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70 Ways to Get Backlinks for Your Niche Blog / Website

70 Ways to Get Backlinks for Your Niche Blog

  1. Build Inner Links within your site, blog posts.  It will boost your search ranking dramatically.  Use Anchor Text for this.  (Don’t use Read More….. Or Continue…. buttons in your posts) instead of this, use ALT Text Tag to create links.  You can give up to 100 links per page.  It includes your sidebar widgets, footer widgets and header links.  So don’t give too much link maintain up to 50 links on any page is the best practice.
  2. Create Blogger Templates and WordPress Themes and give it to your visitors for free.  Before that register with Creative Commons and get a license.  Then distribute these templates via Giveaways or downloads of your choice.  This is the best way to get backlinks and another thing; users can’t remove your footer credit links, because of Creative Common License.  But don’t forget to make it as “Nofollow” backlinks.  Otherwise, Google will penalize your site.
  3. Ask for Sidewide links from similar niche sites.
  4. Comment on Dofollow blogs which have more than DA 40
  5. Build Backlinks from your Facebook Profile
  6. Build Backlinks from your Facebook Fan Page
  7. Build Backlinks from Facebook Groups
  8. Build Backlinks from Google+ Profile
  9. Build Backlinks from Google+ Business Page(s)
  10. Build Backlinks from Google+ Communities
  11. Build Backlinks from Google and Yahoo Groups
  12. Build Backlinks from Twitter updates
  13. Build Backlinks from Stumbleupon
  14. Build Backlinks from Pinterest
  15. Build Backlinks from Blog Engage
  16. Build Backlinks from Blokube
  17. Build Backlinks from Biz Sugar
  18. Create awesome content that people like to link.  Always create Bookmark content
  19. Setup RSS Feed for your blogs and Categories (like News Site) so that it’s easy for the readers to give links to those pages.  They can also use this one as a widget on their blog.
  20. Join relevant forums to get high-quality backlinks
  21. Link to your blog from forum signature (only use high-quality forums for this)
  22. Create backlinks from Delicious
  23. Create backlinks from
  24. Exchange links with other bloggers in same niche which might be helpful in the long run, but make sure they’re running the blog for a long-time say one year or more successfully.
  25. Submit your blog to blog directories
  26. Submit your blog to Web 2.0 sites
  27. Submit your blog to top niche directories
  28. Submit your blog to all social bookmarking sites
  29. You can also submit your blog post to Press Release site to get links
  30. Release WordPress plugins and add your links in the footer credit or sidewide link
  31. Release a software and submit to bigger sites like Brothersoft
  32. Convert your blog posts to PDF and submit to document sharing sites.  Here is the list of document sharing sites
  33. Links to other blogs from your blog.  So that they reciprocate
  34. Create a resource list
  35. Leave a comment on a news site so that you’ll get a link that of high quality wine
  36. Write a Review (e-book, product and services) so that author that company gives backlinks to your website for that page.
  37. Create Toolbar for your website
  38. (PR6) (Audio Sharing Sites)
  39. (PR7) (Audio Sharing Sites)
  40. (PR5) (Audio Sharing Sites)
  41. (PR5) (Audio Sharing Sites)
  42. Donate to Charity and get backlinks
  43. Give testimonials and get backlinks
  44. Fiverr Backlinks but select that service carefully before putting hand on it.
  45. Submit your site to Yahoo Directory (it’s worth)
  46. Submit your site to
  47. (Feedback Site)
  48. (Feedback Site)
  49. (Feedback Site)
  50. (Feedback Site)
  51. (PR7) (Blog Aggregators)
  52. (PR2) (Blog Aggregator)
  53. Finding Guest Posting opportunities on Twitter updates
  54. You can also use Scoop it
  55. Submit your website to PR Web
  56. Submit your site to Article Submission Directory
  57. Building Backlinks via YouTube Description Part
  58. Build Backlinks with Webinar
  59. You can also use E-mail Newsletter to bring more backlinks to your site
  60. Conduct Event to bring more backlinks.  In the Event page you can add some more backlinks to important pages of your site.
  61. Blog Commenting
  62. Guest Blogging
  63. Add your site links on profile page
  64. Submit your site to High PR sites to get backlinks
  65. Submit your site to (Site Profile Page)
  66. Get backlinks via Hubpages
  67. Submit your site to Alexa Forum to get backlinks
  68. Submit your site to
  69. Submit your site to
  70. Submit your site to Yahoo Answers

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