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Ultimate Guide to Google Plus Communities for Business

Google Plus Business

Before going to the main topic how to set up Google+ communities for your business. First I request my friends to read how to get Google+ authorship for your website and how to get Google+ authorship for your website and how to get Google+ authorship for business. Because these two are the important chapters in Google plus.

Google Plus Communities

Google Plus Communities for Business

It’s easy to set up Google Plus Communities for Business to communicate and interact with your audience. The term “Audience” may be your customers, your blog readers, fellow-bloggers, family members, friends, etc.,

Google Plus Communities act as a Home Page for all your group members. Most of your readers not necessarily belongs to your niche. However, Google Plus Communities provides a chance to read all the articles from different niches at one place. Your blog readers belongs to other niches, like LifeStyle, Family, Tourism, Real-estate, Matrimony, Apps Development, Social Networking and so on. So when you’re selecting a Google+ Community name, you should be very careful. Your community name should be common to all, so it make sense. Don’t select fancy community name that will never fulfill your goal. So select best possible name, which is easy to spell, easy to remember and easy to share with others.

Have made conversations. Post some stunning photos and videos, arrange events, or perhaps have face-to-face discussions on a particular topic using Hangouts. And keep connected to your communities on the go from your movable.

Communities are the powerful tool which brings people together to share their interest, news, ideas, business opportunities and so on. It will build a strong relationship with each other. From this huge audience you can build your successful business venture.

Creating private communities are not advisable. If you’re running a community purely for your employees or for your business name then you can select private communities. But if you want more customers and you want public to share their views and interest then you must always go for “Public Communities”.

Google Plus Communities for Webmasters

Login to Google Plus Account.

Go to your Google Plus Profile Page. Just take your mouse to Home link mentioned in the second image. It automatically open left-navbar. You just click the communities link. See the below picture.

Now communities page opened. Now you see the following FOUR things.

  1. Community Invitations by Your Google+ Friends
  2. Communities you moderate
  3. Communities you have joined
  4. Discover Communities (Recommended by Google) based on your interest.

See the below picture.

I’ve listed the top three options on Google+ communities page. But apart from this, you can also see Discover Communities, if you scroll DOWN your mouse below the page.

You’ve an option of selecting either All communities or Recommended for you. If you don’t know what to do with that. Then you can search for a community related to your niche or business. You just type your interest like “Blogging” “Life-Style” “Recipe” “Travel” “Real-estate” and so on. Now Google display all communities related your niche or business. You can join any community which totally match your needs and business or you can create your own community and invite your friends and customers to join your community.

My suggestion is first join all communities invited by your friends. Second join all communities recommended by Google and third-one you create own community with all required categories and beautiful pictures and videos and start posting new ones. So, in FOUR ways you will get traffic to your website.

If you want to create a community. Then in the Create a Community Search Box. You enter the desired niche. (it’s not a name of your community, once you select this then you can select the name of community in the later stage).

Now the question is whether you create a community for a particular group of people say your employees or friends or relatives or to somebody. Then make that group as “Private”.

If you want to add more people to your Google Plus Communities then set your group as “Public” so that anybody interest your niche or business can join your community.

My suggestion is always set your community “Public” don’t set it as “Private”.

More people in your community always boost your traffic to your website it also increase sales, services and you will get motivation to write more useful posts for your audience. So set it public is the best option.

Name Your Google Plus Community

Here you’ve to select best name for your community. Yes, you can use Google AdWords Keyword Tool for this and find popular keywords, high traffic keywords as your community name. For example : I’ve selected “Blogger World” as my community name. There are two boxes in the below picture. First one, you have to give name for your community and the second one is “Do people need permission to join your community? You always give this as “No, anyone can join“. No approval required from admin side. If you want more readers to your community, then always set it as “No anyone can join” my community.

Private Community or Public Community - Google+

Features of Google Plus Communities

Google Plus Communities have lots of features. Some of the important features listed below.

