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How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger {Tutorial for BlogSpot Users}

Setup custom domain on blogger with Godaddy

Setup Custom Domain on Blogger

This tutorial teach you “How to Setup a Custom Domain in Blogger New Upgraded Interface” within 5 minutes.

1. Before you set up your first custom domain name in blogger, confirm that you should have a gmail account (i.e Google Account). Because without Gmail account friends, you can’t set up a custom domain, using blogger platform. If you don’t have a gmail account, then create one now.

Step : 1 - Create Gmail Account - Setting Up Custom Domain in Blogger

2. After creating your Gmail account successfully. Now it’s time to create a new blog using blogger platform.

3. Now we move on to the important step that is, creating a custom domain in blogger. For that first log into your blogger account and then select any blog-spot blog from the blogger dashboard page, for which you’ve to set up a custom domain.

  1. Custom Domain : Select a Blog from Blogger Dashboard - Image - 2

4. After selecting the blog. In the left hand side navigation bar. You’ll see Settings. In that settings links first one is basic. Basic already set as default so you need not click that basic link. It will be automatically open.

Blogger Dashboard – Select the Blog – Settings – Basic

Custom Domain : Blog Address - Third Party Domain Settings - Image - 3

Keep this (Blogger Dashboard) tab open, because we have to lot of work on another tab. I mean with Godaddy site. There are 3 steps to do with

  • Register a Domain Name with Godaddy
  • Check your Gmail inbox, for “Domain Registration Confirmation” and “Payment Receipt” from Godaddy.
  • Always note down your Order Number and Customer Number in a piece of paper or in notepad for future reference because this is the one you definitely required when  you’re setting your custom domain and also for registering another domain name with the same registrar.
  • Always looking for .Com / .Net and .Org extensions. If not available then go for country level extensions or select a domain extensions from the new domain extensions list

OK, you’ve registered your first domain name with Godaddy. Now its time to set up your custom domain name in blogger.

Now, we move on to the 1st tab that is blogger window. In that basic setting link you’ll “Third Party Domain Setting” there you entered you new registered domain name in that box provided exclusively for this purpose. After entering your domain name, just click “Save”. Blogger automatically generate two codes. One is starting with www. and another one is starting with some alphabets.

Now move on the 2nd tab where the Godaddy site already opened. Log in with your Customer Number and Password. Click My Account link (Top right corner) see the below picture for more clarification.

Custom Domain : Godaddy - My Account - Image - 4

Now click the View My Account Domain – Manage

Click the desired domain name for which you’ve to set up custom domain. In this example, this is first domain. So there is no other domain listed in the Domain Dashboard of Godaddy.

Custom Domain : Setting Up - Host and Server Names in Godaddy - Image - 5

Remove all unnecessary host name from that list.Include @ in all the 4 ros A(Host)Enter below four IP Address pointing to in that “Point to” rows. Copy and Past it in the rows.


Then comes to CName(Alias) where you have to enter the above two code which you copied from the blogger settings page.

Custom Domain : Setting Up - CName(Alias) - Image - 6

Usually www. already available on Godaddy domain settings. You no need to enter that one. You have to enter only poin towards blogger. That’s it. But you have to enter the 2nd code fully. One is alphabets plus numbers which you have to enter in the host section of CName(Alias) and next one in the Point to that is code.  If you entered both codes correctly. Then click save changes. You’ve done.

Finally, come to blogger settings page. You just click save changes. If you’ve done all the above steps correctly without any mistakes, now click the view site link. YES, You’ll see your new domain name in the address bar. Congratulations! you’ve created your first ever custom domain on blogger platform without anybodies help. That’s really great thing to do being a newbie.

Hope you like this tutorial, if you consider this tutorial is very useful, then leave your valuable feedback and suggestions in the below comment section and also share this post in social media so that your friends also get this wonderful information about how to set up a custom domain in blogger. Read more blogger tutorials here.

Thank you.

I’ll see you in another blogger tutorial soon…

Happy Blogging :)Important Note : If you’ve not purchased your domain name through Godaddy. Follow these instructions carefully.

Hope you like this tutorial, Please share this tutorial with your social media friends and leave your comments below.

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