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10 Reasons why niche blogs are successful

Why Niche Blogs are Successful…

Although it’s not difficult to make a profitable blog by blogging on a wide range of subjects, I mean multi niche blog.  Say if you’re familiar with 4 to 6 niches, and then build a blog around that.  Vast knowledge is essential when you’re building a multi niche blog.  You should have vast knowledge in the entire niche which you’re covering in your website.  But we always focus on successful blog.

Why Niche Blogs are Successful

When it comes to successful, profitable blogs I always prefer single niche blogs.  Nevertheless, I am not against multi niche blog.  I already have one blog on multi niche and I am also finding success with that blog.  But if you want to build brand identity for yourself and also for your blog, then focus on single niche is the best option.

Count at the blogs you read frequently and you’ll find that majority of them possess a clear niche.  In some cases niches are more extensive than others, but in almost all events, they’ve carved out a corner for themselves.  That is where they have found success.  They already own the perfect strategy to ramp up their web logs.  So it’s easy for them to develop. There are a number of reasons why choosing a niche an important for building a successful, money making blog.  Let’s explore a few of them below:

1. Loyal Readers (Targeted Audience)

  1. Niche blogs usually targeted on loyal readership because readers already aware that when they visiting your blog, they’ll get relevant information on topics that they’re looking for or interest in.
  2. It’s not possible with a multi niche blog.  Because the posts are scattered with different topics, so people have no other option other than searching the entire site and finally landed on a topic page which they’re looking for.  Then my suggestion is better to initiate a single niche blog at the start of your blogging career, then afterwards you can take off a multi niche blog.

2. Blogging Community

Usually people like to gather with others like them or with similar interest.  Usually when you develop a blog focusing on a particular niche, then you’ll find that a group of like-minded people will gather around your blog.  It’s not just to read your blog posts, but to interact with others who share their passions and interest.  Now the question is where I can meet those like-minded people.  My suggestion is to sign up for Facebook Account, Google plus Account, StumbleUpon Account, Reddit Account, all Webmaster forums related to your niche, Groups, Communities, Fan pages and Group pages, Instagram, YouTube and so on.  So now I show the right path to travel.  You can use this technique not only to get good friends from the same niche, but you can also develop a good relationship with them so that in future they’re your guest authors which will help to take your blog to the next level.

3. Specialist Authors

Authors of niche blogs usually specialized in their area of blogging.  So there is no question of feeling guilty about doing so.  You can always expect high-quality articles, in-depth analysis about a particular topic from specialist authors.  They never compromise on quality and quantity of the posts.  They always publish at least 2 to 3 posts a week.  Specialist authors always have an authority in their blogging, especially in their niche.  If you maintain a good relationship with those specialists authors think thye’ll write in your blog.  So your readers will get different focus on the same subject.  Your readers have an opportunity to learn something new which they never read so far.  Specialist authors always have fans and loyal readers.  Because of those authors writing in your blog, their readers and fans start following your blog as well.  It will take your blog to the next level.  You’re not simply getting high-quality blog posts from specialist writers, but your blog also getting some new targeted visitors.  This is the best means to get your blog.  In-fact, this is the top most secret of all successful blogs.

4. Build a Brand, Credibility, Trustworthiness and Profile

  1. When you blog around a subject customarily and you’re dead set to succeed in it, this serves to move you from a novice blogger to master status rapidly.  By concentrating on stand out subject, you commit your brain to one and only corner or point.  By devoting your brain to a corner, you will be beaten in that specialty.  As it were, mastering one thing will help you climb Single Mountain effortlessly and rapidly and Stand out of the mess.  Running multi niche blog in a solitary creator web-page is similar to planning to climb numerous mountains at one time.
  2. From the above paragraph you understand the importance of creating a brand identity for your blog and also creating credibility for your blog.  Trustworthiness totally depends on your knowledge about the particular niche which you’re sharing with.  Great profile always helps to get more loyal readers as well as customer if you are selling any products or serivce.  You no need for customer and explain about your merchandise and services.  In-fact they’ll come to you and ask for your help.  This is the best means to get a client base for your website.  This is the best means to advertise your products and services.

