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How to Choose a Profitable Niche – 10 Questions Ask Yourself

How to Choose a Profitable Niche

  1. 10 Top-paying Niches
  2. 24 Primary Niche with Sub-category
  3. 354 Secondary Niche
  4. 30 Top Event-based Niches

So, from the above list, you could select your profitable niche.  Simply how do you select the right one?

I’ve made a lot of underlying questions to be done yourself before getting hold of the final decision on your corner.

  1. Are you interested in the Topic (Niche)?
  2. Do you’ve enough experience and expertise knowledge in your niche?
  3. Is your Niche Popular One?
  4. Is your Niche Growing or Shrinking?
  5. What is the competition of your Niche?
  6. What are your competition missed out?
  7. Will you have enough content to write?
  8. Is your niche able to be monetized?
  9. How Broader your niche be?
  10. Whether your niche is Region oriented or Country oriented or local business?

Thus, before selecting the niche ask these questions yourself, if you find a good answer, then go ahead, otherwise, get hold of your own time to choose a best profitable niche.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche - Niche Blogging

1. Are you interested in the Topic (Niche)?

Most of the bloggers without answering the above 10 questions, simply start a blog with their friendly advice or advice from any other source and later find difficulties to proceed further and don’t know what to do with that blog?  Finally, they sell their blogs at a lower price.  One time once more, they started going to their 9 to 6 jobs as usual.  This is the trending report for the past 10 years in the blogosphere.  The reason for this is a simple one.  First of all, there are two reasons for this;
  • No involvement in blogging itself.  Somebody created hype on blogging and its income.  Because of that he / she just began blogging.  But he / she not started their blog with their own interest.  Due to compulsion or advice from others, they began their blogging career.  But in reality they’ve no involvement at all.
  • Another thing most of the bloggers eyeing on high-paying niches.  Someone working on searching Google AdWords Keyword Planner usually find there are some keywords which are high-paying one.  Read for example: Forex and Insurance.  Thus, immediately they note down these two niches in a bit of paper and searching domain related to these keywords.  After getting a domain name with these keywords.  They now buy hosting account and a WordPress theme and start their blogging.

Now that’s where the real problem starts….

Without identifying their own interest, passions and energy levels on topics, they simply created their blogs.  But when they’re writing their first post on the topic they’ll find all sorts of difficulties.  Because they’ve no interest in the topic, they’ve no knowledge on the topic; first of all they don’t know what is about?

Due to lack of interest in topic their blogging failures started with the first step itself.

It’s quite natural to imitate popular blogger blogs and follow their footsteps at the beginning of your blogging career, but it will not help you in long-run.  You have to develop your own blogging voice, own writing skills, own tone, etc.,

 First, if you want to build a successful, money making blog it takes a lot of time.  Please remember this in the future.  You can’t build a successful blog overnight.  Don’t fall into a category of quick rich scheme.  You’ll need to take a long-term approach or in other words long-term strategy to build a successful blog.

Successful blogs not created overnight.  So you should ask this question yourself, “Can I manage to write posts on a same topic over a period of time say 3 to 5 years from now?”.

If your result is YES to the above question then you extend with your niche, otherwise better reconsider your topic.

Another reason for choosing a right niche, you should have some interest in your niche otherwise your followers also not get interested in your niche.  I mean your blog.  If you’re writing blog posts without interest and insufficient information, then slowly your readers leave your blog.  Because readers usually don’t like the blog with vague posts, less informative and off-topic.

The audience didn’t like to read something that the author doesn’t really believe in.

If you want to build a successful, profitable blog, then you should share your innovative ideas, some secrets (not all) with your readers.  Otherwise, they never come to your blog.  Because most of the information already available on internet.  Then they don’t desire to register the same thing on your web log.

From this you understand, they always want quality content, unique content and freshness, which means you tend gives always top quality content to your blog readers.

Still, if you find difficult in finding the right niche for your blog… Ask these following questions yourself.

