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Trending Hashtags for Blogging

What is Hashtags

What is Hashtags? Trending Hashtags for Blogging

You can create a hashtag simply by prefixing a keyword(s) with a hash symbol. Like this #peramburkumar

How to Use Twitter Hashtags – Use Hashtags in all your tweets and make people identify your business and services. You can also increase your website traffic substantially.

How to Use Hashtag

#MahatmaGandhi and so on.

Here you notice one thing there is no space between two words. If you type any of the above keywords in Twitter Search Box. It will show all the results related to above keywords in one page.

For example : If you type web designing in Twitter Search Box. It will show all the results related to web designing in one page. But the real problem is some unwanted or irrelevant results are also shown in this search results. See the below image of Twitter Search Results without using hashtags.

Trending Hashtags for Blogging - Image - 1

Get Relevant Narrow Results, Using Hashtags

To avoid this, you can start using hashtag.

Suppose if you use #WebDesigning in Twitter Search Box. Then twitter narrow its search results and show the exact tweets with related to webdesigning. See the below image after using hashtag.

Trending Hashtags for Blogging - Image - 2

Search Results with Hashtags

From the above example. See the second image only exact results are displaying.

Now you understand how important of using hashtag to get correct or exact results in Twitter. You should follow the same steps for all the social media sites like Google+, Twitter and Facebook. This the only reason people now started using #hashtags to the great extent. Hashtag becomes popular day by day.

In online computer technology a tag means non-hierarchical keyword or phrase. This kind of metadata helps to identify the correct item or particular product or particular service in general. You can easily identify the item or product or service by using this kind of tags while you searching or browsing on the Internet. (especially on Twitter)

Tagging is getting popular day by day with the help Social Networking Websites, using web 2.0 technology for their websites.

There are post tags, which are mainly used in blogger and WordPress. But hashtag is totally different from blog post tags.

You can deliver or promote your business within in seconds to millions and millions of Twitter users via hashtags. In-fact it is symbol of success.

If you start using hashtag assuming that it will be searched by other twitter users on the same topic, same keywords, same products, same service, same subject. So twitter club them into one group and called it as Twitter List. See the below picture.

Twitter List

If more and more people start using same keywords or phrase with hashtag then it will be called Twitter Trends.

You can also start Twitter Chat. If you start using hashtag frequently then your tweets automatically club into groups and it will to all members who are using the same #hashtag within seconds of their tweets.

Finally you can use this #hashtag for your business more frequently and gets lots of customers. I am using hashtag to all my tweets. Because of that my site visitors are increased substantially in past few weeks. You can also do the same to increase traffic to your website.

You can also read How to Use Hashtags to Market Your Business via Social Media by +Nirmala Santhakumar After reading the above post then come back here and note down the following hashtags for your future use. If your niche is Blogging then these tags will be very useful for you.

Popular Hashtags on Google+ and Facebook

These tags generated on Google+ but you can use these tags for Facebook and other social media too.


So note down the above tags and use the appropriate tags or exact tag(s) for your posts while sharing on social media.

If you like this post then consider sharing with your friends on social media. Don’t forget to leave your valuable comments in the below comment section. See you in another blogger tutorial.

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