5. Contextual Advertising

  1. Contextual Ad Network like Google Adsense tends to work best on sites that are single niche.  Adsense always serves highly targeted ads relevant to your niche.  In-turn, it will increase CTR (Click Through Rate) Advertising networks mostly prefer a single niche blog rather than a multi niche blog.  Because advertisers always target similar blogs related to their products and services.  Advertisers don’t want to spend money on a multi niche blog where click through rate is very low.  Increase in click through rate increases, your earnings.  If you have a multi-niche blog instead, it is less likely to display targeted Ads, as the blog has no particular topic.  Thus, it reduces click through rate and decreases your earnings.
  2. Making money would be really difficult for Multi-Niche blog.  Until you are blogging for fun and as a hobby, there is no problem in having a multi-niche blog, but……. If you are serious about your blogging career and future of your blog, then I would personally advise you to work on single niche first.  Income is directly proportional to the targeted traffic and direct traffic you are getting.

6. Sell Products and Services

When you understand a niche in-depth and attract your readers around it, then you can start selling your products and services with confidence.  Once you have identified your targeted market, it’s easy to sell your products and services without any difficulties.

  1. You can also produce some demo videos about your products and services which you offer.  So, it’s easy for your customers to know your products and services in detail.  In-fact they appreciate your way of approach to sell products and services.
  2. You can also give some discount so that you make huge profits.
  3. Also, do some affiliate marketing, it will boost your sales double.
  4. You can also ask your readers and fellow bloggers to review your products and services.
  5. Google plus Business Page and Facebook Fan Page will definitely help you in long run to review your products and services.  Because these are trusted sites, when people read those reviews, they’re eager to buy your products and services.  So use all the opportunities to build your business.
         Hope you enjoy these cool tips.
Identify your Niche
I already listed four types of niche lists for your kind persual, from that you can choose any one of the niches to start blogging.
Comprehensive List of Niches:
There are four types of niches form this I am going to show you how to pick the right niche for your blog.  The following things to be taken into consideration before choosing the right niche for your blog.
  • First and foremost thing, you must have some interest in that niche, because without interest you can’t write a blog post, you can’t develop the blog.  Don’t select the niche which you’re not familiar with or you don’t have any interest on that.  Another important thing, I saw some my friends selecting niche based on successful blogs.  The success rate differs from blog to blog.  Because there are so many things taken into consideration while considering a successful blog.  So, choose the niche of your own choice don’t select the niche based on success rate.  That will never help you in building a successful, money making blog.
  • Overall Subject of the Blog
  • Well-defined Audience (Targeted Audience)
  • Advertiser Market
  • Related Niches
  • Blogging Voice
  • Blogging Platform – Blogger or WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Successful Content Marketing
  • “How to” tutorials
  • News and Updates
  • Scope to Develop
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversion Rate compares to other niches
  • Rate of Success
  • Popular bloggers in that niche

By doing research about blog niches in this way, your knowledge will grow, which will help you to develop an eye for potential – profitable niches in which you could happily work.  This is the best way to choose your desired niche.

7. Direct Marketing

  1. Niche blogs attract advertisers and sponsors, because niche blogs usually deal with the content of advertiser’s choice.  So it’s easy for them to promote their products and services through these blogs.
  2. If your blog fully filled with high-quality content, then there is no question of traffic.  Because advertisers know you have huge traffic, so they’re ready to place their ads on your site without any bargaining.  So in this way you can make huge money with your blog.  Advertisements, Sponsored Posts, Review Posts always backbone of any successful blog.  Then you get the advantage of this, by creating a high quality content oriented web log.
  3. A direct advertising sale is a great way to monetize your blog.
  4. “Direct Advertising Sales” implies that there is no delegate in the middle of you and the advertiser: you are reached by the organization or their PR firm for item audits, sponsorship or promoting.  That implies its dependent upon you to be the blog that gets reached.
  5. In what capacity would you be able to get that going?  You won’t have the capacity to do this right out of the entryway.  This step is for bloggers who have the accompanying:
  6. A website with at least 5000 site visits for every month and extraordinary engagement, or
  7. A immense and successful online networking after, i.e., 5,000 on Facebook and 5,000 on Twitter, or 4000 on Linkedin.  Google+ Followers have more value than other social media followers.
  8. Some mix of the two.
  9. A well-defined focus niche.
  10. Prevalent internet searcher situating for your specialization.  That means your site listed by search engines for most of the keywords and phrases in the top 10 of their search results.
  11. An expert vicinity and appearance of your site.
  12. A layout or topic with space for publicizing.  Recall that you need clients to pursue and click yet you don’t call for them to be so overpowered with ads that they quit going by.
  13. In case you’re not at that place yet, figure out how to pull in 10,000 loyal followers.  In the event that you are trained to begin captivating immediate advertisers, here are a few approaches to attract advertisers to your situation.