Review Questions 

  • Which topic do you have interest?  What do you know about it?
  • Whether you’re ready to spend some bucks for that niche?  Whether it gives ROI?
  • Which subject you always deal with your friends frequently?
  • Which topic you always think at night?
  • What websites, magazines, tv shows, forms you usually spend more time?

Write those topics in a piece of paper and rate them based on your interest and subject knowledge.  I am damn sure, at the end of the day you’ll find a perfect niche for your blog.  So that you can start your blog with great confidence and enthusiasm.

2. Do you’ve adequate experience and expertise knowledge in your Niche?

Approximately 95% of the bloggers without having any experience or expertise knowledge in the topic simply starts their blogging career.  This is the critical question to be resolved before you start a blog.  Knowledge and experience in the topic, which totally different from each other.  You can start a blog without knowledge; by the way you can learn it.  Only experience is altogether different discipline.  Experience in the niche will decide your blogging approach and it also decide the fate of your blog success or failure.  So learn a lot of things connected your niche before starting a blog.

Take for example “Blogging Niche” or “Technology Niche” I frequently see bloggers starting blogs that claim to teach people how to do blogging, how to make money with blogging, how to attract advertisers to your blog, how to do SEO for your blog, how to create a successful technology related blog and so on.  They present themselves as NICHE experts, but the problem is that many of those behind these blogs never have blogged before and don’t have any experience to teach people.  But they claim themselves as “Blogging Gurus”.

The end results are that these bloggers often run out of things to write about.  Their audience quickly sees through the claims of the bloggers and the reputation of the blogger is getting damaged.  You can name these bloggers very well.

For example: Usually these bloggers often do following things regularly.  If you closely follow their blog, then you’ll consort with my point.
  • Month after month they’re showing some fake income report (Fake Screenshots) of the previous month through their blog posts.  This it shows they’ve nothing to write.  They’re running out of topics as well as ideas.  They don’t know how to take their blog further.  Due to huge frustration, they’re practicing these sorts of matters.
  • If they have nothing to write, then immediately announce Giveaways.  This is the current tendency for bloggers without ideas.
  • Some of the bloggers announce cash rewards for the comments on their posts.
  • Some of the bloggers announce freebies to draw readers.  But 3 and 4 will not run for a long time.  If you want to get regular visitors then you have to write quality posts.  You can’t attract an audience with freebies and cash rewards for a long time.  People want quality posts from you not freebies, giveaways and cash rewards.
  • Some of the bloggers acting like Blogger Developers.  They simply download blogger templates from other sites, change just about coding here and there and finally they put their name and website in the copyright section and print the template.  But if you download and use these templates then you’ll find lots of errors.  Most of the free blogger templates have so many errors.  Title tag not showing for post ages, Share buttons not working for posts, pages, no breadcrumb, no subscription box and comment section and related posts are not properly working and so on.  You can’t change your comment option form blogger to the Google+ comment system, because of these errors.
  • Posting fake income screenshots and fake traffic stats on social media sites.

So from the above, you can easily identify the bloggers capability.

So before joining their blog coaching classes or giving any work to them, first go through their profile and blogs thoroughly.  You should also confirm their reputation in the blogosphere.  Don’t lose your hard earned money with these guys.

A better approach for someone just starting their blogging career with a niche site should have some sort of experience.  Then, they could easily build their blogs.  Blogging always a learning curve for webmasters.  Nobody is Guru here or claimed to be a Guru.  Everybody is a learner.  With that little experience you can start blogging and post some useful thing about your niche, but remember that post should be your real experience, don’t share the author’s experience or other opinions on your site.  If you have done that, slowly your blog will get visitors and there are some loyal readers too, they also leave their own views about the topic in the comment section of your site.  You can get new ideas from those comments.  In-fact, you’ll get next post title also with those comments.  But for that first you have to learn something connected to your niche and develop your knowledge.  At any given point of time, don’t claim yourself as an EXPERT in your field.  Even if you’re a real expert in your niche; don’t claim that you’re the best in teaching the niche better than anybody else.  Usually people don’t like self-boasting.

