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How to Improve Alexa Ranking Quickly for Free

Alexa Rankings always “Unknown” one for me. There are some experts in this. I kindly request them to answer. How to reduce Alexa Rankings say below 50,000.

Alexa Rank is a measure of the traffic to your blog. The right way to improve Alexa rank is to increase the traffic to your blog.

How to Improve Alexa Ranking Quickly for free

Consider this scenario. You can get a certificate from a competition saying “You won first prize”. Now, instead of participating in the competition and getting the certificate, you can go to a printing press and print some certificates.

By asking how to improve Alexa rank, you are asking the same question. Should I participate in the race or print some certificates.

Focus on your blog and write great articles, Apply some basic SEO. Keep the blog upto date with great content. Once your traffic goes up, your Alexa rank also will improve.

Any methods to artificially improve Alexa rank is similar printing some certificates in a press.

If you are too keen on improving your Alexa rank rather than improving traffic of your blog, then focus on writing articles that attract other bloggers and webmasters to your blog. All those people will have Alexa tools installed in their computer and when such people visit your blog often, Alexa will think your site is too popular and your Alexa rank will be higher than the normal numbers it deserve.

+Tony John

I don’t think I’m expert in improving Alexa but I could bring bivori below 80K in three months. All I did was promote my post to people from different countries. I noticed that as you go on extending the geographical reach, you improve Alexa very quick.

I noticed, Alexa is not true representation of traffic, but rather, the spread of number of countries. If you can spread your traffic in 200 countries, I bet, you’ll get alexa below 1K.

Apart from promoting posts in wide geographical area, I obtained some Alexa review for my blog and placed Alexa badge on my blog for some time. I think, this too helped to boost.

+Suresh Khanal.

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