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Domain Name Suggestions – Do Domain Name Search for Your Blog

Domain Name Suggestions – Pick a Right Domain Name for Your Website

In this Domain Name Search tutorial I will teach you how to select a best possible available domain name for your website. Because you’re not just creating a website, but you’re creating a brand identity for your business, which will run forever. So you have to be very careful in selecting a domain name for your website.

Whether you believe it or not, domain name play a crucial role in Google SERP. So you can take sufficient time to pick up the best SEO friendly domain for your site.

Domain Name Suggestions - Do Domain Name Search for Your Blog

Domain Name going to be the Web Address for your website and it also play a vital role in branding your online business.

We now going to Google AdWords Keyword Planner to pick high quality SEO friendly domain. Before that I suggest you to create one Google AdWords account exclusively for keywords research. Later you can use this account for PPC program.

Here you have to look two things one is keyword(s) and another one is phrase. Which keywords people are using frequently? Which phrase people are typing frequently in Google Search Box? so this are two questions you have to remember while selecting keywords for your website.

For example: We’re doing Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Web Designing Business then you have to search for similar keyword(s) and phrase(s) by typing different set of keywords and phrases in the search box.

Google Keyword Planner

You can use synonyms for a particular keyword. You can also filter or narrow your search results by ticking the “Only show ideas closely related to search terms”. Here the point you can use this tick box only to select the domain name for your website. If you’re selecting keyword(s) or phrase(s) then unchecked the tick box. Otherwise it will not show wider range of results. You may lose some important combination of keywords or phrases. So unchecked the box and get best out of keywords search tool. Before going to register your domain name confirm there are high volume of potential audience for that keyword. By seeing Global Monthly Searches and Local Monthly Searches you can easily find out this.

Five things you’ve to see before selecting the domain name in the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

  1. Keyword
  2. Competition
  3. Global Monthly Searches
  4. Local Monthly Searches
  5. Approximate CPC

.com / .net / .org / .uk / .in / .us
Some search engines take into account domain names when producing search results, therefore it is a good idea to try to have a domain name which both reflects the content of your site, and contains popular search terms describing the subject matter.

  1. It must be short, easy to remember and easy to spell.
  2. Choose Good Domain (Ideal Domain Name) for your website.
  3. The basis of a memorable brand identity.
  4. One that people is likely to type-in.
  5. Containing popular search terms.
  6. It’s brand identity for your business.
  7. It’s easy for Search Engines to identify and rank higher in the search results.
  8. Limit the characters as much as possible. Because people never type more characters. So it should be simply and easy to type in address bar.
  9. So it should be the combination of both easy to type and SEO friendly one.
  10. People also remember your website and they can easily share with others.

What if you’ve already chosen a domain name, or you can’t compromise on other factors to include search terms? In this case, you can either live with the name you’ve already got (after all the domain name is not the only factor that can effect search engine positioning), or you can get multiple domain names, which we’ll talk about in more detail later. What is Going to Happen If You have Non Friendly SEO Domain? Web design and hosting done here in Chennai by reputed companies. If you need help in this, please send a message to me You can also go through this article How to Steal Your Competitors Web Traffic with Domain Name Extensions.

“Your website name should be unique one.  Your website name contain keywords frequently use by the internet users.  You have to select a website name in such a way that itself make you to the top 10 results”. For Example: 2createawebsite (How to Create a Website) 2createablog (How to Create a Blog) Tellmeabout (Tell Me About Something). So mixture of Keywords and Also Branding is important for your business success.

You take more time in selecting a domain name for your website. Don’t select unfamiliar or attractive name for your website. That doesn’t work for you.

Give first preference to .Com website domain, then .net, .org, .biz and so on.

Your website name also not more than 3 words. Lengthy website name will never help you to come in top 10 results. Best thing is select two words (keywords) name for your website. Two words website name always help you to come in top. Because if you select a lengthy domain name then URL is too long. It’s hard for Google to show the entire URL in their search index. Then for every post you have to use URL shortner and short the URL to share.

Some times .com website name not available, then your have to choose .org / .net / .biz or even .in (if you are in India) but give first preference to .com website name than others. But one thing is very clear you must choose your website name with keywords.

For example, if is not available then you have to choose or or

Use hyphen in the website name also recommended.You can select you website name here from this website Domain Names and then you can host your website here at free very low cost. Host here!!!

If you want to learn everything in deep especially in selecting a best domain name for your site. Then join my Google AdSense Training in Chennai, India.

Then submit your site to Google, Add Google Search to My Website. Use this below tools to find the right domain name for your blog.

  1. Keyword Domain Name Generator
  2. Keyword Domain Name Generator

Hope you enjoy this tutorial. I try to give every possible information that are available to me. Another tutorial on selecting a best domain name for your website coming up shortly. So subscribe to my blog to get latest. Share this tutorial with your social media friends and also I like to know your feedback of this post. So please leave your valuable comment and suggestion in the below comment section. Thank you.

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