 If you remember all those points discussed above, then I am damn sure you’ll build a successful, profitable blog within a span of time.
Over time these blogs can actually transition into “Expert Advice Blogs” as the bloggers and their readership also grow and become more proficient and experienced in their own topic.

Most of the successful blogs followed the same steps listed above, so you can also follow the same steps to attain the target.

Review Questions

  1. Write down a list of topics, that you’ve got some experience
  2. Whether you’ve attained any training for this?
  3. What topic do people always come to you to find information on?
  4. What are you currently learning about or willing to learn more about?
When you have a list, give every subject a rating regarding your level of “Mystery”.  This is the best way to identify yourself where you’re standing in the niche blogging.

3. Is Your Niche Popular?

In-spite of the fact that the blogger’s interest is imperative, it’s insufficient to fabricate a famous online blog.  Because of unpopular niche.

An alternate critical part is that others need to persue data on the theme you’re composing on.

The law of supply and interest becomes an integral factor right now.  You may be intrigued by your theme and have the capacity to supply an incredible substance on it, however, unless others are expanded in it and are demonstrating interest for it via scanning for it, you’ll generally have a daunting struggle in building a good-persued website.

Remember that you are composing in a medium with a worldwide gathering of people of numerous millions and thus you won’t bother with a topic that everybody is looking, only one that some individuals are seeking.

Review Questions

  • Go to the library and see what people are reading?  Which topic they interested to read?
  • You can also take some short survey with them.  So that you can get an idea how to choose the profitable niche?
  • Have a chat with them so that you can get more information about their liking.
  • Popular niches always profitable one too.  There is no doubt or second opinion on it, so straight away you can start the blog on those niches.
  • If popular niche and your preferred niche are one and the same, wow then this is the finest moment in your life.  Because most of the bloggers always chose the niche based on others choices.  They never chose the niche on their own choice.  

4. Is Your Niche Growing or Shrinking?

The popularity of the Niche rises and flows down over a period of time.  Specially when you receive an event based niche blog, when the case is over, suddenly you see the drop in traffic to your site.

In a perfect world you would demand to pick a good topic when it is on the ascent instead of when it is in decline.  This is not simple to do, obviously, however, foresee the following huge thing that individuals will be scanned for and you could be onto a champ.

Arrive in the propensity of being vigilant for what individuals are into.  I constantly ask myself, “What will individuals be looking the web for in 6 to 12 months and in what manner would, I am able to position myself to be the website that they find when they perform?

Keep an eye on what individuals are into, what the most recent practices are, what functions are heading upwards, and what item dispatches are upcoming. Do these on the web, additionally keep an eye on Television Channels, Magazines, the News Papers, and occasion the discussions you have with companions.

Despite the fact that it isn’t key to be first to begin a site with a theme, it certainly serves to be ahead of time.

I always recommend three sites when it comes to niche searching and keyword searching.

  1. Google Trends
  2. Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  3. WordTracker 

Apart from the above three sites, you can also use Twitter trends for latest topics and news.  So that you can give your visitors always fresh content (Hot Topic)

You can also subscribe to my blog / and so that you can always have the latest updates about blogging world.  These three sites are very important for your future blogging.  So kindly bookmark these websites for your future reference and also visit these three sites regularly.  More blogging tips and money making tips coming up shortly.

You always have an eye on latest trend not only in the blogging world, but also in your own niche.  You can’t make money with your outdated blog.

So trends are really important for blogging success.  Especially if you have an event-based blog, then trend will play a crucial role in search rankings.

Review Questions

  • Use Google Trends, Google AdWords Keyword Planner and WordTracker
  • Check all three websites to see whether your Niche is growing or shrinking?
  • Choose the niche which is growing with a large number of Global and Local searches.
  • Keep visiting your fellow bloggers blogs in the same niche so that you can update your site accordingly.  Search related keywords and phrases in Google Search Result Page.
  • Have social media accounts.  So that you can get the latest news via those sites and update your blog regularly.  Compare with other niches.

