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Increase Your Twitter Traffic with Click to Tweet Twitter Button

Increase your Twitter Traffic with Click to Tweet Button

Increase your twitter traffic by using Click to Tweet button below the round-up post or every post as you publish. But I usually don’t recommend to use this button for every post you write. I personally suggest you to use this button only for your round-up posts. So it will be very useful for the readers to read all the post at one place. I am receiving lot of e-mails regarding “How to Increase Traffic to My Site”. For them this post is really useful one. WordPress users usually use Plugin to do this job. But for bloggers they have no option to do this. Unless you enter the code manually in HTML section of your site. Frankly speaking I am not a Guru in coding. But I can write some useful coding or share some useful coding with my readers. This is one of them. I know you’re eager to know the coding. Here it is. Approved Panchetti Plots near Ponneri Smart City for Just Rs.450/- Per Sq.ft. via @peramburkumar

So this is the easiest way to increase your twitter traffic. Try this and tell me. You can insert this code anywhere in your blog post. You can use this code in both WordPress and Blogger Platforms. You just copy the above code and save it in your computer (Preferably WordPad). Just upload the below Click to Tweet twitter button and then use this code while giving the link to twitter. Up-to status don’t edit after that you write your own TEXT and then followed by your Twitter ID. That’s it.

Note: I also suggest you to use Google URL Shortner for this. Because your lengthy URLs will cross the number of words set by the Twitter.

I also put the Click to Tweet button below so that you can save this button in your local computer and use it for your next blog post. If you like this post then consider sharing with your social media friends. Thank you for reading my post. I will come up with another useful post soon. Bye.

Click to Tweet

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