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Amazon Success Secret – Understanding Your Target Market

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Defining Your Website Audience

Now that, you’ve selected a Niche or a Category from the list I already given in my previous post Amazon Niche Site Formula now it’s time to know about your targeted customers. It’s absolutely necessary to know about your targeted audience and obviously you can’t skip this step. Why this question arise here?

Imagine you’re going to sell Real-estate products but people who visiting your site is totally related to blogging and tech niche people. So it is very hard to sell your products or in other words it’s almost impossible to sell your products to these people. Unless and otherwise they need one from you because of your friendship with them.

Know Buyer’s Personas

Understanding your targeted audience is very important for your product success. You’ve to choose the right set of customers to sell your products to them without any difficulties. I clearly explained everything in this post defining your website audience I personally suggest you to read that post before reading this post further.

It’s time to build your first Website / Blog for Amazon Affiliate Product. Before going to this step I suggest you to read this tutorial on Blog or Website Which is Better for My Business to Make Money. Because it is necessary to read these above two articles to proceed further. So that you’ll understand the necessity of creating either a website or a blog.

Who is Your Customer?

There are two things you have to understand here. One is Static Website and another one is Dynamic Blog. Frankly speaking from experience in blogging for more than 8 years I suggest you first go through how many products available under each niche or each category on Amazon. If you find more than 30 to 50 products in one category and there is no scope to increase further. Then you start a static website to promote this products and make sales. If there are 100’s of products or more than that in each of the category or group or niche. Then go with dynamic blog either in WordPress or Blogger. But my first preference always go with WordPress. Because in WordPress there is an option to include Category in the URL structure itself. There is no such option in blogger. Because blogger always shows Date and Year not category remember this always. How to Create SEO Friendly URLs in WordPress read this tutorial I am sure you’ll understand the importance of having a website in WordPress. If you use the correct permalink structure, I am sure it will increase your site CTR more than 300% this is my personal experience.

Points to Remember

  1. Make sure your domain name have a specific keyword about your product or category or niche. For example : You take my blogging site So it is nothing but how to create a blog. In the same way you also choose the domain name with exact keyword of your product. So that it is easy to rank
  2. Make sure your Post Titles and URLs have that keywords
  3. Make sure your content also having that keywords atleast 3% of the total article words.
  4. Make sure your Meta Description tag also have that specific keywords.
  5. Promote your post in social media and other forums
  6. Build as many backlinks as possible. So that it is easy for you to rank higher in Google SERP.
  7. Do off-line promotion also.
  8. Do e-mail campaign vigorously.
So these are steps to be taken to get success in affiliate marketing. You can also use Reddit, Stumbleupon, Google+, Yahoo Answers 
to find the exact number of people visit your particular category or product or niche. So that it is easy for you to target those products, those niche and those customers. You can also easily get the topic ideas and also post title ideas for your next blog post by doing this. You can also go through the reviews of different websites in the same category or same niche or promoting same products via searching in Google. It is easy for you to write a review about these products once you read as many sites as possible. Finally you’ll get the conclusion what to do and what not to do? to get success in affiliate marketing. You can also visit those sites are doing well in your niche. You follow the same strategy and same promotional methods to get success.

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Next: Setting Up of Goals - Set Goals to Get Success at Amazon

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