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What is Multiple Domains? Why I need Multiple Domains?

What is Multiple Domains?

Choose Multiple Domains to avoid your competitors from Stealing your web traffic.

There are good positioning reasons why you might want multiple domain names for your business, but for this to matter, you will need to make sure that each of the domains has real content rather than simply redirecting to your main site. There is some purpose behind Creating Multiple Domains. Here are the four main reasons to consider multiple domain names:

  1. Some search engines do take domain names into account in their ranking algorithms. For example, before going to purchase Multiple Domains, think of using Blog-spots.
  2. If your site has a very large numbers of pages (hundreds or thousands or more): search engines may limit the number of pages they index on any individual domain.
  3. You can increase your link popularity by swapping links with your other sites on similar topics. But, don’t connect your site to unrelated topic or irrelevant topic.
  4. If you are targeting particular countries, you may find that their local search engine, only accepts top-level domains of that country. For example, a UK search engine might only accept domains ending in .UK and similarly US accept only US domains. You can also set in Google Webmaster Tools. Selecting or targeting your Country.

Finally, there are also good justifications, that have nothing to do with search engines, for multiple domains.

  • Each domain name allows you to present your business differently to different visitors of your website.
  • Some web surfers prefer a straight-to-the-point sales site, others want to see lots of content.
  • Some shoppers want quality and cost is secondary consideration, whereas others buy based on price.
  • With multiple domains and web sites you can easily address each of these markets while keeping each individual site self-consistent and focused. So, you can set up Multiple Domain Hosting done here @ HostGator.

Before going for multiple domains choose best web host for your website. You can get a lot of information regarding best web hosting. Read more article on best web hosting.

What is Multiple Domains? Why I need Multiple Domains?

You can also get more information on how to design a website tutorial at this page. Some web host offering Multiple Domain packages.

Why I need Multiple Domains?

There are two reasons for creating multiple domains.

  1. Here I explain you why multiple domains for one website. For example take this website, Suppose,if you are the owner of this website and not yet registered other extensions like,, or like this. Sometimes your competitors purchase these domains and put your content on their site with some modifications and drive your traffic to their site. You may lost huge traffic because of this. So to avoid this usually webmasters always register all the extensions of the domain when they register a domain name.
  2. For Business purpose you can create multiple domains in different names. For example, you take me. I am doing lot of business apart from taking Google AdSense and SEO Training Class in India. I am doing Real Estate Business, Matrimony, Employment Consultancy and so on. So for each category I create one website. I cannot put all the category in one website. So you should concentrate on one topic for one website rule. Then you can create for each topic one website. It will drive more traffic to your website and also there is no confusion when you are updating your Web-pages.

Sometimes you can put static pages for some topics for one topic and dynamic pages for matrimony, employment, real estate and so on. In matrimony, employment and real estate websites you are not updating the content. It is done by the users. So you can put dynamic pages. If you need any help on creating a website with either Static Pages or Dynamic Pages, Web Hosting, Domain Registration and so on.

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