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How to Customize Blogger Template

Blogger Template Designer – Introduction

How to Customize Blogger Template

This blogger template designer is a new way of easy customizing your blog. You can select a variety of templates, images, colors and column layouts to make your blog an expression of you. After finishing your Template Designer, you will see a preview of how the blog will appear based on the choices you have made, where by pressing the toggle to expand preview between the Blogger Template Designer Dashboard and preview to expand. Then the blog is seemed to be finished with your satisfaction, you can make them go live by pressing Apply to Blog.

Blogger Dashboard >>> Template >>> Customize

Step-1: Go to Blogger Dashboard – Select any blog – Click Template – then Click Customize(Click the below picture to enlarge)

Blogger Customization - Image : 1

Select a template for your blog from the professionally designed templates that are available. Each and every templates will show different variations when clicked. No matter what template you are previewing in Template Designer, you can always see what is currently live on your blog by working at the Live on Blog thumbnail in the Template Designer control panel. You can also click on it to reset the template in the Template Designer to the live version of the blog.
(Click the below picture to enlarge)

Blogger Template Designer

There are 5 options available in Blogger Template Designer.Templates (Either you can use templates from blogger gallery or third-party templates)

  1. Templates (Either you can use templates from blogger gallery or third-party templates)
  2. Background (Background of your current template, you can change it here)
  3. Adjust Width (You can also adjust the width of your template by using this option)
  4. Layout (You can also use layout option to customize your template according to your own needs)
  5. Advanced Options (including adding CSS to your blogger blog)

How to Change the Background Color in Blogger

If you have chose a template, you can still change the way that it looks. Using blogger template designer, you can choose the background color or image for your blog. Click the thumbnail under Background Image for starting customization. The one of the best new features of Templates Designer is the ability to change the color of your background image. This is possible when a background image has transparency. Once you have selected your image, you can change the color of the background by clicking on Main Color Theme and then selecting the color of your choices. You can only change the color of your background if the background is transparent. If your template is in Grey color, you cannot change its color.

Blogger Template Designer - Background Customization

You can also choose a color theme to apply to aspects of your blog, including texts and links. You can do this by playing with the Main Color Theme changing the color Theme of your blog will change the colors for all aspects of the blog template that can be changed.

Blogger Dashboard >>Template>>Customize>>Blogger Template Designer>>Background

How to Customize Your Blogger / BlogSpot layout

For one to three columns, you can choose a variety of layout options of your blog. These layouts feature drag and drop functionally for gadgets. You will also have a variety of layout options for the blog footer as well. If you want to add or remove or edit gadget settings, you cannot do this through Blogger Template Designer, rather, you have to do this on the general Layout tab.

Important Note : Here you can change your layout. Either One Column, Two Column or Three Column Template and mainly you can also change the template number of columns in Footer section of your blogger template. But select this option carefully. Because going on changing this option never gives you expected results and your site visitors also confused with the navigation of your site. You can’t change the Layout option for third-party blogger templates. You can only modify this layout for blogger gallery available templates.

Blogger Dashboard >>Template>>Customize>>Blogger Template Designer>>Layout

How to Adjust – Increase and Edit the Width of Blogger Template

You can change the width of the blog, and the right and left columns by dragging the slider for the different parts of blog layout. Note that the options you see here correspond to the type of layout that your choose. For instance, you chose a blog with left and right columns, you will see both left and right column sliders. If, however, you chose a blog with only a left column, you will only see that option bar. Here you can change the width of the template and mainly this will be available only for blogger templates available with blogger template gallery, not with third-party template because third-party template always fixed width templates.

Usually the standard width of any blogger template is 1000 pixels or 960 pixels. You can use sidebar with either 360 or 300. Mainly bloggers use 300 pixels width for sidebars so it fits all widgets and your blogger template looks very nice.

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