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How to Choose Best / Right Blogging Platform for You

Blogging Platform totally depends on your Niche and your Budget. So there is no thumb rule for this. You can choose any platform for any niche. But there are some hidden rules. If you want to know about that rules, then you should follow some great blogs on the particular niche. Then you can easily identify which is the best blogging platform for you niche and also affordable to your budget.

How to Choose Best / Right Blogging Platform for You;

Now I am going to show you which is the best blogging platform for your niche.

  1. Blogging and Tech Niche1st Choice WordPress 2nd ChoiceBlogger. WordPress have lot of useful plugins which will enhance your website to the different level. But it is not the case with blogger. Blogger always have some limitation. Mainly the Permalink structure. Blogger always shows Month and the Year in its URL structure which is definitely a limitation no doubt about it or second opinion in it. But it is not the case with WordPress. You can add a Keyword in place of Category. So that keyword is a ranking factor in Google. There are one benefit also with Blogger Platform. You can write “N” number of posts. There is no limitation. The web page is loading fast on all the servers. Because Google have servers all over the world. So there is no question of slow loading of a webpage. But when it comes to WordPress. You have to pay extra money for that. (Content Distribution Network) otherwise called as CDN. It includes SEO related blogs. WordPress always the best and right choice for SEO blogs and Tech blogs.
  2. LifeStyle Blogs – Always one and only choice that is WordPress. Because “Category” is more important for LifeStyle Blogs. Which you can’t do it in Blogger. Lifestyle blogs always have well educated readers. So you have to design your blog accordingly. So WordPress is the only choice for Lifestyle related blogs. (It includes Health Blog) LifeStyle includes Health, Astrology and Recipes.
  3. Jobs – This Niche can be separated into two categories one is Online Jobs and another one is Off-Line Jobs (which includes Government and Private Jobs). If you’re running a Man Power Consultancy then my suggestion is go for ASP.Net. Because both Employer and Candidates should fill the form for their requirement. So you need ASP.Net badly. There is no much option in WordPress or Blogger. For Online Jobs – You can use Blogger Platform.
  4. Realestate – For Realestate Blogs also two options. If you’re running a big company like 99acres, Magicbricks, IndiaProperty then should use ASP.Net platform. Because customer should update their requirement and also do some search work in your site. If you’re targeting small audience like me then you can opt for Blogger Platform. The only thing which is positive in Blogger Platform is you can upload “N” number of Photos which will enhance your website and also customer have lot of option to purchase your property. You can upload videos too. It is very helpful for the customers to buy your property.
  5. Travel Blogs – There is no confusion 1st choice is and second option is WordPress. Blogger is only a 3rd Option. Because there are lot of travelers wants to buy online ticket via your website. So you must have that online buying option in your site. For that WordPress is not a suitable platform.

Hope now you understand the importance of having different blogging platforms for different niches. If you’re a wise blogger you have to choose the Best and Right Blogging Platform for your blog. Otherwise it is very hard to earn and also very hard to impress you audience. If you have any doubts or query on this subject. Don’t hesitate to give your feedback in the comment section of this post. I am always ready to help you.

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