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Niche Blogging for Beginners – Topic, Ideas, Make Money, Profitable Niche

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

During the last 9 years of my blogging career, I’ve conducted Google Adsense and SEO Training Workshops for numerous corporate clients. One problem that I constantly faced was – whenever any of the participants would call for me to suggest a site or a book which passed over most of the things about Niche Blogging, I couldn’t suggest one. Certainly, there were a great deal of sites / blogs covering individual topics about Niche Blogging. But most of my corporate clients as well as my training students want to learn from the basics of niche blogging and how to be successful with niche blogging. Some of them even don’t know What is Niche Blogging? And what is the meaning of Niche? Now, the very sight of so many technical books (not to mention the amount of the book) can be pretty daunting for most of the people and so a fair number of them get put off from the computer, thinking that learning niche blogging is quite tough and it’s only for technical people not for a common man.

Best Blogging Sites to Make Money - Niche Blogging for Starters

Another misconception commonly held is that you need to possess solid background knowledge in blogging to create a perfect niche site. Nothing could be further from the truth here. You take example me; I am not that much expert in blogging as 8 years back. In-fact, I learned each and everything myself without anyone’s help. This never deterred me in learning and mastering this art of blogging. Hence why you feel the unequal task! Niche Blogging is a serious business, if you’re tend to create a popular and profitable niche site, you’ll have to spend lots of time in writing, reading and talking about your niche almost every day with your readers, friends and fellow bloggers.

The question now is what to do next? Whether you’ve already found out your targeted audience or you hardly lay something on your blog and then find for a right audience to read your content. I never recommend the second one. Because I already tested both and finally got success with the first single. Those are finding the correct niche and then proceed with that. Remember, it’s not possible to know for sure whether people like your content or not before you create and publish it in your blog. So but with the help of Keyword Search, you can easily find out the right topic and the right set of audience (which includes high-volume of searching and also the popularity of the niche).

Blogging is a million dollar online business. If you do it in a right manner. Then the sky is the limit of your income. You accept my statement after you enter into the blogosphere. Little investment, huge net income are the mantra for success in blogging business. If you invest just about hard study and dedication then you can earn huge money. But for all this you must take a good niche, popular niche, high-traffic niche, a lot of advertisers willing to pass on their advertisements in that niche and hence along. So your niche is the important role of your blogging career. Today, this sounds great, isn’t? Make certain that you’re going into the proper niche to start with!

Don’t select unpopular, low-traffic, less-competitive niche, because this will never help your job demands. If you desire to build strong online business, then the niche is the important factor in it. I explained A to Z about picking the correct niche for your super blog in this e-book. And then go through it right away. If you encounter any difficulties or any doubts or clarification on this topic, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to me. I am ready to help you in this regard.

There are 1000’s of niche topics to build your blog, but many of them won’t get you any money because they’re overly specific or unpopular niches.

You must have some interest in your niche topic. You can easily pick some great recession with huge profit potential, but without interest in the subject you can’t earn money. In fact, this is the reason for blogging failure.

Extremely Profitable Niche Topics

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Relationships
  3. Business and Finance

When you are blogging for a long time, then you’ll start noticing some trends, queries and concerns that continually pop up your head. You can easily get ideas from those things. So you need worry about moving your blog further. The trends and questions always help your blog to move further.

One of the questions always asked my corporate clients and my students “Sir, how to find the most profitable niche for my blog” and “how to create successful event-based blog.”

In this tutorial I’ve answered both questions in a professional way. You can read those things in the middle of this niche blogging tutorial. After reading these tutorials chapters, you definitely appreciate my hard work in bringing some great tips and untapped niche ideas. In-fact, I’ve given niche blogging treasure to you.

In this tutorial, I’m going to share two of my ideas one is selling products and another one is finding a niche topic audience to serve.

You have to give more importance to a niche audience than selling products.  I now give you solid reasons for this;

  1. The products are always in stable in nature that means it may come and go, but niche audience   always there forever.  You can’t go on promoting your products for a long time.  But if you have a niche blog based on your products then you can attract the audience to buy your products.  You can also attract more advertisers to your blog and make some handsome income.
  2. Niche blogging always gives an N number of ideas to you.  When you start the blog, you are running out of ideas, you don’t know how to proceed further, but after some time, you see your brain flooded with new ideas, that can take your blog and business to the different zone altogether.
  3. This is my personal experience.  NINE years back I had no ideas how to take my blog further.  Only today, there are 1000’s ideas to bring my blog further without any troubles.  There are 1000’s of ways to make money with your blog.  Today I have made a full-time income from diverse Passive Income Streams; From Google Adsense, Affiliate Programs, Niche Blogs, Direct Advertisements and so on.  Four of my niche blogs I am making more than $500 per monthThis is because I understand the needs of my audience and I am also providing the perfect solutions for their problems.  So you can also do the same like me and make some passive income.  So now I am going to take you to the first chapter on creating a successful and profitable niche blogs.

Niche Blogging for Profit – 15 Exclusive Topics

Let’s Make Money.

Niche Blogging for Profit - Let's Make Money
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Hope these 15 chapters will helps to you make money with your niche blog. If you have any doubts don’t hesitate. Send e-mail to me directly with your queries.

  • This is my e-mail id :
  • You can also contact me over phone : 9600043710. I am your friend. So there is no hesitation in calling or sending e-mails. I’ve helped more than 1000 people during these 8 years of my blogging career. I am always loved to help people. I like friends. I like bloggers in particular. So use this wonderful opportunity to make money online. This is very interesting field. I am damn sure you’ll never quit this field once you enter into this blogging field. God bless you all. My best wishes to you to get success in your blogging career. Please leave your valuable comment after reading all the posts listed above. Thank you once again for visiting my blog. Subscribe to my blog. There are many more tutorials coming up shortly. Share this post with your social media friends.
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