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Interview with Ankit Singla of

2createablog is all about giving, helping, improving and sharing your thoughts.

To facilitate the aim of this blog I am adding this new category called “Success Stories” so far 2 interviews published successfully under this category. Now this interview is the 3rd one is that list of famous bloggers.

Every Friday you can expect one famous blogger interview here. This Friday, I am going to interview Ankit Kumar Singla of

+Ankit Kumar Singla is one of the popular blogger and well-known face in Blogosphere. Even though his blog just completed one year. You can’t put him in the category of newbie. He is the first blogger to achieve alexa ranking below 15k in just 6 months. Infact this is the great achievement by the Indian blogger or you can even by the world bloggers. His blog also achieved Google Page Rank 1 at present. So it is tremendous achievement. I know how difficult it is to achieve page rank of 1 within one year. Because you need more high-quality backlinks to do that. Getting quality backlinks is not a easy job. So he have done these two above things with ease. This is one of the milestone in his blogging career. It’s pleasure to have an interview with him. He is always humble person. He is always a helpful man. When you’ve any doubts on Blogger or WordPress or you need any blogging tips, then you can approach Ankit Singla. He will ready to help you. Infact one of my website he setup in WordPress within 5 minutes. Now we move on to his interview.

Ankit Singla

1.How long have you been blogging?

I’m blogging for the past 4 years.

2.Can you name one of your favorite topic in blogging?

On-Page SEO.

3.Can you tell me about your ideal reader?

Many people read my blog daily and I feel great when someone leave his/her valuable comments and suggestions on my articles. Surely they are my ideal readers.

4.What are the major three implications of Google Updates?

Google updates are always scary for bloggers. But the thing which we need to learn is what Google wants by releasing these weird updates. It needs quality. So provide quality to your readers, focus more on content rather than ads, do proper ON-Page SEO and promote the articles on Social media.

5. Can you describe this blogging concept?

Blogging means sharing your knowledge with others, building readership, relations, trust and authority.

6. What action do you want the readers to take after reading your posts?

I always like to hear from my readers’ perspective.

7. How many blogs do you own at present?

Currently I’m active on only one blog which is but I’m planning to start another 2 more blogs very soon on different niches.

8. Have you written for any other websites or offline publications?

Not for the publications, but yes I had been featured as Guest author on many big blogs.

9. What tools do you use to manage your social media presence?

I’m not very much active on social media. I mainly used to check my facebook and Google plus accounts manually.

10. Give 3 tips for newbies to succeed in blogging?

Proper Keyword research, great contents and social media exposure. These three factors can help any newbie to spread his words among the wider audience. Later they should focus on building readership, authority and relations with influential bloggers to get success in blogging.


Ankit Singla of

11. What makes Ankit Singla special from the rest?

Every person is special and we all have some qualities. I’m trying to provide as easy as possible to understand blogging tutorials on my blog which nourish newbies.

12. What are all ways to generate income from blogging? Do you have any post(s) on this please share it with us

I’m not an expert in money blogging. What I’m currently doing to generate some income is Affiliate Marketing, Providing SEO and Free WordPress Installation Services and sponsored reviews.

13. Tell me about your family?

No comments.

14. How you get interest in blogging, who is your influencer?

At the age of 16, I was too excited to do some part time job to earn some money for my expenses. But unfortunately I failed to get a single job. Then I came to know about blogging from a seminar. I did research and started learning it from Google.

15. How to attracts direct advertisers to our site, especially when Google is paying less to its adsense publishers?

I’m also trying to learn some ways that can attract direct advertisers to my blog. Recently I came to know about a method that may work in this matter which is sending a pitching email to the companies which are advertising on other blogs similar to your niche.

16. Is the Domain Name and Domain Extensions important for future SEO Strategy? What you think of it

People used to say that EMD is not good for long term blogging, but I must say Keyword rich domain names work great in SERPs. Surely country level domains matter for GEO targeting but Top level domain extensions doesn’t make much difference. The thing which matter is the domain authority.

17. Is SEO is dead?

SEO will never die. One of my guest authors described this concept very clearly. I must recommend you to go and check the whole story here.

18. Which affiliate program is genuine? Name few of them to tell me about readers.

I can’t tell which affiliate program is genuine because it varies on niches and audience types. The one which works for me may not work for you. You need to pick a right product which suits well to your audience. If you are in Blogging niche, then you can promote Hosting affiliate programs like HostGator, BlueHost etc. Try to understand your audience’s need and promote a similar product among it, surely you’ll get affiliate sales. You can try using ClickBank, ShareASale or CommissionJunction etc.

19. How to improve Alexa Rankings?

There are many steps that you can take in action to improve your Alexa ranking like adding Alexa widget to your blog, installing Alexa Toolbar to your browser and claiming your site to alexa website. For a great boost up to your alexa ranking, I suggest to target audience which is using alexa toolbar like ‘Bloggers’. Also promote your articles on social media and blogging communities. You will get the ‘Bloggers’ on your blog from there and it will boost your Alexa ranking in no time.

Thank you so much for your interview.

Over to you now. If you like this interview then you can share it with your social media friends. If you want to publish your interview here then you can message me in this regard. You can leave your valuable suggestions and also your feedback in the comment section.

Thank you once again for visiting my blog and reading this interview. See you on next Friday with another great personality. This is +Perambur Kumar signing off. Bye.

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