7a. Social Media Score & Direct Advertising

  • Social media tool to measure your score of success
  1.  Klout
  2. Sverve
  3. Alexa Ranking
  4. Google PageRank

So these are all the important to be used to get the score of your social media presence.

  • For social networking, run down all the numbers – numerous brands include them up. For different scores, put your best foot forward.
  • A media unit is a one page data direct that will encourage prospective advertiser’s gets to know your website at a solitary look.  It ought to contain the accompanying: Your social media score is significant to get attract more advertisers to your blog.  Show them numbers, so that they’ll trust your agency over others in social media.  Especially the numbers going to Facebook fan page’s followers, Google plus business page followers, twitter followers, StumbleUpon, Linked-in, interest, edit and so along.  Try to include all your social engagement platforms on your home page of your site.  So that advertisers can’t search here and there to know this important information.  Put the social media widget in the sidebar of your site.

7b. Google Analytics Page-views and Unique Visitors

  1. You can incorporate data about your engagement if those numbers are low, however, your skip rate is great (Bounce rate below 20%).  Likewise, in the case that you are a territorial blog or need to draw in nearby establishments, you ought to comprise the numbers you derive from neighborhood movement.  Hence, Google Analytics play a crucial part in getting direct advertisers to your blog.
  2. You can also create Google plus Local Business Page to get more number of loyal followers,  It’s easy for advertisers in your local area to identify your business and give their advertisement in your site.  Advertisers can easily see your business live on Google+ local pages and also in Google Search Result Pages.  Create Google plus Communities are right place to promote your business as well as your blog posts.
  3. Always keep an eye on Google+ communities.  Because Google+ communities are real traffic generating machines.  If you apply it wisely then I am damn sure you’ll oodles of dealings.

7c. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Positioning

  • Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines tend to favor blogs with a well-defined niche.  If you are a top result in any search engine for a keyword in your niche, add that information as well in the about us page.  So that your advertisers get impressed and ready to give advertisement on your blog.

7d. Advertisement Options

Your “Advertisement with Us” page should contain the following details in particular.

Why Niche Blogs are Successful...

Advertisement Slots: 125×125, 300×250, 300×600, 728×90, 160×600, 468×60, 240×400, 120×600, 250×250 or define your own size according to your template layout.

  1. Sponsored Posts – How much you’re charging for sponsored posts, better you put a contact form then decide this one.
  2. Review Posts – Review products and services of the company.  You can also decide this by putting a contact form on the page and have a negotiation with your advertisers on this subject.
  3. Paid Links in the Sidebar or Posts – For this also you can have a direct chat with the advertisers and decide the final price.

7e. Define your Audience and Niche to your advertisers clearly

  • Data about your audience and niche.  Keep in mind that you need to target both your content and advertisement to match your readers.  In the event that you have a website about online networking patterns, your gathering of people is not going to need to see ads from retail chains or sustenance brands.  Keep it applicable.  Moreover, you need prospective sponsors to know why your followers would unite with their brand and get to be clients.  So, don’t compromise with your advertisers in this topic.  Because if you compromise, then there is every chance of penalizing by Google penguin and panda updates.  Don’t put irrelevant ads on your site.

