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Blogger Tutorial for Beginners – Step by Step BlogSpot Tutorial

Design Your First Blog with Blogger

Create a Successful blog with blogger that fits your needs. Choose from easy to use ready-made templates with flexible layouts and hundreds of background images, or edit your blog’s in CSS and HTML to create something entirely unique and high-quality one. If you’re using your blog for a brand or business, you can create a custom domain that’s easy for people to find and follow. For example: This blog is running on blogger platform and I am getting around 10,000 targeted visitors per day.

Blogger Tutorial for Beginners - Step by Step BlogSpot Tutorial

Build Your Audience with Blogger

Share your own blogging knowledge with more of the people you care about. Blogger connects widely with Google+, helping you reach new readers and participate in the conversations your posts inspire. Use Google+ Comments to see what people are saying about your blog on Google+, Google+ Communities to find others who share your passion, and Hangouts to interact with your top fans face-to-face. You can also conduct online seminars with your friends and site audience.

How to Increase Traffic on Blogger - Blogger Blog

Make Money with Google AdSense

Let your passion work for you by taking advantage of Blogger’s income-generating tools. Show ads relevant to your users and earn money with Google AdSense. It’s integrated into your account and has easy to use controls, so you can choose where your ads go and what they look like.

Post from anywhere. You can also join my Google AdSense Training Seminar Classes in Chennai. This is the only coaching center which give Direct Training for Google AdSense.

Make Money with Google AdSense
Reach readers around the world from wherever you are, however you choose to reach them. Blogger is available in 60 languages and in countries across the globe. If you come up with an idea while you’re on the go, use the Blogger Android app to post it from your phone or tablet right then and there.

15 Exclusive Blogger Tutorial Topics for Beginners

In-fact I try to cover each and every topic connected to Blogger platform. So you can utilize this wonderful opportunity to learn A to Z about Blogger. You can also share this invaluable content with your social media friends. So that they can also benefit from this useful tutorial program. I request my friends to bookmark this page for your future reference because I am going to add another 30 to 40 posts to this list. So it will be very useful for you.
  1. How to Add Authors to Blogger
  2. How to Add/Submit Blogger Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
  3. How to Add Meta Description in Blogger
  4. Setup Custom Domain on Blogger
  5. Blog Coaching and Blog Consulting Services
  6. How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners
  7. How to Share Blog Posts on Google Plus Automatically
  8. How to Customize Blogger Template
  9. Hex Color Code Generator
  10. HTML Sitemap Generator
  11. How to Add Pinterest Button to Blogger
  12. Email Subscription
  13. How to Upload PDF File to Blogger Blog
  14. Blockquote Style
  15. What is Breadcrumb and How to Use it Effectively
  16. How to Create a Blog in Blogger
Blogger Tutorial for Beginners

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