website? Which is Better
  4. Web History
  5. What is Web Designing?
  6. Why do I need a Website?
  7. Uniform Resource Locator 
  8. Hypertext Transfer Protocol 
  9. What is Static Website?
  10. What is Dynamic Website?
  11. Plan to Create a Free Website? Think Twice
  12. How to Choose Best / Right Blogging Platform

Build a Website (Build)

  1. Domain Name Suggestion – Do Domain Name Search for Your Blog
  2. How to Select Best Domain Name for Your Site
  3. What is Multiple Domains? Why I need Multiple Domains?
  4. Best Web Hosting Tips

Now we move to the main chapter “How to Create a Successful Website with WordPress”. Here in this tutorial I explained everything step-by-step and this tutorial totally there are 25 chapters. In which I cover all the chapters regarding WordPress Installation to Get success with WordPress.

Hope you like this post, Please Share this post with your social media friends. Leave your valuable comments in the comments section in this post.

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