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How to Create a Blog in Blogger for Free and Make Money

How to Create a Blog in Blogger / Blogspot for Free and Make Money. Step by Step Blogger Tutorial for Beginners includes PDF and Video Tutorial.

How to Start a Blog – Getting Started with Blogger

How to create a Blog in Blogger - Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

Blogger makes an easy way to discuss or share your thoughts, ideas and information with others. This can make familiarize yourself with the main features of blogger and get started writing your own blog.,

If you want to use the blogger, simply sign in with your Google Account. For example, if your use Gmail, Google Groups or Orkut it says that you are already having an account. If you don’t have a Google Account yet, you can create one now.

What You’ll Going to Learn in this Blogger Tutorial Post

  1. How to Create a Blog in Blogger / Blogspot
  2. How to Write and Publish Your First Blog Post
  3. How to Add Image to Your Blogger Blog
  4. How to Add Video to Your Blogger Blog
  5. Customize Your Layout in Blogger Blog
  6. Privacy and Permissions in Blogger
  7. How to Follow Other Blogs
  8. Watch – Blogger Tutorial Video in Tamil

1. Create a Blog in Blogger / Blogspot – Getting Started

To start with Blogger, visit the Homepage of the Blogger, enter your Username and Password, and click Sign In and enter a display name and accept Blogger’s Terms of Service. Then click the Create a Blog link and get Started! You take a Name and URL address for your blog. Then, choose your favorite template which shown your blog when you publish it. Now add your information’s to personal profile and customize your blog. Start blogging now!!!. Below is the picture demo.

Step-1 : Go to, enter your Username and Password and Click Sign in. If you don’t have Google Account, create one new account before Sign in. 

Create a Blog on Blogger - Go to - Sign in - Step-1

Step-2 : After Log in you see the Blogger Dashboard. In that you click the “New Blog” button. If you already own two or three blogs then those blogs displayed here at the blogger dashboard page. Otherwise it will not shown here. So now we click “New Blog” Button. 

Create a Blog on Blogger - Go to Blogger Dashboard - Click "New Blog" - Step-2

Step-3 : Now enter Blog Title, Blog Address (URL) and then select the Template, which you can change it later according to your own choice.

Create a Blog on Blogger - Enter Blog Title, Blog URL and Select the template - Step -3

2. Write and Publish Your First Post on Blogger

Step-4 : When you have signed in to Blogger, you will see Dashboard with your list of blogs. This is the place what you need to do:

Create a Blog on Blogger - Click "Start Posting" to Write Your First Post - Step - 4
  • Click the NEW POST button and enter your text in that which you want to share with the world.
  • Up next, you will see the Create New Post page. There you should give the title for your post which is optional and then enter the post itself.
  • Click the Preview button after you have finished your post whether to see, it is ready to go.
  • Then click the Publish button, when you are satisfied with the preview. This will publish your new post.

3. Add an Image to Your Blogspot Blog

Step-5 : You can upload an image from your computer file or the web to your blog. Click the image icon in the post editor toolbar. 

A window will appear, saying you to browse the image from your computer or enter the URL of an image on the web. Once you have selected your image, you can then choose a layout to determine how you image will appear in your post:

  • The Left, Center and Right options allow you to customize the way your blog text will flow around your image.
  • The Image Size option will determine the size of the image will appear in your post.

Now, click Upload IMAGE to add your image, and then click Done when the notification window appears confirming you that ‘your image has been added’. Blogger will then return to your Post Editor, where you will see your image is ready to be published to your blog.

Create a Blog on Blogger - Enter Post Title, Insert Image, Video, Select Language - Step-5

4. Add a Video to your Blogger Blog

To add a video to your blog post, click the Film Strip icon in the post editor toolbar above where you have composed you blog post. A window will appear saying you to ‘add a video to your blog post.’Click Browse to select the video file from your computer that you had like to upload. Note that Blogger accepts AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Real and Windows Media files and that your video must be less that 100MB in size.

Add a title in the ‘Video Title’ box and agree to the Terms and Condition of Blogger before uploading your video. You should do this process only for the first time when you upload a video with Blogger. Then click Upload Video.

