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How to Share Blog Posts on Google Plus Automatically – Simple Steps

Share Blog Posts on Google Plus – Introduction

How to Share Blog Posts on Google Plus Automatically

It’s easy to share your blog posts on Google+ without clicking the share button. Yes, now I am going to show you some cool stuff so that you can share your blog posts with Google plus without any hassle.There are top three options available for Google+ users to share their (blogger) blog posts with their audience without clicking the share button.

1. Go to
2. In your Blogger Dashboard Page >> Select any blog >>Click Google+ Link (in the Left Navigation Bar) now you see the below three options.

  1. Automatically share after posting ?
  2. Prompt to share after posting ?
  3. Use Google+ Comments on this blog ?

Important Note : This options not available for Adult content sites.  You can also read Google+ Users Content and Conduct Policies here. Before sharing your blog posts on Google+ social platform, dear friends, first migrate your Blogger Profile to Google+ profile. Then only it’s easy for you to use these above options in your blog.

Now we move on to the first option.

Share Blog Posts on Google Plus
Share Blog Posts on Google Plus – Image One

Automatically share to Google+

If you already migrated your blogger profile to Google+ profile then automatic sharing to Google+ option is enabled by default on all public blogs linked to Google+ Profiles or Google+ Business Pages. When you publish a blog post, a snippet of the post will automatically be shared publicly on your Google+ page or profile. You have a option to choose either your Google+ Profile or Google+ Business Page for this. But you can choose only one option. You can’t share your blog posts with both Google Plus Profile Page and Google+ Plus Business Page at the same time with this automatic sharing option. So you need to be little bit careful while choosing this option. My suggestion is, you always choose Google+ profile page for this option. This option will be used when you want to share your blog posts public-ally. This automatic sharing option not available with the following :

  • Posts created by email
  • Posts created using import
  • Posts created using an API
  • Posts scheduled to be published later

Disable Automatic Sharing : To disable this setting, go to the Google+ tab on your blog and uncheck the Automatically share after posting box. See the above picture (Image One) for more clarification. Automatic Sharing not available or not work with Scheduled Posts.

Prompt to share after posting – Share with Specific Circles

This option help you to share your blog posts with specific circles. If you don’t want to share your blog posts “Public”. So you can enable this option Prompt to Share After Posting.

When you publish a post, a prefilled share box will be displayed. Pick out the circles that you wish to share with, add a custom message if you wish, and click “Share.”

Your posts will then appear in either your page or profile’s (depending on which you’ve selected for that specific blog) Google+ stream, as easily as in the streams of those you’ve portioned out with.

To enable this option, go to the Google+ tab in Blogger and check the box to Prompt to share after posting. Once you publish your next blog post, you’ll see a share box inviting you to share your post with your circles on Google+. Note that the default circle is set to “Public,” but that you can modify your circles every time you choose to share.You can disable this setting by unchecking the Prompt to share after posting box.

Go to Blogger Dashboard – Select a Blog – Click Posts option

All your posts listed here. See the below picture. There are 4 links Edit, View, Share and Delete. You click the second one that is “Share” option to share your blog posts. Here you can share only Published Posts.

If you only want to share posts sometimes but don’t want to constantly change the setting, or if you want to retroactively share posts, you can use the “Share” option on your Posts page. Just hover over the post to view the option. – This Paragraph Courtesy : Google.

Integration of Google+ Comment System

This is the best way to get lot of traffic to your site and also make your blog more search engine visible one. Yes Google gives lot of importance to those blogs which are using Google+ comment system. Google Plus comment system not only gives high amount of traffic to your site but it also helps you to get lot of comments from high profile bloggers. Because around 90% of the blogger are now started using Google+. So it’s easy for them to share their comments without any hassle. In-fact all your blog posts shared with their circles once they leave their comments automatically unless they opt for private option. So most of the time bloggers not in a position to share that private option in the Google Plus Comment Option. So there is huge possibility for your posts going public. Because of that your blog will get high-quality targeted audience. In-fact this will boost your earnings too. Especially from Google AdSense. If you want to learn more on this come and join my Google AdSense Training Seminar in Chennai, India.

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