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Plan to Create a Free Website? – Think Twice

Plan to Create a Free Website?

Don’t think of creating a free website even in your dream. I am sorry to say this. But the fact is I suffered a lot with Free Websites.

Plan to Create a Free Website? – Think Twice

I don’t’ think many of my Internet Friends realize there is lot of disadvantages in creating a free website. For them, I say one thing please read this article twice to understand the facts of creating a free websites.

How to Create a Free Website – If you desire to know how to create a free website, please read this article before proceeding further. And another thing don’t park your website on free web host you don’t know why? please read this article further.

Problems Facing with Free Web Hosts and Free Website

  1. First and fore most is Search Engines more often ignore them.
  2. Very Limited Web Page Space.
  3. You cannot add interactive feature like Online Orders, Chat Rooms, Message Center, etc.
  4. Your visitors always doubt your credibility, they never purchase your products or accept your service with free web host.
  5. Many Banners and Pop-Ups windows totally spoil your website image and look up.
  6. It is very hard to remember your URL address because it is like this in the example I just give short URL. But in reality the URL is lengthy one.
  7. No Guarantee for your site availability or longevity in future.
  8. No e-mail address for free hosting domains.
  9. Support and feedback options not available.
  10. Last but not least may not be free forever. Some times due to financial problem on running free web host. They will charge you some amount in future. So forget about creating a free website.
  11. Link Popularity is missing in free website. Nobody wiling to give link back to your website. Even your content is rich one. So it is huge loss for search engine ranking.
  12. Most of the free websites or free web host never allow you to put Google AdSense ads on your site because they already write the coding of their adsense ads on the web pages. They will earn more money with your content. You never make money with your content. In terms of revenue also you lose huge money.

Always go for Paid Domain Website

Always go for Paid Domain Website in other words, registered domain website. Register .com / .org / .net / .us / .in / .uk and so on.  Don’t go for Free Domain or Free Web Host.

Another important thing creating a website is not that easy one. Preparing 15 to 20 pages unique, quality content and selecting exact template for your website and do search engine optimization and publish your website is not a joke. It takes a lot of efforts to do this. Most people fail to understand this aspect.

Daily around 10 to 15 members attending my Google AdSense Training Seminars in Chennai. Most of them fail to understand the above fact and going on asking me sir when I will get my first payment from Google AdSense. Not only for them but I tell to all my Internet Friends.

First prepare at-least 15 to 20 pages content. On what topic content to be prepared clearly mentioned in this website. Go to topic suggestions page and read this. Then you have to select domain name and web host for your website.

You have to select best website template for your site. You have to select website creating software. Then design your website. Then you have to do SEO. At-last you have to apply for Google AdSense and get approval and post your AdSense ads on your site and publish your site on the Internet. So these steps never easy. There is no shortcut for success. Understand this fact.

If you do all these things in Free Website or Free Web Host then think your website future. Suppose if web host close their website without informing you. What will happen to your content and your hard work on designing your website. So don’t go for free website is my humble request to all.

Advantages of Creating a Paid Domain Website

  1. Easy to spell, remember and put your domain on Business cards, Newspapers, Classifieds Websites, Web Forums and so on. Drive huge traffic from them.
  2. No Pop ups no unwanted banners in your site.
  3. Search Engines Index your Website (Google, Yahoo and MSN).
  4. You have more control over your website, you can change or edit your content, add photos, videos and comments as you like.
  5. Lot of web space for site expansion.
  6. No worries of your site disappear unexpectedly.
  7. You can design professional website. You site looks professional one.
  8. More flexibility, functionality and longevity.
  9. Visitors purchase your products, they will use your service.
  10. Credibility of your website go higher. While you choose .com website than go for free website or free web host. So, don’t think of free website anymore let register your domain and go for best web host.

If you go for Paid Domain Website. You can get AdSense Approval Easily and you can also earn good money with Google AdSense. I also published Online Jobs in Tamil video exclusively for Tamil people living in Chennai and around the world

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