7f. Increase your website traffic

  • Your ability in driving traffic is more important in building a successful, money making blog.  So what brands you have worked with, what known social networking activities you’ve taken part or oversaw, and else other possibilities that is important.  What’s more, in the event that you are some piece of a focused on gathering, include that data also.  For instance, I’m a part of the Facebook group, Google+ communities, I’ve more than 5k Twitter Followers, so these are all things you must show to your advertisers to impress them.
Why Niche Blogs are Successful...

7g. Fix your price

  1. We’re not running blogs for charity or service.  We’re running blogs for profits.  Another important thing if your blog is not getting money then it’s really hard to preserve it for a long-period.  Due to that your blogging career comes to end.  Thus to avoid this you need some money to sustain your blog successfully.  Your income should at-least help you in paying internet charges, telephone bills, office expenses and electricity charges.
  2. Sometimes you’re so nervous in charge price for advertising, you can start low as 1 Dollar per month for 125×125 ad units.  2 Dollars per month for 300×250 and 5 Dollars for 160×600 skyscraper ad unit.
  3. Eventually I had well known hosting company pitch me for 1 year for $200 – a pretty solid offer only a few months after I started offering advertising.
  4. At present 7 of my blogs totally running on advertisements, I am not depending on Google Adsense alone.  Because after my Adsense account got disabled say 2 years backs.  I never rely on Adsense anymore.  Then this is the best method to get money for me and you as well.  My earnest advice to fellow bloggers and newbies don’t rely on Adsense alone.  Because if your account gets disabled, then it’s about the end of the road for you.  Only if you’ve advertisers then you need not worry about Adsense.  Your business will go forever.
Why Niche Blogs are Successful...

7h. Maintain good relationship with fellow bloggers in your niche

  • I can’t let you know how unimaginably vital it is to assemble associations with bloggers, both inside, parallel to and outside your specialty.  Notwithstanding the help, guidance and website, assembling that you can do with a close group of bloggers;  you can likewise get to meet promoters.  Bloggers need when open doors come up that they can’t satisfy or that oblige an extensive gathering.  Building a solid association with a center gathering will permit you to be a conceivable go-to source in that occasion.  One of the methods of insight of a decent blogger gathering is to do unto others as they would do unto you.  Join in and help everybody that you can in whatever way fits your qualities and your brand
  • Bloggers outside your corner are incredible for passing on circumstances, you get that don’t fit your brand.  Bloggers in your corner may approach you to blanket for them.  This week, a national brand that I work with welcomed me to an occasion I was not able to go to.  I contacted my neighbourhood gathering and discovered somebody around there that was excited to bounce in and help.  This was a sin-sin for everybody included.
  • The key is to drive the suitable activity as you pitch them.  Where would you be able to meet advertisers?  This is the place in-individual engagement is basic.
  •  Expos, gatherings, business occasions, blenders, toy fairs – all these spots are the place publicists accmulate, hoping to captivate with bloggers and merchants.  Notwithstanding occasions open to the overall population, being a part of a quality blogger gathering will permit you get to littler welcome just occasions.  Figure out who will be there and get to know their item and history ahead of time, underlining why your website is a decent fit.  You might at first be locked in for an item audit or to compose for them.
  • On the off chance that that goes well, you can offer them publicizing that fit their needs.

7i. Blogger Meet and Events

  • Helping small business & non-profit organizations that need a hand and have a little plan is an extraordinary approach to discover your first sponsors.  The key is to drive the feeding activity as you pitch them.  Where would you be able to meet advertisers?  The place in-individual engagement is basic.
  • Expos, gatherings, business occasions, events, blogger meets – all these spots are the place sponsors assemble, hoping to captivate with bloggers and sellers.  Notwithstanding occasions open to the overall population, being a part of a quality blogger gathering will permit you get to littler welcome just occasions.  Discover who will be there and get to know their item and history ahead of time, underscoring why your website is a decent fit.  You might at first be locked in for an item auditor to compose for them.
  • On the off chance that that goes well, you can offer them promoting that fit their needs.

7j. Offer Packages to Advertisers

  • As you start to captivate clients, you will need to offer better bundles and rebates.  Case in point, you can package 3 months of promotion space at lower month to month expense or you can offer 6 months of advertising at the price of five.  You can do freebies or even run a giveaway offering publicizing as a price, giving promoters a “taste” of what they win by promoting on your website.

