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Website Planning : 25 Points to Remember before Creating a Website

Before get into the business of launching your first website. First, plan your website wisely. Otherwise you’ll not survive or succeed. So planning is essential to stay in the competition.

Take a piece of paper and write down the following questions and answer yourself before taking any decisions on this subject.

Website Planning : 25 Points to Remember before Creating a Website

  1. Where do I begin?
  2. Whom to approach for Domain Registration and Web Hosting?
  3. Which website is best for me? Static Website, Dynamic Website, Classified Website, Social networking Site, Matrimony Site, Real-estate site or something else.
  4. I’ve no technical knowledge (Web-designing) and SEO Knowledge. I have no idea, after starting the website how to develop this website without web-designing knowledge and SEO Knowledge. For this, Whether I can appoint somebody or a company to look into this matter.
  5. I am not good at content writing, Whether I can hire somebody to write content for my website?
  6. I don’t know how to choose best template for my website? I’ve no idea which template is 100% suitable and looks professional for my niche?
  7. I am not even clear which niche is suite me the most.
  8. Whether I’ve searched sufficient keywords and phrases in Google Webmaster Tools to find-out the right keywords or phrases for my website content.
  9. Whether I’ve full knowledge and analysis of my audience, Local Audience, Global Audience, Competitors, Product I am going to sell. Demand for that product, How customer buy my product online whether they can pay by cash or paypal or some other mode of payment method.
  10. What are all the important Website software or so called “Webmaster Tools” I want to buy
  11. What is Copyright Laws? I am not aware of it..How to learn this?
  12. I don’t know how to upload YouTube Videos
  13. Where I can get Images, Graphics, Links and more…
  14. I don’t know how to create Facebook Fans Page or Google+ Business Page or Twitter Id. What can I do for this?
  15. Whether I’ve give Advertisement Online via Google AdWords, Advertisement in Newspapers, Putting website name in visiting cards, pamphlets, newsletters, surveys and other social media sites.
  16. How much it costs for all the above matters. Whether I can do it on my own or I can hire somebody for this
  17. Whether I’ve sufficient time to maintain and update my website content regularly without anybody’s help or I can hire somebody to do this job.
  18. Whether you are ready allow Guest Posts in your website. So that you can get professional writers to write about products.
  19. If it is static website then how many pages you want to create apart from Advertise, Contact Us, Feedback, Sitemap pages.
  20. What are the reliable sources from which you can get information and write your content.
  21. Marketing Strategy How to Market your website to your online audience
  22. Whether any idea to start forum along with your website
  23. Whether you are ready to go with your mobile website version.
  24. Creativity
  25. User experience and your budget allocation

So, these are all the questions ask yourself before proceeding further in this matter.

Take your own time, don’t be hurry!!

You must answer all the questions before launching your first website. If you’re not answering any of the above questions then it’s very hard for you to cross the hurdle in the middle stage of your webmaster career.

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