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5-Minutes to Create Your First Blog Post on WordPress

Create a WordPress Blog Post – Step-by-Step

How to Create a WordPress Blog Post

In this tutorial I am going to teach you the very basic thing you need to do with WordPress – I mean creating a blog posts. To begin, login to your site admin panel and go to Posts -> Add New.

Create a WordPress Post : Adding New Post

On this page you will see the WordPress posts editor. The most important parts of this page are:

  • Post Title – enter the title of your post in this field. On your theme it will be shown above your content.
  • Post Content – you can use the WordPress WYSIWYG editor to add the actual content of your post. Note that it has two tabs – Visual (use the editor to format your text) and Text (add your HTML code directly)
Create a WordPress Post : Adding New Post - Text Editor

Once you enter the content of your first WordPress post, you need to Publish it. Publishing brings your post to your actual website.

Create a WordPress Post : Publish a Post

That’s it! You can now go to the front page of your site to check out the newly created blog post.

Create a WordPress Post : Publish a Post

Add Multimedia to Your WordPress Posts

Adding photos, videos and music to your posts is an easy task with WordPress. Let’s open the post you’ve created in our tutorial on how to create a WordPress post. Click on the text where you want to add the content and click on the Add Media button in the top left part of the editor.

Add Media to Your WordPress Post

The WordPress Insert Media pop-up will appear. Click on the Select files button in the middle of the screen.

Select Files to Add to Your Post

Once pick the local file, WordPress will upload it and refresh the page depending on the file format. For the purpose of this tutorial we will add an image to the post. For images there are two things you should take care of. First, describe the image itself – enter its Alt tag, title for the link and optionally a caption. The caption will appear under the actual image on your front end.

Insert Media - WordPress Post

Once you do that, you need to specify the attachment settings of the image:

  1. Alignment – How to align the image in your content. It depends on your actual theme how alignments will work on your site.
  2. Link To – Select where to link the image to – the full size image file, the media page automatically created for each new attachment, custom URL or simply not to link it.
  3. Size – When you upload an image, WordPress creates multiple copies of it in different sizes. Choose whether you want a thumbnail, medium sized image or the entire image added to your post.

After you enter the information for you photo and choose how to visualize it in your post, click the Insert into post button. You will see the image added to your editor window.

Insert Image at Middle of the Post

You can now update your post and go to the front end of your site. You will see the newly added image added to your post. You’ve two options you can save it the post as Draft or you click the Publish button to publish your post.

Add Image to a Post

Following the same instructions, you can add music and video to your posts.

Apart from this
You have to fill up the Post Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords Tag, Simple Tags and finally select the featured image for your post. It is required if you installed any SEO Plugin like WordPress SEO or All in One SEO Plugins and son on.

So this is the easiest way to create your first blog post on WordPress. Hope you enjoy this tutorial. I will come up with another interesting tutorial on WordPress. Leave your valuable comment about this post. Share with your social media friends. Thank you.

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