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How to Create RSS Feed for Your Website – Tutorial (with Images)

How to Create RSS Feed for Website

Go to and type Feeburner. See the below screenshot

Step:1: Google Feedburner

Now click the 1st result

Now site has been opened. In the home page you will see a box like this one in the below picture.

Step:2:Enter Your Blog / Website URL

You just enter your Domain Name in the box provided and tick the box “I am a Podcaster” and then click Next button. Now we move on to the next screen where you have to give Title for your feed and also give set up a perfect URL for your feed. Here is the picture carefully look at it and make sure you’ve to give perfect title for your feed as well as the URL for your feed. If you give wrong title which is not catchy or easy to remember then your feed has no value.

Step:3:Feed Generated - Enter Your Desired Feed Address
  1. In the first box, enter the title of the feed
  2. In the second box give the correct URL structure so that you and your site visitors can easily remember those URL for a long time. It also helps search engines to find your URL as well as site. Because when it consist of keyword(s) it has some value on it. Your site can perform very well in all search engines.

Once you give Title for your feed and URL for your feed. Now click the Next button. It shows your feed has been created. Congratulations!! If you correctly created the feed then it shows the below picture.

Step:4:Feed Generated - FeedBurner Feed is Now Live

In the next image you will the features you wanted to be added to the feed.

Step:5: Feed Generated - Feed Traffic Statistics

You just tick all the three boxes, that is Clickthroughs, Item enclosures download podcasts and also I want more! Feedburner stats. After tick all the three boxes now click the next button.

You’ve done it. Yes your feed has been successfully created. It’s time to promote and also get subscribers for your RSS Feed.

See the below picture, you can select any feature you can wish to use it.

Step:6: Feed Generated - Publize Your Feed
  1. Headline Animator
  2. Buzz Boost
  3. Email Subscriptions
  4. PingShot
  5. FeedCount
  6. Socialize
  7. Chicklet Chooser
  8. Creative Commons
  9. Password Protector
  10. NoIndex

So you’ve 10 features to select, you can use any item of your choice or you can use all the items to get more out of it. My suggestion is use Headline Animator, BuzzBoost, Email Subscriptions and Feet Count are the popular features of You can use these features and get most out of it.

Important Note: To activate any features listed above first you have to click the link and then click Activate button. You have to activate the feature before using it. Otherwise you can’t use these features.

Now we move on to the main subject of this book “WordPress Tutorial for Beginners ”.

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