8. Blog Posting Frequency

  • It’s easy for me to write 5 topics on 5 blogs rather than writing 5 topics in one blog.  You can write at least 2 to 3 posts per week not more than that.  Some bloggers suggest you to write at least one post daily.  But I never recommend that option to my site readers and my e-book readers.  Because, if you’re writing a post daily it means you’re indirectly compromise the quality of the post.  Loyal readers always expect quality from you, not quantity, try to understand this fact.
  • In the same way, I never agree with a number of words in a post.  Most of the bloggers prefer every post should contain at least 1500 to 3000 words.  According to me unless you’ve lot of things to say, in other words you’ve got a lot of information about a particular topic or you’ve lots of analysis on the particular topic or infographics and reports.  Then yes, I totally agree with you.  Yes, that post needs at least 1500 to 3000 words.  But it’s not applicable to all posts.  Some post you can convey the information within 300 to 500 words with one or two images and one video (if any).  So your post will get automatically indexed in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  From this, now you understand how your post should be, it’s not about quantity or number of words it’s all about quality of the posts.
  • When you choose to begin a website, you’ll have to figure out what are your objectives for your website.  In the event that you need to develop your web journal and pull in new per users (and keep them once they visit), you’ll have to put some thought into your website posting recurrence.

8a. Blog Post with Substance

  • In the blogging scene, a usually utilized expression is, “it’s about the substance.”  In short, that implies that the most paramount piece of your site is the substance you distribute through your blog entries.  What makes your substance most forcing is a blend of your subject, your notion, your composition style or voice, and your blog’s freshness.  Your website posting recurrence is specially fixed to the freshness of your online journal.  Read this post: Is Blogging Schedule Worthless?

8b. The Theory behind Blog Posting Frequency

  • Put it in this way, would you purchase a daily newspaper regularly if the article in that paper never showed signs of change?  Likely not.  On the other hand, if the articles are diverse every day, you’re significantly more inclined to purchase another daily paper regular.  The same theory applies to blog content.  In the event that you don’t redesign your site with another post, there is no purpose behind individuals to visit.  There is nothing but the same old thing new for them to see.
  • Nonetheless, in the event that you post new substance oftentimes that is opportune and composed in a style individuals appreciate, they are prone to return over and over to see what you need to say.  The all the more oftentimes you distribute new posts, then all the more new substance there is for individuals to see and the more reason there is for individuals to visit over and over.

8c. Posting Frequency attracts New Visitors and Returning Visitors

  • Incessant presenting aides to draw in more visits from individuals who like your site and choose to subscribe to it.  Each time you distribute the new substance on your website, your supporters will either see that post in their food followers or they’ll get message guiding them to your website to pursue the new posts.  That implies more chances to expand movement to your website every-time you distribute the new substance.  RSS Feeds and E-mail Newsletter subscribers will increase drastically if you’ve a great content on your website.  Hence the frequency of your situations and great content always play an important part in blogging success and also in generating search engine traffic.  Normally search engines tend to grant importance to fresh content and unparalleled content.

9. Expand your niche

  • When you’re a successful, popular blogger and focused on a particular niche, then you can position yourself to springboard where you can start the discussion with your fellow bloggers and loyal readers.

10. Higher Conversion Rate

  • If you’re ready to sell some products to your readers, then niche blogging is the right place to sell those things.  Because niche blogging always targeted at a particular group of people, so they’re ready to buy your product.  But if you focus on a multi niche blog with different topics, then you need not sell the products because visitors are too low and also buying prospects also very low.  So in that aspect, single niche blog always performs well.  Niche blogging brings more targeted, highly-qualified, knowledgeable audience.  Thus you no need to center on promoting things.  Because your site itself a promotional tool to sell your product.
  • Choosing right niche for your blog enables you and your readers to focus on a single issue, which directly helps you to get huge traffic and monetize your blog more effectively without any trouble.  So focus on the single niche blog always successful for your blogging career.

Hope you like this post, please share this post with your social media friends. Don’t forget to leave your valuable comments below. Thank you.

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