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Importance / Factors When Defining Your Target Audience

Defining Your Website Audience

Defining Your Website Audience

Before going to the topic of Defining Your Website Audience, first let we discuss about your audience needs. Audience in other sense your Customers.

  1. What they want?
  2. Why they want?
  3. When they want?
  4. How they want?

This are all the questions first ask yourself, get the answer and then implement in your website.

Defining Your Website Audience

1. What they want?

Whether your Product / Service / Education Institution serve the “Needs” of the audience.

b>Bottom Line : Whether your Product / Service / Education is a quality one and updated one. Whether your Product / Service / Education have good demand in the market. If you start a website for the above mentioned three categories whether they buy your product / required your service / buy your educational books online. Whether your product / service / education better than your competitors product / service / education and price wise. Whether you’re able to give your product / service / education lesser than your competitor’s price. On what criteria your product / service / education better than your competitor’s features. So first ask these questions yourself and get the answer before proceeding further on this regard.

2.Why they want?

Why they want this product / service / education. Why they want this product / service / education especially from you. Whether this product / service / education is a must one for their daily needs or they can purchase this product or avail this service or purchase your books later. So, this is the important factor. Because your product / service / education is seasonal one then you have to make your website accordingly.

3.When they want?

If they want it immediately and also using it regularly then you have to chalk out different plan for this. So first ask these questions yourself and get the answer before proceeding further in this subject.

4.How they want?

This is the important criteria in deciding your website. If you want to sell your product / service / education to the local customers or global customers or both. First you’ve to answer this question. If your audience belongs to local either your city / country. Then you can sell your product / service / education at a lesser price compare to global audience. Because shipping cost is more. Whether your packing is upto global standards, Whether you are able to provide good service to the global population without any delay. Whether your service available 24×7. Whether you’re able to handle all things as early as possible on single-handedly or you need assistance for this.

Now come to the main part

Who is your audience?

Here is the chart which you gives a detailed picture about audience in other words your future customers.

Who is Your Website Audience?

Apart from the above, there are three things still left. One is Direct Traffic, Referral Traffic and finally Search Engine Traffic. The third one is play a crucial role in developing or achieving your ultimate goal. For that you must learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  1. How Search Engines takes your business to next level.
  2. If you’re familiar with SEO, then your website will be in top 10 of the Google Search Results.
  3. It will increase your audience base and it also help your website to get more traffic.
  4. It is easy to sell your product, service and also education materials online.
  5. It will give brand identity to your business as well as for your website.
  6. People will know more about your products, service and they also eager to know your new product launch.
  7. You can reach targeted audience with ease. You can also educate your audience with your own voice by the way of blog posts and also through YouTube videos.
  8. It will automatically helps to increase your Facebook Fans Page Likes and Google Plus Business Page Circles. It will increase your Twitter Followers.
  9. You can also conduct survey(s) to get targeted audience or interested audience for your product. You can also get personal information about them by the way of Sign Up form. Their Gender, Age, Phone Number, Address, E-mail Id’s, Habits, Interest, Geographical Region and so on.

So you can easily trace out their interest whether they’re really interest in your product or not and you can also identify what they’re expecting from you. So you will get detailed report about them.

Most importantly, Whether your audience spend more time on Internet.

  1. Whether your audience regularly purchase online products through websites.
  2. Whether your audience use the products and give their feedback and they also willing to give comments or feedback via Contact Form, Email, Google Plus Business Page and finally Facebook Fans Page.

So these are all the questions, analysis and steps to build a strong customer data base. It will not only increase your website traffic but it also helps you to get more sales. Your website stand out of the competition.

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