  1. According to me Google Plus Communities is not a link sharing place. In my opinion it is a website. Yes, you can create up to 20 categories in one community apart from Home Page and Event Page and Photos. Wow, this tremendous feature from Google Plus Team.
  2. If you’re using Blogger Platform then you’ve three options to share your blog posts immediately after publishing.  You can set either your “Google Plus Profile Page” or “Google Plus Business Page” as your default sharing page after publishing your blog post(s). All posts sharing either with your Google Plus Profile Page or Google Plus Business Page or Google Plus Communities are all “NoFollow” links. So it’s very important for search engine rankings and mainly page rank. But remember you must connect your blogspot or custom domain with your Google Plus Profile Page and you could also install Google Plus Comment System for your blogspot blog or Custom Domain.
  3. Now come to the “WordPress Platform” here you have two options to share your blog post(s) directly with Google Plus. One is with your Google Plus Profile Page and another one is with Google Plus Communities. My suggestion is first your blog post with Google Plus Profile Page then share with Google Plus Communities.
  4. Confirm you’ve Google Plus One Button in your blog post(s) page. Then click that button scroll your mouse to select a community which you want to share your blog post(s) then from that community choose the exact “Category” which you want to post your blog post. Because this is very important don’t post your post in wrong category. That will never help you get targeted audience for your website. So choose right category and then click share button.
  5. Note : All posts shared from your website to Google Plus Communities are “NoFollow” links. So do it correctly. Don’t copy and paste your URL Post links in Google Plus Communities page. Then Google will consider that link as “NoFollow” links so always share through your website or blog post page.
  6.  If you want to share the Post(s) URL links with Google Plus Communities page directly. Then choose link option below the Status Updates Box. Insert your link and then share. Remember don’t put any links on Status Box. Put your links always in Links Box. See the below picture demo.

See the below picture.

Share Your Blog Posts with Google+ Communities

So, this is what I am talking about. After clicking the Google +1 button. Scroll your mouse to select the exact Google Plus Community you want to share your blog post(s). Then below that, you’ve to select exact category you want to share your blog post(s). See the above picture for better understanding. After selecting the category, click the share button to post.

How to Get Maximum out of Google Plus Communities

Most of the information mentioned above already known to you or some of the points is new to you. But now I am going to show you some cool stuff which is new to you and you also do the same to get traffic and backlinks.

You can also use attractive pictures and also use trending hashtags so that your post will reach larger audience at ease.

I personally suggest this post to my site readers please visit Moz’s blog and the read this post 10 Smart Tips to Leverage Google+ for Increased Web Traffic. After reading the post, come to this post and read the rest. Now we move on to the important topic. That is getting valuable backlinks to our site using Google+ Communities.

Most of us not checking PageRank for our sites and also for other sites, after Google announce official retirement of PageRank say 3 years back. Watch this video for more details about Google PageRank Retirement.

But still PageRank has its own value. You can’t ignore it completely.Watch this video.

How to Create a Successful Google Plus Communities for Your Business

Hope you enjoy this tutorial of Google+ Communities for business. If you like this post then consider sharing with your social media friends.

Why ProBlogger Not Leaving Comments in Your Blog

If you notice closely ProBloggers never leave comments on blogspot blogs or custom domain in blogger. The reason they won’t get backlinks to their sites. They usually comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs in WordPress. But now after introduction of Google Plus Probloggers love to comment on blogger blogs because they’ll get dofollow backlinks that too from Google owned YES, Gmail is PR8 you check it with PageRank tool placed in this site in the sidebar. So you also type Google Plus in the Google Page Rank Checker to check it. It is actually PR9 So even though when you’re sharing post with Google Plus it is only Nofollow backlinks but when it comes to your Gmail inbox as Notification then it automatically converted into Dofollow backlinks. If you watch my above video I clearly stated everything step by step in this video so don’t miss this opportunity to watch the video. So after writing two to three lines in the comment section don’t forget to leave your latest post URL in the comment box and then click the post button.

1. Don’t leave only URL in the comment box. It is considered as SPAM
2. Don’t writing something unrelated to the post the comment box.
3. Don’t put SPAM words in the comment box.
4. Leave your latest post URL but don’t put too many URLs in the comment box. Then Google consider as SPAM and those comments not indexed by Google.
5. Use the comment section wisely to get maximum results.

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