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Interview with Reginald Chan of

After a long-time again Success Stories series continues on 2createablog and that too with a person like +Reginald Chan . He is one of the familiar face in blogosphere. He is running a blog in his own name called here you can learn from the basics of blogging. His blog covers all majors topics of blogging namely Where to Start your blog? bookmark this page for your future reference, infact this page covering all the major topics of blogging. He is also doing services, some of the services listed here in this page “Services offered by Reginald Chan

1.How long have you been blogging?

Hi Kumar. Thanks for such an opportunity. I started blogging in 2005 and back then, everything was easy. My first blog was on Blogspot (general niche).
Reginald Chan

2.Can you name one of your favorite topic in blogging?

My favorite topic will always be Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically, this topic is changing so rapidly that what works yesterday may (and may not) work today. Trying out new things for SEO is always fun and challenging … minus the failures and broken hearts!

3.Can you tell me about your ideal reader?

My ideal readers will always be those readers who come back for more. I try not to aim for those one time reader but instead, someone who will share the articles and continue reading for more! Not to forget, voicing their ideas through comments and feedback surveys.

4.What are the major three implications of Google Updates?

Well, the most obvious reasons is that these Google updates are making many bloggers turning into the darker side of the road (black hat stuffs). For example, the penalization of MyBlogGuest is probably just a marketing stunt by Google (we all know that) but the effect on newbie bloggers is tremendous. Most newbie bloggers would consider guest posting a red flag and totally, missing out eh facts Google is trying to point out.
The second part is creating obsessed bloggers. A simple instant is that the PageRank rating. For Google, PageRank is used to determine how valuable and the authority level of the site. Bloggers on the other hand, would easily consider higher PageRank sites as a chance to build quality links back to them. The way I see it, they are totally missing out the real deal of PageRank.
The last implication is simply, lots of rumors. When Google releases some information, we are all going out on every direction to find an interpretation. The best part? We often have no idea what or where we are heading to as Google is always very secretive. This leads to wrong information and tons of fake alerts that could create many sleepless nights for bloggers.
Interview with Reginald Chan

5. Can you describe this blogging concept?

Blogging in today’s world is no longer writing tips and tricks. Write a well written 1,000 words doesn’t promises success of traffic. Blogging concept nowadays is going towards marketing. So if you are not good in marketing, you are in trouble.
If you want to be successful In blogging, be a balanced type; quality content, link building, social media and marketing.
Once you have done the above, you will slowly build traffic and money will come in … not the other way around as many bloggers started out dreaming of making money.

6. What action do you want the readers to take after reading your posts?

I would say just think back of your blogging strategy. You don’t have to create a crazy idea but just something that could work out for you in the next 3 to 6 months.

7. How many blogs do you own at present?

Over a dozen I believe. I have only around 5 active websites due to lack of time!
Reginald Chan

8. Have you written for any other websites or offline publications?

Yes, way before 2005 (before starting a blog), I was a freelance writer. Been in ghostwriting industry for a few years before I decided to start my ‘own brand’.

9. What tools do you use to manage your social media presence?

As of now, I only use Buffer. The rest, are old school methods without using any tools. Personally, I would suggest going with either Buffer, HootSuite or SocialOomph. You won’t go wrong with any of these.

10. Give 3 tips for newbies to succeed in blogging?

Forget about making money through blogging. That’s history and nowadays, it is all about influence building. Take a look at Neil Patel or Brian Clark. Majority of their posts get ‘plastered’ around the web within 48 hours. That’s influence building.Blogging is just (and forever will be) a hobby. If you want to make money from blogging (starting a career out of it), then go into content marketing or serious blogging.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at Darren Rowse and he is basically a speaker now (generating tons of leads via his blog).

11. What makes Reginald Chan special from the rest?

I think I am just bold and always write things in my own mind. I believe that blogging is meant to speak what I think and thus, I am not afraid to voice my opinion.And I know some influencers who hate me deep inside their hearts!

Another thing is I am always changing my methods. It can be in the form of blogging, marketing and SEO. I love testing things out and when these works, I will share it out with the rest.

13. Tell me about your family?

Well, I have a sister (11 years different in age) and my parents are divorced. My mom is living with me and I am looking forward for marriage end of this year or next.

14. How you get interest in blogging, who is your influencer?

It happens when I was blogging in 2005 when I started up my Blogspot account. Within 2 months or so, I got my first $0.50 and that came like a light bulb to me. That $0.50 was just the starting and the rest is history.I started blogging about my school and my day to day experience. Slowly, I turned into serious blogging until now.

There are many influencers in my life. The first is always Neil Patel. Love his basic SEO tips that works so well … and he is dare to be bold!

Secondly, Matthew Woodwards. Some people call him black hat SEO expert along with hundreds of other names. I love him because of his marketing skills. Look at how he does his videos and the way he market his blog post. Extremely smart!

Lastly, Pat Flynn. Secretly followed him for years and didn’t really bother to say ‘hi’ to him maybe because of the different niche. But this is probably one of the most down to earth person I ever seen in my life. Looking for make money tips? He’s the man!

15. How to attracts direct advertisers to our site, especially when Google is paying less to its adsense publishers?

I always believe that in the ‘sales’ term, we need to go out for the sales. This means reaching out to clients and say “hey, I have spot here”. People are not coming to you unless you are as popular as Brian Clark. Seriously.If you want to find advertisers, go out to them and given them a thousand reasons why they should choose you. Of course, prepare some data such as:

· Type of readers
· Topics interested
· Location of readers
· Pricing structures

16. Is the Domain Name and Domain Extensions important for future SEO Strategy? What you think of it

For the record, I don’t believe domain extension will affect much of SEO. Of course, unless you are geo-targeting, that’s a whole different story. However, getting a cool domain extension is worth the money if you are looking for a unique brand for yourself. Imagine SEO.Guru!Domain name … the heaven and earth of Exact Match Domain (EMD). While Google denies everything about the EMD match in terms of search ranking, it still has effect in terms of search.

Don’t believe?

Choose a keyword and hit on Google Search. Check on the bolded words J

Now, in terms of going towards the future, EMD is losing its market share. You can rank any website with any name as long as you have the right SEO.

My advice is if you can find a good EMD name, then go get it. If not, don’t frust and find a unique name instead. Look at Mashable, FourSquare and Facebook.

They don’t even mean anything in the English directory!

17. Is SEO is dead?

Not dead and never dead as long as Google is still alive. The concept is simple; Google algorithm runs on codes and ranking factors. Ways to get better ranking is by understanding it and creating a strategy for higher ranking.Indirectly, you are creating/practising SEO.

While this may sound confusing, it’s very true indeed.

18. Which affiliate program is genuine? Name few of them to tell me about readers.

I could be listing down the next 48 hours if I have to list them all down. However, I will recommend a few which I truly use:· ShareASale
· Clickbank
· DigiResults
· Commission Junction
· JVZooWhile there are many affiliate networks or programs out there, just stick to a few and you should be just fine. Just don’t get all as it is pretty much a waste of time.

Reginald Chan

19. How to improve Alexa Rankings?

Alexa ranking is just a rating score (just like PageRank). To rank better on Alexa is easy:· Constant update
· Traffic
· Number of backlinksWhile Alexa ranking is a good sign to show freshness and popularity, it is not much of use to me. I just see it for fun (personally).

To add, I don’t mess my head around ratings and scores. Those are just benchmarks for me to improve and nothing more. Of course, it is always fun to have better scores from time to time!

Thank you so much for your extra-ordinary interview. Hope, my readers will enjoy your interview and they also join your fans club.

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