5. What’s the Competition for your niche?

Most of the bloggers get sucked into when choosing a niche is to go for the most popular niche with no regard for the competition they might face in those niche markets.

At a point when selecting niche, you need to focus the gathering of people size, the level of aggressiveness, whether there is any cash to be made, and how well you can populate your web blog with substance over the long period.

Although many bloggers say there is no such thing as rivalry in blogging and innovation related corners and that we are all companions, it could be excessively of a difficult task to attempt to break into an over-packed corner when other exactly as powerful specialties are accessible.

The amount rivalry is excessive?  You may be amazed to discover that in a few cases you really need rivalry.  There are two reasons why you can’t find numerous contenders for a specific corner.

  • You are a virtuoso and no one else has pondered your point.
  • There sufficiently isn’t enthusiasm to support a site long haul.
How to Choose a Profitable Niche

By and large it will be the second alternative, however you can test a specialty by making another classification of your individual blog and seeing what sort of reason you get.

Indeed, numerous bloggers see effective web journals effectively working in a corner and choose that if some else can do it, they ought to pick the precisely the same specialty and endeavor to copy them.

A prime illustration of this is in the contraption web journal space where probably the most effective website works.  The issue with beginning a web journal on contraptions is there are large number of different sites effectively focusing on this specialty, with some extremely dug in and settled web journals officially taking the lion’s offer of the benefits.  In spite of the fact that it is not difficult to begin a fruitful blog on contraptions, picking a corner with less and less settled contenders may be a shrewd move.

The chances are that in the event that you have recognized a corner that you think is a hot specialty right now, another person will have likewise.  Its request and supply becoming possible the most important factor once more.  For any level of interest for data on a subject, just a specific number of the wellsprings of data will be needed for that theme.

The web is turning into a more jumbled spot, and in some cases it feels that there are no specialties left to blog about.  In spite of the fact that this is genuine in some of those more mainstream themes, recollect that you don’t need to strive for the theme that totally everybody is hunting down.  Actually, some of the time it’s a percentage of the less well known subjects that have almost no rival that craftsmanship the best earners.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche

I have one companion, who after years of endeavoring to do good expounding on devices, exchanged for writing about land corner a point he had been looking into for a buy he was making.  He was flabbergasted to find that after simply a few months composing on his new corner, it was earning altogether more activity contrast with the old specialty.

In some cases it is better to be a big fish in a little lake as opposed to a little fish in a huge lake.

Review Questions

  • Go to Google, Yahoo and and see what the people searching for.  Mainly Google instant and related searches always give you an idea about the profitable niche.  You can note down on a piece of paper or save it in notepad for future use.  Always save this file on a desktop so that you can easily find out this file when you need.

6. What are your competitors missed out?

It’s not that easy to write A to Z about anything.  So there is a gap always to be filled out.  But who should fill that gap is the million dollar question?  How to find those gaps?  So these are the two questions to be answered.

Niche market always has some gaps to be filled.  Though your competitors might have the upper hand of an established audience, but you have the advantage of flexibility to adapt to the situation.

Now you’ve to analyze their entire blog(s) thoroughly before writing anything in your blog.  Mainly, you’ve to look out what they missed out in their blog?  If you find out in the first instance itself, then it’s easy to proceed further with your blog.  So you’ve to devote some valuable time on those things to achieve your goal with ease.

Review Questions

When analyzing your competitor’s blog you have to look out the following things in particular.

