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8 Tips to Create a Successful Facebook Group – Case Study

How to Create a Facebook Group – Introduction

Have stuff you solely wish to share with a group of people? simply create a Facebook Group, add friends, and begin sharing. Once you’ve got your cluster, you’ll be able to post updates, poll the cluster, chat with everybody right away, and more. Here I can show how to create a successful Facebook Group.

How to Create a Successful Facebook Group

Share Your Stuff with Like-minded People on Facebook

Facebook Groups allow you to share things with the those that can care regarding them most. By making a group for every of the necessary components of your life — family, teammates, coworkers, fellow bloggers, newbies you’ve a option who sees your post and who share with you, what content they’re posting in the group. So, you have a full control over your group members and group activities.

Types of Facebook Groups

  1. Secret Group: Solely members see the cluster, who’s in it, and what members post.
  2. Closed Groups: Anyone will see the cluster and who\’s in it. solely members see posts.
  3. Open Groups (public): Anyone will see the cluster, who\’s in it, and what members post.

Now, I tell why your Facebook Groups not successful one and how to make your Facebook Groups a Successful ONE.

Why Your Facebook Group Not Doing Well? – Case Study

  1. Group members usually added by their friends or admin of the group. (so there is no individual interest to join those groups)
  2. Most of the groups filled with full of Latest posts, Advertisements, Facebook Fans Page URLs, Facebook groups URLs and that to with software (not manual submission). So others, who is not a member of that group seeing it as “SPAM” group. So they’re not showing any interest to join these groups. Most of them start leaving those groups.
  3. I saw some of the groups with more than 1000 members but No Comments, No Likes for the posts. Its clearly shows there is no one visiting these groups for a long time. No Engagement
  4. Some of the blog authors seeing other authors creating the groups and running successfully with active participation of the members. So they also decided to create one group and allow people to post in their group. I tell one thing, don’t create a group without any purpose or without any valid reason. If you create a Facebook group without any purpose or proper reason, then you will never succeed in this area.
  5. Another important thing for Facebook Groups failure. Admin of the group allowing people to post their Facebook Fans Page URL’s, Facebook Groups URL’s in their Facebook Group Page. My suggestion is if you allow others to post Fan Page URL’s and Groups URL’s then you will never succeed in your goal. Because some of the Fans Page have more than 5,000 members and some of the groups have more than 10,000 members. When people see that one’s they join that groups and leave your group permanently. They’ll never visit your group afterwords. So don’t allow others to post their fans page url’s and group url’s in your group.
  6. There are so many reasons for Facebook Groups failures, one of them is not setting the About Page of your group properly. There is no strict Terms and Conditions, there is no Privacy Policy. You’re not telling the members What to do? and What not do? in your group. So this is the biggest set-back for your group success.
  7. Moderation : Usually group admins are lazy one’s or in other way they’re busy with their blog posting, writing and promotion. So they’re not showing any interest to maintain their group in a successful way or in other-words they’re not showing any interest to moderate the member’s posts. So this is the area your group getting out of the picture. This is where your group becomes unnoticed.
  8. Most of the group admins not visiting their own group for a long time. Say one month or more, because of that the group is fully filled with spam. This is not only hurting the group admins but also the group members in large. If nobody visiting that group, then why you post your latest posts on that group is the million dollar question. There is no use of it. According to me it’s total waste of time.
  9. Another FB Group failure : No active participation or interaction with members of the group. There is no questions or survey in the group. Because of that there is no chance for the members to participate in the group proceedings.
  10. There is no Events in the group
  11. Nobody uploading attractive Photos or unloading files in the groups and so on.

So, from the above you clearly understand what is the cause for your Facebook Group failure. Now, I am going to give you some important tips which will take your group to a new level.

Tips to Create a Successful Facebook Group

  1. Name of the Group : Select Best Popular Name for your Facebook Group, it’s easy to spell, it’s easy to remember, it’s easy to share with others. Don’t give fancy name for your Facebook Group. It’ll never help to promote your product, services or website. So be careful while selecting the exact group name for your group.
  2. Timeline Banner : I saw most of the groups without any Facebook Group banner. There are some groups with banners. But that banners not attractive ones or not giving full information about the group. So create a attractive, informative banner for your group.
  3. About Page : About page not only important for your website but also for your Facebook Groups. Create About page with caution. Don’t change your terms and conditions too often. This will hurt your audience. So in the first instance itself create a perfect About Page which will give you complete description about your group and also set some terms and conditions. If any member of the group violating those terms, immediately remove them from the group. Then only other members follow the terms and conditions of the group and make your group successful one. Even your dearest violate the terms and conditions of the group. Remove him / her immediately. Because if you want success then don’t show mercy is my suggestion. Probloggers never allow the readers to post criticism on their blogs or Facebook Fans Page or Facebook Groups Page. This is your business, somebody not following your rules, better remove them from your group. If somebody criticizing your blog posts or giving some unnecessary comments and diverting your audience against you. Better remove them from your group immediately. Don’t act like God in this matter. It’s very serious one. If you allow them to do so. Then one fine day, your group members totally against you. Finally your blog / website also get into trouble. Please try to understand, read this proverb It’s Impossible To Satisfy Everyone, and I Suggest We Stop Trying.
  4. Set e-mail for your Group. Don’t use Facebook Id’s use regular name and also set e-mail id’s so members can share their post via e-mail.
  5. Post atleast one question everyday and ask the members to answer that question. The questions should be related your Niche or Business. Don’t post irrelevant questions in the group.
  6. Allow members to post their latest post(s) but tell them your post will be live only after moderation. Good, Quality, Unique posts only display in our group. So don’t post ordinary post in the group.
  7. Submit your post manually. Never allow the members to post via Multi-post software.
  8. Heir post should add value to your group and take your group to the next level. Select the best post from the moderation list and publish it. Don’t give approval to all the post(s). If you give approval to all the posts then once again your group is become a spam group. So remember this while moderation.

So follow these steps and create a successful Facebook Group. Thank you for visiting my blog, leave your valuable comments below and also consider sharing with your friends on social media.

Successful Facebook Group - More than 7,0000 Active Members

Join my Facebook Group : Blogger Forum here.This group have more than 7,000 active members and around 3,442 posts are still pending to be approved by me. I never allow spammers to spoil this group. This is one of the reason this group is very successful one.

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