At the time of video uploading, you will see a place holder in the post editor showing where your video will appear. You will also see a status message below the post editor letting you know that your upload is in progress. It usually takes nearly about five minutes which depends on the size of the video. Your will appear in the post editor once the process is finished. If you want to see your video in live, Click the link to watch a video on how to add a video to your blog post.

5. Customizing your Layout in Blogger Blog

Your template is a fun way to customize your blog. When creating a new blog, you are first asked to choose a default template; this is the basic design of your blog. You can choose from customize your blog’s design using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. In you template you can also add powerful gadgets like slideshows, user pools, or even AdSense ads and more widgets, etc. If you want to control over your blog’s layout, you can also use the Edit HTML feature. To edit your blog’s layout, follow these steps:

  • From your dashboard click the layout link below the blog you would like to customize.
  • In the Page Elements sub-tab, click Edit to edit existing gadgets, or Add a Gadget to add new ones.
  • If you want to add a new gadget after clicking Add a Gadget, simply click the plus sign next to you desired gadget. You can search them by category or else you can search your particular gadget in the top right of the pop-up window.
  • Once you have finished you changes with your selected gadget, click Save. Your changes will appear instantly.

6. Privacy and Permissions in Blogger

Your blog is fully public where it can be read by anyone who uses the internet, by default. If you want to keep it private you can do it too. You need you just change the settings on the Settings / Permissions tab.

  • In the ‘Blog Readers’ heading, it will show ‘Anybody’ is selected as the default. When you change this to ‘Only readers I choose’ you will get an Add Readers button.
  • Click the Add Readers button and enter the email address of the reader to whom you had like to grant access to your blog, if there is more email address separate them by putting commas.
  • If any email address is not associated with an account, that person will receive an invitation email with a link allowing them do one of three things:

Bonus Tips

  • Sign in to an existing account.
  • Can create a new account
  • View your blog as a guest who doesn’t require an account.

7. How to Follow other Blogs

By using the Blogger Following Feature you can keep track of the blogs you want to follow via your Reading List on the Blogger Dashboard. There are many ways to become a follower of a blog. One of the easiest way is to add the ‘Following’ widget, and then follow these steps:

  • Under the ‘Followers’ widget, click the Follow This Blog link.
  • You will see a pop-up window with the options to either follow publicly or unsigned (anonymously).
  • Select how you would like to follow the blog, then select the orange Follow Button. You are now following the blog! If you chose to follow publicly, your profile picture will be displayed on the blog with a link to your Blogger profile.
  • The blog will added to your Reading List on your Blogger Dashboard, when you become a follower of a blog.

Step-6 : Before writing your first post, please remember you’ve to do following things without fail. Go to dashboard, select the blog and now come to settings in the left hand menu bar. The last one is settings. See the below image for more clarity.

Create a Blog on Blogger - Enter Title, Description and Privacy, Add Custom Domain URL - Step-6

So, if you finish the above things then come to Post and Comments section. I always recommend to use Google+ comment system in your blog. If you’re using Blogger platform. I strongly recommend Google+ comment system. Because your posts are automatically share with your friends and circles and you can also receive huge amount of traffic from Google+. We now move on to the final step that is divided into two section. One is enabling Search Preference for your Blog, it means you can add Meta Description for your blog Home Page as well as for all Posts Pages and Business Pages. See the below picture.

Create a Blog on Blogger - Enable Meta Description for Home Page and Posts Pages - Step-7

Now come to end of the tutorial go to Blogger Text Editor in the Right Hand Side of your computer screen. You notice the first one Label – Enter the desired label here, Second one is Schedule, you can fix a time to publish your posts, Third one is Permalink. You can edit your Post URL according to your own needs. Then Location, you can set location for your posts with the help of Google Maps. Finally, Search Description is nothing but Meta Description for your post. You can write meta description within 156 characters. Then do proof reading. Once you satisfy with your post. Click the Publish Button above the Blogger Text Editor to publish your first post. Hope, you enjoy this article, if you like this article then consider sharing with your social media friends. Thank you I will come up with another informative great tutorial. This is +Perambur Kumar signing off bye.

8. How to Start / Create a Blog – Step-by-Step Tutorial for Blogger (Tamil)

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