  1. What portion of the niche they already covered?
  2. Which portion of the niche they’ve an upper hand?
  3. Which portion of the niche they’re getting traffic?
  4. What is the center of attraction in their blogs?
  5. What are all the topics they’re mainly focused?
  6. What don’t they write about?
  7. How often they’re posted?
  8. Whether their post is shorter or longer one in-terms of words?
  9. For whom they’re writing for? (Beginners, Intermediate, Professionals)
  10. What questions their audience asking in the comment section of their blog?
  11. What style of writing and blogging voice they’re using to drive traffic?
  12. What are all the methods they’re using to monetize their blog?
  13. Where they’re getting traffic from? (Traffic Sources) Whether they’re getting Organic Traffic or Paid Traffic or Referral Traffic.
  14. Which theme they’re using?  Paid or Free WordPress Themes
  15. What do others blogs writing about them?
  16. Whether you’re able to see the site stats, incoming links, and outgoing links?

Doing the above analysis successfully, you not only get their statistics, but you also get the details what they missed out on their blog.  I mean the GAPS.

Now you take the advantages of those in particular and try to fill those gaps as early as possible.  Because blogging world always a competitive one.  If you’re late to implement, then somebody will fill that gap and take the advantage.  Then, it’s very hard or almost impossible to compete with those bloggers.  I saw most of the bloggers in the past are good learners, but when it comes to implementation, they’re lacking behind due to personal work, laziness and there ae so many reasons for that.  But my suggestion is to you don’t join that list.  Try to implement as early as possible and be a front runner always.

7. Will you have enough content to start a blog?

One of the primary characteristics of a successful blog is that they hold the power to proceed to occur up with unique, quality and fresh content on their niche for longer periods of time.

Then once more, one of the things that murders, numerous websites it that their authors running out of thoughts.  So, their blogs become stagnant and fail to move further.  Lack of knowledge on the topic and lack of experience in the topic is the main reason for this blogging failure.  I already discussed about blogging failure in the details above in the beginning segment of this e-book.  Hence there is no need to speak those topics further here.  If you desire to learn those things once again, you can do it here.

It’s easy to get topic ideas through various sources available on the Internet.  We can discuss this in two aspects.

  • Do you have enough content with yourself?
  • Are you counting for other sources to generate topic ideas?

Hence, these are the two top questions answered yourself before writing your first web log post.  Straight off we discuss two questions in particular.

Do you have enough content with yourself?

This truly gives back to the inquiry we got more or less information about your energy, investment and vitality for the subject.  And then I will leave this up to you to determine.  We have earlier discussed this chapter in-depth so there is no demand to discuss once again here.  If you want to read once again, you can say it here.

  • Get Topic Ideas from fellow bloggers posts.
  • Get Topic Ideas from Off-line friends
  • Ask your audience for help
  • Interview Famous Authors in your niche
  • Call for Guest Authors to Write a Post for you
  • Best Case Studies (Company, Products, Services, Websites)
  • Review Something (Company, Products, Services, Websites)
  • Share your success stories
  • Share your failures, Share your challenges
  • Relive the memories of the past
  • User Name Recognition.  You can use famous names at the beginning of the post title and add your niche based title after that.
  • Get topic ideas fom Television
  • Get topic ideas from the Movies
  • Get topic ideas while reading a book
  • Get topic ideas reading comics
  • Hot Topic on Google Trends
  • Get topic ideas from Celebrities status updates on Facebook Fan Pages
  • Take a walk
  • Watch a Play
  • Compose your personal thoughts on a matter

Finally, recycle your older posts and make it completely looks like a new post.  Add some images, videos and some more useful information to the older post so that it looks like a new post.

Are you counting for other sources to generate topic ideas?

Here I can give a list so that you can easily get topic ideas for your blog.  Utilize these websites to generate topic ideas for free of price.

