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How to Protect my Blog Content from Copying

Is it possible to protect my blog content from copying?

How to Protect my Blog Content from Copying

No. It’s not possible to protect your content from copying. But you can take some precautionary measures. So that you can always be the real owner of your content.

According to Google. “If somebody stolen your content or copied your content. That content also treated as original content”. Unless and until you lodge a formal complaint via DMCA Complaint Form.

Protect Your Blog Content and Images with DMCA Badges

You can just copy and paste the code from DMCA site to your HTML/JavaScript of your blogger blog. If you’re using WordPress then place this code in the Footer widget section.

  1. DMCA Badges 
  2. DMCA Watermark for Images 

You can also file a formal complaint to Google to remove those copied content from their search results page by submitting this form. Google Spam Content Complaint Form

How to Protect my Blog Content from Copying

I am damn sure after doing all the above things correctly. Google 100% remove those copied content from their search results pages.

How to Protect Your Content before copying you content

Here I give you some simple steps so that you can protect your content easily without any difficulties.

  1. Use Fetch as Google option in Google Webmaster Tools and tells the Google that your content published and make sure that Google crawled your content. You can also put a Traffic widget in the sidebar of your site. So that you can easily see whether Google crawls your site or not. After you click the Fetch as Google button immediately Google spider come to your site and crawl the post content. If you see Mountain View, California in the Traffic Widget then you confirm that this is nothing but Google crawler. This is the best way to tells the Google you’re the first person to publish those content on Web. Those Google also confirmed that your content is original one via this method. This method is very useful for both WordPress and Blogger platforms.
  2. Suppose if you’re using WordPress platform then make sure you should include date of modification and time in the Sitemap.xml to tell the Google that you already published the post and your post is live now. It also sends signal to Google to determine which is original content when somebody file a DMCA Complaint against your site content. So you can easily survive when someone lodged a DMCA complaint against your site content intentionally. Google also knows when the content was published and when the content was modified. This is the easiest and one of the best method to safeguard your content from copying.
  3. You can also disable Copy and Paste function by adding this below code in the footer widget section of your blogger blog or WordPress blog. You can disable Right click option to copy.

Here is the code – Just copy and paste it in the footer widget section of your website or blog.

You can try these sites code to disable Copy & Paste option.

1. Disable Copy & Paste Option Code 
2. Disable Copy & Paste Option Code

So these are the easy ways to protect your content from copying.

You can also File Spam Report to Google by using this link – Google Spam Report Submission. If you want to file a SPAM Report you have to log in with Google Account remember this always. (Spam Report includes Paid Links, Objectionable Content, Malware, Other Google Products, Copyright / Legal Issues Content, Personal and Private Content, Phishing, Rich Snippets, etc )

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