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6-Step Formula to Find Your Niche

How to Find Your Profitable Niche?

  1. If you want to build a money making blog, then you should very keen on your Niche (i.e. Find a Niche or in other-words Find a Topic for your website). In this Niche Blogging Tutorial post, I take you to the concept of niche blogging and feed you some important questions to ask yourself when you’re considering what topic you’ve to concentrate on.
  2. The majority of the bloggers starts their blogging career either with blogging niche or technology related blog or combined in some sports.  But I never prefer those two niches for you, because you must have lots of experience and knowledge to create a successful blogging niche blog or technology related blog.
  3. Another thing there are already millions of blogs related to these above two niches available on the Internet.  Thus creating another blog in these niches is not a advisable one.
  4. In the same direction, don’t start personal blog; usually these blogs cover your interest, hobbies, relationship, love, life, experience and so along.
  5. There are so many social media sites where you can share all your personal interest, hobbies, relationship, photos of your friends and family members, videos etc., but not in your blog.
  6. If you want to share your photos and videos exclusively to targeted visitors then you can start a separate blog and post all your photos and videos and you can also share some photography stuff with your loyal readers.
How to Find a Profitable Niche

Loyal Readers become disillusioned if you focus on Multi Niche Blog

  • It’s not that easy to get loyal readers of our blogs.  If we get that, wow then that is the best day in our life.  Getting audience that too regular audience is a Himalayan task.  If you want to make regular readers for your blog, and so you’ve to embark on this process at the time of registering a domain name itself.  I recognize most of the bloggers not concentrating on domain name registration.  But after few months or sometimes after a few years they discovered this hidden secret of success.  According to me it’s too late.  You already missed the bus.  I already committed this blunder mistake when I registered a domain without keywords.  But say after 4 years, I realized this truth.  But at a present I’ve 5 niche sites all with domain name with keywords.  For example: / and finally in my own name so when you read these domain names, it clearly tells the story inside.  You no need to visit these sites to recognize the content of the web sites.  For example: is totally connected to the building of a blog, in the same way in relation to multi niche blog and finally my own name site related to the SEO blog.  And then from this you come to experience the importance of registering a domain name with keywords.
  • Your domain not only easy to spell and easy to remember, but also makes it easy for search engines to read the content of your website, to get indexed your domain faster in their search index, for that you must have a field name with keywords.  You can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool to find your desired domain name and you can also use various domain selection tools for this to find out the best available domain for your site.

What happen if you convert your current blog into a Multi Niche Blog?

    1. Whether your readers ready to read your blog?
    2. Whether your readers continue to support your blog?
These are the top two questions about multi niche blogs, yesterday I asked in my Facebook profile page.  Top bloggers answered all these interrogations in their own way.  I immediately put up their solutions below for better clarity around the issue.
How to Choose Your Niche?
Mi Muba

“Really interesting question if we ascertain it a little deeply”

There are two types of multi niche blog.  One is called a blog with poles-apart multiple niche, like healthy living, smartphones, sports car and exam preparation tips are multi niche but poles apart.  In this type of niche it is almost impossible to develop even a thin minority of loyal readers because who ever will come he will come through search engines and just read the post of his sub-niche and after casting a look at the poles-apart niche will neither subscribe the blog nor bookmark it because he knows he has to get three irrelevant posts for one relevant post which he can get of the same or even higher quality somewhere else easily.  So simply unique visitors mean one earning potential you have that if from PPC.  The second type is near-around multi niche blog.  For example, green living, simple food, jogging machines and pure water make a near around multi niche blog.  Here the entire niche serves the ultimate demand of healthy life and well being of people.  Similarly, advertisers of one niche can also serve the health needs of other niche.  You can easily sell affiliate products, banner ads and good Adsense apart from writing product reviews and paid post.  Hence it entirely depends upon what type of multi niche your blog is.  Thanks a lot Krishna Kumar for inviting me to share my views on this topic.  Thanks a lot Krishna Kumar for giving me this honor; I am much impressed by your way of conducting group discussions here and hope to see its continuation on more topics.  Read more on

How to Choose Your Niche?
Harleena Singh
Of course, they will provide.  You have loyal readers Krishna, and I think I’m a living example of such a case!  I started off with just one niche of family and parenting, but gradually started adding other niches, based on what I could share and what my readers would love to read, so a blend of both worked well for both sides.  I can still add a few more niches like cooking, travel etc, as I asked my readers about it recently, and they were all ready for it.  So, don’t stop yourself – if you have loyal readers who love you and your work, they will come to your blog either ways.  Thanks Kumar – nice to know about your eBook too – wishing you the best with it.
Here is my link, though you already know about it


Rajesh Namase
I’ll not prefer to do that, as you’ll lose your email subscribers.  It’s difficult for people to follow the change.  Once you convert your blog into a multi-niche you have to depend on Adsense only.  So think wisely before doing that.
You can get more at:
How to Choose Your Niche?
Abhishek Shukla
Affiliate, direct ads, paid posts will hardly work; you have to depend on Adsense only.

Here you can learn more about blogging tips and tricks:

How to Choose Your Niche?
 Iftekhar Ahmed
Well, I think that if you operate a multi niche blog with some strategies you can admit it to some new heights.  There are many multi niche blogs that are performing well in the industry…. Life hacker is an examplar of it……. I’m as well going on multi niche blog with a team of about 25 members and I’m anticipating it to be a blast…. talking about subscribers, considerably if you tally up the statistics you will see that most of the subscribers don’t go through the posts.  They just leave it….. If you have around 1000 subscribers then you will get only 10-30 visits via mail…. This is because these days bloggers are forcing the readers to subscribe to their blogs by offering giveaways and promising to provide some premiums in future…. I link

What will occur if I choose Multi Niche Blog?

  • Recognizing that many of loyal readers were disillusioned by my scattered approach to blogging.  If that takes place, I began to feel guilty about putting up on certain topics (niches).  If something or someone forces me to write on those topics (niches) which I am not familiar with, and so it will be the final stage of my blogging career.  Because my readers looking for a subject which I am conversant with.  When I am posting something, which I am not familiar with, slowly they stop reading my further blog posts and in the end they give my blog.
  • This is indeed a very big tragedy.  And then I won’t allow this to go on to my blog.  I am constantly giving way to focus on a subject which I am comfortable with.  In recent times, I am picking up lots of people enter into a blogosphere and straight forth, they choose one high-paying niche and take up writing blog posts (which they not familiar with).  This is not the way to blog.  My suggestion for beginners, if you desire to begin a blog, then first choose a niche which you’re familiar with, which you’ve interest, the niche has scope to prepare and thus along.  Choose a specific Niche of your choice and develop the blog around that.
  • If you take all successful blogs list, then you see one thing in common.  All successful blogs focused on one niche and focused upon specific topics.  It’s really rare to see multi niche blogs getting success.  Unless there are so many authors writing blog posts for those blogs.  It’s really tough to maintain multi blogs single-handedly and that too with quality.  If you start a multi niche blog, then quality always be a question mark.  Because writing blog posts on unfamiliar topics always difficult one and also most of the time it’s not going to be up to the mark.  So concentrate on a particular niche and specific topics, I am damn sure you’ll get high amount of success.

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