Earning Disclaimer

Welcome to 2createablog.com, Google AdSense and SEO Training Class. Please read this Terms & Conditions fully and understand it clearly. Before calling us or coming to training class. My humble request to all. Without reading this Terms and Conditions fully please don’t attend my class.

“Fees Once Paid will not be return back on any circumstances”.

Suppose if you are attending class without reading this disclaimer page. We will not in a position to answer your questions. If you are attending the Google AdSense Class or SEO Class it is indirectly understood that you already read this disclaimer page and terms and conditions fully after that only you are attending this class.
If you are 100% Satisfied with terms and conditions then you attend the class, otherwise please don’t attend the class. This is my humble request to all my friends. I’m not request you or compel you to attend my class. You are attending this class on your own interest, own risk. So don’t blame me after attending my class.
Fees Once Paid will not be return back on any circumstances.
Please read this below Terms & Conditions Fully. Please read this paragraph fully and understand clearly. If you are coming to Google AdSense Class, you must read the Topics covered in Google AdSense and SEO Training Class. Go to Google AdSense Video page to get topic list Suppose, if you are not reading and come to class and ask questions apart from those topics listed in this website, then we are not in position to answer all your questions. Strictly speaking. We will not refund your money also.
1 We will not provide you Website like .com / .net / .org and so on. 
2 We will not provide Website content. We will not provide website templates also. You have go to Free Templates Page in this Website and download templates from other website and use it.
Don’t call or come and ask for templates. We will not assist you. Sorry, we have lot of work apart from Google Training Class. So don’t disturb us. We will not provide you website content, we will provide only keywords for all pages of your website.
We will not give guarantee for your Google AdSense Approval. If your website not get approved in future. We will not in position to assist you. You have to apply once again for Google AdSense and get approval yourself. We will not help you in any manner in this regard.
AdSense earnings depends on individual work. Skills and Talent and Experience. You have to work very very hard to earn money from AdSense.
Even earning 2 dollars daily itself Himalayan Task in first one year. Understand this fact clearly, because you have to promote your website in all ways. So don’t expect too much from AdSense without much effort. So don’t come to the class with too much expectation.
You website / blog content brought by you only. We will not provide you any content. But we will give you 11 Topics, in which you should brought content. Bring very good quality content. Unique content. No copied content from any other websites / blogs or any other media. Bring original unique content. We will provide you some important keywords for your content only.
We will provide you atleast 10 keywords for your topic / topics. We will also help you to select best blogspot name / webpage name for you content. But we will not provide you website. That is .com like that. Separately for registration and space for website. It is not included in Google AdSense Class Fees. We will only assist you how to come in Google Search.  
No Guarantee for Google Top 10 Results. But we will not give any guarantee to you that your website or blog come in Google Search Top 10 List because for following reasons.
1 First you put excellent quality content. It should not copied from any website / blog / any internet base webpages.
2 It should be properly designed with excellent title.
3 Your Webpages fully filled with excellent “keywords”.
4 You have to submit your website / webpage / blogs to atleast 150 to 200 web directories & search engines.
5 You have to frequently update you website / webpages / blog with very good quality content.
6 You have to advertise your website in all leading free web ad posting website / web directories / newspapers and other media to bring more and more traffic to your website / blogs.
7 You have to update keywords (latest) frequently say 15 to 30 days once because keywords competition is never ending one.
8 If you want earn more money your need to post your website / blog on Yahoo Answers and US web directories and US Classifieds also.
Daily you have to post atleast 20 to 30 Free Classifieds Ads Website. Then it will around 600 classifieds ads at the end of every month. Then seeing the classifieds ads of your website. Visitors will visit you website and click google ads. So more hard work to be done to earn more money. Most visitors only you will get more clicks and earn more money. If your website or blog get low visitors you cannot earn money. We will not assist you in any manner for the above mentioned paragraph. All the above mentioned things totally done by you only. We will not help you in this regard in any circumstances. So don’t call and disturb us.

We have lot of other works to do because daily lot of people attend this class. So we cannot help each and everyone in this regard. We are very sorry to say this. You must have good knowledge in english as well as Computer Basics like Ms-Word, Ms-FrontPage and Basics of HTML. Otherwise don’t come to class.

  We will not teach Spoken English or Computer Basics here. So if your are not familiar with English or Basic Knowledge in Computer, please don’t come to class and waste my time as well as your time. So think 1000 times before attending my Google AdSense Training Classes. We will not refund your money in any circumstances. Fees once paid wil not be refundable on any circumstances. Understand this fact.

After attending my class if you have any doubts, questions, clarifications send Email to me at peramburkumar@gmail.com and don’t call me. Don’t disturb me. I have lot of other works to do. So going on calling me never going to solve your problem. After sending Email you have to wait for 10 to 15 days for me to answer because I am receiving lot of Phone Calls and Email everyday. So it is not possible for me to answer all your questions then and there. So wait for 10 to 15 days.

Sometimes, your question being unanswered but you should be very patient for atleast one or two months to receive answer. I’m 100% sure, I will answer your question but it will take some time. Depending on my work and commitment only I will answer. If you going on disturbing me by phone calls.
I will never attend you phone calls and also I will not answer questions. Understand this fact. So don’t disturb me even in your dream.
Another thing there are lot of affiliate programs I listed in this website. Expect Google AdSense
I will not recommend any other affiliate program for you personally. It is upto you to decide whether to join these affiliate program or not. So, don’t disturb me after attending the class. Whether to join this affiliate program, that affiliate program and so on. Last but not least, say one thing to all my friends. If you are showing real interest in designing a website, getting adsense approval and very much eager to know the way of secrets to earn adsense. You are ready to obey my suggestions and give 100% effort then I will help you like God in this regard. If I find out that you are lazy person, your intention is to simply disturb my business or simply asking question without hardwork, then I’m not in position to help. Already more than 500 people attend my adsense seminars in Chennai and other states of India. Now they are earning like anything. Infact most of them already got more 10 AdSense Cheque so far. So it is upto you now. Whether you are ready to give 100% hardwork, effort and dedication and I’m ready to help you at the maximum.
Thank you for proper understanding Always in you Success 🙂
Perambur Kumar