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In 2008, I started my blogging career, my first website was designed in Ms-Frontpage, and I had no knowledge of HTML or CSS at that time. But after some time I learned HTML and CSS on my own. I never went to any training center or seminar to learn these things. Frankly speaking, I learned everything on my own. That time there are no Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools. Most of us not aware what is SEO? In the mean time, I came to know everything works on SEO. So I slowly started learning SEO. I’ve been blogging for more than 6 years and earning six figure income. I am not an inborn blogger and a professional affiliate marketer. But everything I’ve learned myself. In-fact blogging is my life and it is also my full-time occupation. I love blogging.

Perambur Kumar
I gave training for more than 350 individuals, especially on Google Adsense and SEO. Most of them earning more than 30k per month. I also conducted a separate seminar for my clients. In last 5 years, I’ve learned Web Designing HTML and CSS, WordPress, Blogger, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, SEO, YouTube, Infographics, Social Media Marketing, How to do Blogging for Business Successfully, How to rank well in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, which keyword(s) are most profitable one and so on. With this vast experience I’ve decided to start Blog Consultant Services in Chennai, India.
Actually, this Blog Consultant Service is one-to-one training course. I am giving both Blog Consultancy services for website owners and also giving training to website owners. So you can avail both the opportunities.
I just started 2 blogs recent one is 2createablog.com and another one is tellmeabout. in. The first one is 2createablog.com exclusively for blogging related topics like Blogger Tutorial, WordPress Tutorial, Traffic Generating Methods, Blogging Tips (Unlimited), Make Money with Your Blog, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing and How to Use Social Media effectively to get traffic to your blog and finally technology related matters. In fact, this is the blog I shared everything which I know and I learned in last 5 years of blogging career. Hence this is the wonderful opportunity for the founders to learn everything from the basics and that also for free. Now add up to my second web log that is tellmeabout. in this blog is a multi-niche blog cover all the major topics like Success Stories of Professional Bloggers, Latest Books Published by the fellow bloggers and top bloggers, YouTube videos, Entertainment, Education, Life Style, News, Blog Author Profiles, Giveaways, Finance, Health, Technology, Food and Health section.
If you’re a blogger and looking for some blogging related topics in this site tellmeabout.in then I personally recommend two things from this blog. I am writing two things along this blog exclusively for webmasters. One is Google Algorithm and another one is Domain Extensions List. Because these two issues will play a crucial function in future search engine rankings.
Blogging is one of the most powerful mediums of 21st century; it creates an opportunity as a brand manager of your own business. Especially in advertising and promoting your blogs via social media and can take your blog at the different level. You can easily engage with your customers, donors and advertisers. Especially for small and medium business owners website is must nowadays.
A well-thought and with success enforced blogging strategy can enable you to higher promote your product and services, raise awareness for your campaign, or help to unfold your individual message, whereas an equivalent time permitting you to draw in, engage, and act with new clients, new advertisers, new contributors, and new buffs. Notwithstanding, so as to take advantage of the limitless prospects that blogging will offer. Are you willing to spend more time for blogging, real hard work is required and you should give full effort and commitment to accomplish your objective.
Sometimes the technical facet of blogging may be adequate to prevent you from considering action. Typically it’s the paralyzation of not knowing what to invest in writing concerning on your web blog. The websites, namely peramburkumar.com, 2createablog.com and tellmeabout.in started from the lowest up to assist you take away the technical barriers to entry and to inspire you with ideas and confidence to assist kick-start your content creation. Especially 2createablog.com will teach you the exact steps required to get your blog launched and to feel easy with blogging. It gives you content ideas, suggestion on how to find targeted readers for your blog and also developing social media lovers, you’ll see all these things on this site. So subscribe now and learn all these things for free.
A little over five year’s again, I used to be sitting precisely wherever you are today. However, I never lose my hope. I believe in my ability to succeed. That makes me as  a decent blogger. i used to be tuned in to the ability of blogging and therefore the potential edges it might supply to atiny low business like mine. However, I had no plan where to start out, what to web log concerning, or  the way to register a website name. Each time I sat all the way down to attempt to write a web log post, all that accomplished was the waste of tremendous quantities of my time begining at a blank visual display unit with the indicator blinking back at mine. In concert with this frustration came all the standard excuses to form myself feel higher for not requiring any action.

How Can I Assist You

Here are few things I can assist you for free and as well as for some nominal consulting fees on an hourly basis. My consulting fees is not that much high when compare to others in the blogosphere. The consulting fees totally depend on your demand. So its vary from person to person. It’s not the same for all. Even some of the service I do it for free. Then it’s up to you now what you required from me. Below I mentioned some services which I offer to you.
  1. Helping in Domain Name Selection and Domain Registration
  2. Choosing Best Web Hosting
  3. Choosing Best Blogging Platform (WordPress, Blogger, etc.)
  4. If you’re using WordPress then installation of any important plugins which will submit your website to a different level and it likewise helps to enhance your website.
  5. Blogging Tips (Unlimited)
  6. Monetization (Make Money with Your Blog)
  7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  8. Queries linked to YouTube videos and receiving traffic.
  9. Producing awesome Infographics.
  10. Installation of Blogger Template and Blogger Customization.
  11. Logo Designing.
  12. Helping in choosing the correct niche for your website.
  13. Personal tips to grow your web log.
  14. Social Media Marketing
  15. Affiliate Programs
  16. Installation of PayPal to your Blog.
  17. Setup of Multi Niche Blogs
  18. Website / Blog Reviews.
Thus, these are all the topics I can serve you. You simply fill up your Name, Site URL, Put you require in the Message Box and send e-mail to me. Based on your requirement I decide whether it’s free of service or cost and I also send you the payment details if the service is for cost.

First of all I personally congratulate you for entering blogosphere. You’ve motivation, dedication, determination and you’ll be above to chalk perfect blogging strategies, and you also have websites like mine to guide you properly and also in the right direction. In-fact, you’ve chosen the right field that is blogging as your career. Without any further delay post your requirement in the below contact form and send it to me almost instantly. I will aid you to find how making a blog in such a manner it attracts not only your readers, but it also educates your readers and they’ll value your hard study and dedication towards blogging and your blog advertisers also getting excited with your blog’s performance.

Thus, no-more excuses, your day is today. Start your blogging career today!! Because this is the day to commemorate.

My best wishes to all
Perambur Kumar

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