  • Google Trends
  • Pinterest
  • Stumbleupon
  • Reddit
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Google+ Communities
  • Popurls
  • Google News
  • Google Webmaster Blog
  • Yahoo Lifestyle
  • Topsy
  • Linkedin Today
  • BloggerScope
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner
  • Question and Answer Forum
  • Vcita
  • Search on Google

Review Questions

8. Is the Niche Able to be Monetized?

  • If you want to monetize your blog, then you’ve to look into all potential income streams.  Whether the niche you’ve chosen is able to be monetized.  If not, then chose another niche which has high potential income streams.  Without monetization it’s very hard for you to maintain a successful blog for a long time.
  • There are 1000’s of ways to make money with your blog.  But sadly, some of the niches are not suitable for this category.
  • For example: Contextual Ad Compaign like Google Adsense and Chitika works really well for Blogging and Technology Niches.  It also plays good for the above said profitable niches mentioned in the previous pages of the website.  You can take all those profitable niche lists here.
  • Some of the niches are best for Amazon Affiliate Program and Ebay Affiliate Program.
  • Some of the niches are best for Direct Advertising.
  • Some of the niches are best for impression based ad campaign.
  • So you’ve to look now, under which category your site fall under.  Depending on that you can choose the right monetization method.
  • It’s very difficult to experiment each and every monetization method in a single blog.  My advice better searches sites related to your niche and look into their income streams.  What are all the monetization methods they’re utilizing to generate income with their blogs?  So you also do the same to monetize your blog.  This is the simple method to choose the right monetization method in no time.

Review Questions

Look at Your Competitors – Look at how different blogs and sites in the specialty are adapting their locales.  What commercial systems would they, say they are utilizing?  Is it true that they are pushing associate projects?  On the off chance that the opposition has promoter pages, the amount would they, say they are charging for them? (Look into the Advertisement Price Structure)

Affiliate Programs – Affiliate Programs are the best way to monetize your blog.  Go to Google search results; type your niche with affiliate program in the search box.  You’ll be surprised what will come up when you do this; there are 100’s of affiliate programs related to your niche listed there.  You can choose some potential products and services to promote on your site.  You can also look into a commission rate aspect.  Select best products and services that give high-percentage of commission.  You can also try it with a variety of keywords and phrases in the search box.

Search on Go to and search keywords related to your niche.  Above the organic search results you’ll notice some Ads and also in the right hand side you’ll see some ads.  Note down all those sites listed there.  You can approach those websites for following reasons.

  1. Direct Advertisement on your site
  2. Sponsored Posts
  3. Product Review
  4. Service Review
  5. Website Review
  6. Link Ads in Posts
  7. Link Ads in Sidebars

Now, you can contact them through their contact us page.  Just write an attractive, professional business letter and make them feel comfortable to talk with you.  You can also leave your telephone number, email id to them and also share some of your traffic stats with them so that they’ll consider your request.  So this is the best way to monetize your website.  You can also offer some discount and attractive packages.  Always keep in touch with them.  You don’t know when they consider your request and give advertisement to your website.  Keep your fingers crossed.  If you’ve luck then you’ll get definitely a big deal.

Join Amazon Affiliate Program: Amazon is one of the best sites for affiliate program.  You can also monetize your site through Amazon products.  Amazon products always easy to market.  There are millions of buyers for Amazon products.  But the thing you’ve to select the products exactly matching your niche.  If you select the best one with a high rate of commission then you’ll make some huge bucks.  You can also write an e-book related to your niche and sell it on Amazon like me.  Promote e-books related to your niche and get huge commission from Amazon.  Link your bank account in the Amazon affiliate settings so that you can receive the payments very easily.  Amazon directly deposits your commission amount to your bank account.

9. How broader your niche be?

Sites come in all shapes and sizes.  Take a snappy at some famous websites and you’ll find that some have wide specialties.  For example: Take from domain registration to web hosting they’re covering each and every aspect of the niche.

Godaddy, not only sells domains with .Com / .Net and .Org.  But they also sell country level TLD and also New Domain Extensions.  Domain Auctions, Domain Transfers, Domain Backorders, Discount Domain Club, Cash-Parking, Go Daddy Affiliate Program, Web Hosting and SSL Certificates and so on.  In fact, they’ve covered every corner of the niche related to domain registration.
In some cases, blogs are narrow their niche even further focus upon just one product or some cases on brand or one model.

