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Why Amazon Affiliate? Reasons to Join Amazon Affiliate Program

Make Money with Amazon

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Why Amazon? – Introduction to Amazon Affiliate Program

I have promoted 100’s of products across multiple affiliate programs through my niche websites. Nevertheless, I have been start to earning commissions as fast and scale it to the level I have until I started promoting Amazon products.

Below I give you the exact reasons why you should consider to become an Amazon Associate.

Amazon Affiliate Program
  1. Amazon is a trusted brand and it also gives high-quality, verified products to its customers.
  2. Great Conversion Rates. You can easily convert your prospects into a customer with the help of Amazon.
  3. Customer can buy multiple products at once. They can easily make checkout.
  4. Wider Variety of Products. Infact Amazon covers all products.
  5. Multiple Payment Options. Which includes pay via Debit and Credit Cards.
  6. You can also get Special Discounts on various products at the time of festival and other special occasions.

Amazon Affiliate Program available in 12 countries. United States, India, United Kingdom, Deutschland,  France, Japan, Canada, China, Italia, Espana, Brazil and finally Mexico. You can Sign-up by selecting your country name in the drop down menu.

Amazon Affiliate Sign Up

For India – You can Sign Up here.
For United States – You can Sign Up here.
Amazon Kindly Direct Publishing – Sign Up

You can also Sign Up for Kindle Direct Publishing and publish your eBook through Amazon and earn money. You can also select the same eBook through Amazon Affiliate Program and promote your eBook via your own websites and blogs and get amazon affiliate commission.

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