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Blog or Website? Which is Better for Business to Make Money

Blog or Website – Which one in suitable for me

Blog or Website which is better for my business to make money online? it’s a million dollar question. Yes, according to me you need both of them to achieve your desired goal.

Blog or Website? Which is Better for Business to Make Money

Most of the people don’t know the exact difference between blog and a website. Most of them saying “I have a website, I have a Blog” but when you asking them What is the meaning of the Website? or What is the meaning of the Blog? no answer from them. They keep silent. In my opinion if you’re running a business or service or educational institution then you need both blog and a website.

You can place your product details with eye-catching images and product description videos in your website and you can also release your new product launch, extra features or something related to that in your blog. So you can use both website and blog at the same time to promote your online business. So now there is no question of blog or website which is better for my business. You can use blog for latest announcements. As I already said you need both Blog and a Website to achieve your desired goals.

Now come to main question What is Website? What is Blog?

What is Website?

The web comprises a million of information locations called Websites. Organizations and individuals who want to present information about themselves to the entire world or sell and or buy products and services primarily create Websites.

Website comprise Web Pages.

A webpage is an electronic page like any other computer document, except that it is created using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) HTML is an encoding scheme that helps in creating Web Pages. WebPages can contain Pictures, Buttons, Videos, Links to sound files in addition to text messages, thus allowing multimedia applications.

What is Blogging

First of all it’s free to create a blog in If you have “No” website then you can think of creating a blog. You can share you content, images, videos, thoughts, favorite websites, reviews and more with help of creating a blog in / WordPress.Com . It’s easy to post your content, photos, videos and more from the web as well as from your mobile phone. There should be some purpose for creating a blog.

After reading the above two paragraphs and also the content mentioned in that pages. Now you come to know what is blog and what is website.

Website is most of times, a static one or you called it as Static Websites, but in the same way blog always dynamic one or you called it as Dynamic Websites. Here is the question, Whether I can call Blog as Dynamic Website. My answer is “Yes” you can call it blog as dynamic website.

The content of the blog always changing. Blog always Fresh, Unique Content, Latest Content in the other sense the content totally based on the hot topic. You can also create a blog on your own if you follow these steps mentioned in the page.

Blog otherwise called it as Digital Online Magazine.

Yes if you’re running a blog means it automatically describes you’re running a magazine (indirectly). You can ask a question now, Whether I can be called it as “Publisher” or “Author” or both. Yes, you can be a publisher. If your blog maintained by you only or in other words your blog posts are written by you only. If you allow some Guest Bloggers to write your blog posts then you can be called it as Publisher. So now you know the difference between Author and a Publisher. Google always gives more importance to blogs. For giving more importance to author(s) they already introduce Google Authorship.

In blog, fresh content (latest content on hot topic) always appear in top of the page (i.e) otherwise called it as “Featured Post” followed by older posts. There are post(s) pages and static pages in blog. In the post(s) pages bottom of the page you see “Comment Box” followed by Author Bio and Social Sharing Buttons (like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.,). So that audience can leave their comments and author reply to those comments. It helps both of them. Audience can clarify their doubts and they also give valuable feedback to the author. In the same way, author also give his / her opinion on the subject discussed in the post. Blog benefits both of them. Audience also share the post content with their circles in Google+ and friends of Facebook. Blogs are mostly two column themes. One column exclusively for content and another one is for placing advertisements, subscription box, followed by sharing options on social networking sites and finally advertisement banners. Post(s) and Pages always unlimited one in Blog. Blogs also generate RSS Feeds so that users can subscribe and read the fresh content from their e-mail inbox or feed reader. If they like the content then they will come to your blog and read the rest of the content and also read other content on your blog. “Update your blog regularly to get more visitors” is the mantra for making money online with your blog.

Google always love Fresh, Quality, Unique content. If your content is Unique one, Quality one, Fresh Content and not copied from other websites or blog then Google will show your blog content in top of the search results. They give much priority to your blog content. Finally your blog becomes authority blog in search engines. Because of that you can get more organic traffic from Google SERP which also leads to make more sales and also earn sufficient amount from other affiliate programs like Google AdSense, Click Bank and so on.

In the blog there are two sections one is for advertisers and another one is for buyers. Advertisers can give advertisement through PayPal or Google Checkout or some other mode of payment. In the same way by adding Shopping Cart in the blog users can buy your products easily without any difficulty. They will make payment online easily.

In the same way you can call Websites as Digital Online Store. Yes, if you’re running a website means that you’re running a Digital Online Web-store. Website not more than 30 pages or maximum 100 pages not more than that. Because it”s very hard for your audience to read all those pages at one time. Website usually contains not more than 30 pages. 26 pages of content and followed by Privacy Policy Page, Terms of Use page, Sitemap XML and Sitemap HTML. Now Google and Bing giving some small HTML Codes that you can place at header section of your website. So you no need to create one separate page for that. So all it comes to 30 pages. You have utilize those 30 pages wisely. You can tell your audience about your product or service or education institution in those 30 pages with clear content. You can include one contact us page or feedback page so that they can leave some comments and valuable suggestions to improve your website or products.

Bottom Line : According to me, Blog or Website which is better for business to make money means I tell you, you can create both at the same time. First finish your website with not more than 30 pages or to some extent 50 pages. Then start your blog with fresh content and attract the public. For blog you need traffic, in other sense targeted traffic. In my experience Without traffic you can’t do anything with your blog. So my suggestion is better first start your static website with self-hosted Then start similar thing for your blog also. Now it is out of fashion to create a website in Dreamwaiver, HTML, Ms-FrontPage or Komposer and so on. Previously you need a web-designer to design your website or you know web designing to design your website. But now things are totally changed, you no need to learn web designing or you don’t need to learn software skills also to create a website. Because everybody wants professional look-up for their website(s) and also they want to add content as early as possible. They don’t want to put “Under-Construction” in their Home page of their website for long time. Now there are more than 300 premium wordpress themes available and there more than 10 reputed theme developing companies there. So that you can make your website in a professional way.

Over to you. Leave your valuable comments in the comment section of this post and share this post with your social media friends.

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