According to me both wide and narrow based niches can work; but some blogger always prefers wide range of the niche.  Because if you choose wide range niche, then you can easily get every high traffic within a shorter period.  Lots of competition and it take lots of work to maintain those blogs in particular.  But there are guest bloggers always available for these kind of blogs.

On the other side don’t focus on too narrow niche, like on a single model cell phone or one branded printer.  Because if they stop production of those models or stop production of these printer models, then you’ve nothing to do other than sell your blog to others at a lower price.

Always choose a wider range of niche with a lot of topic ideas.  So that you never been struggle with lack of content.  Here I am going to show you how covers a wide range of services with a single niche blog.

  1. If you want to register a domain name, you can register with
  2. If you want to build a website then you can do it with the Godaddy website builder
  3. If you want to transfer your domain to your friend or others, then you can do it via Godaddy transfer
  4. You can also sell your domain and purchase domains via Godaddy auctions
  5. You can also make money through Godaddy Cash-Parking, Godaddy Affiliate Program and also through Godaddy Discount Coupon Program, finally with Godaddy Discount Club.

From the above points you clearly understand how to cover a wide range of services within a single niche.  You also do the same with your niche blog to make six-figure income like me.

10. Whether your Niche is Region, Country, Topic or Local Business?

So far we’ve discussed about choosing a right niche topic for your blog – something everybody do at the beginning of their blogging career.

However, there are three types of niche blogs there.  Niche completely related to particular regions, the second one is related to country oriented and third one belongs to your own local business.

For example:

  1. Niche based on country: Say based on occasion in a particular country.  A. Independence Day  B. Diwali  C. Republic Day Celebrations and so on.  So these are the events happening in one country.  So based on this, bloggers are creating their event based blog.
  2. Niche based on the region: Say based on occasion in a particular region.  For Example: Football Event-based blog.
  3. Niche based on Topic: Some blogs added some new category or sub-domain related to their main niche or similar to their main niche.  For example:
  4. Niche Based on Your Local Business: If you’re doing local business related to particular places and particular audience then it is called as Local Business Blog. – Case Study

When I first interviewed Harleena Singh for my blog success stories section.  She described her blog to me as a LifeStyle blog that documented her own tastes and decisions in LifeStyle as well as LifeStyle news related subjects.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche

A few months after when I saw her blog I got shocked, she added some new categories like Blogging, Social Media, Make Money, Forum etc.,  I asked her, why you have included those categories in your blog?

She said “That’s because I conducted a survey on my blog (in blogging category you can see that survey related post) – and I added blogging, and writing niches on people’s demand… they wanted these also on aha.  But I don’t neglect other niches just for these, and pay equal attention to all.  Anything to help others and bring happiness in their lives is my motto, so if it’s blogging they need help with off and on, I give it to them.”

Review Questions

There are two ways to decide your niche.  One is analytical way and another is emotional way.  In most of the cases, the combination of both is ideal one.

  1. What type of blog you’ve been interested in?
  2. Which topic is comfortable for you to work with, comparing to others?
  3. Whether you’re able to publish non-stop blog posts in that niche?
  4. Do people recognize you as an “Expert in that Niche”

It’s nice to find out how people are passion about blogging these days.  Their dedicated approach towards blogging is something extra-ordinary one.  Because they love their topic (I mean Niche) very much than anything else.  Money is secondary for them.  Can you think of a topic you could feel that way about?  Is my question.

It’s not that easy to do professional blogging, from day one of your blogging career. Professional blogging takes time, arduous study, experience, unique and quality content, you have to break down your competitor’s websites and so alone. So you’ve done all this work before you put anything on your blog. You’ve to write post after post without compromising the quality and uniqueness of the content. But it’s not impossible. If you’ve an interest in a particular topic, then everything is possible. Your niche always motivates you to go ahead.

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