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Expanding Your Blogging Network

Make Money with Amazon

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Expanding Your Blogging Network

Once you have been successfully created your Amazon Niche Site.  The real game is going to start now.  Because, the real success is retaining the success.  To retain your success in the market, you need to expand your network.

I have discussed below about expanding the network:

  1. Parallel Niches
  2. Authority Sites 
Expanding your Network

1. Parallel Niches – Instantaneous Path to Growth

  • Now you have created one Amazon Niche Site.  And got success, earning through that site, having steady traffic and also built an email list.  Now question is What’s next?
  • What you have to do now is, launching a new site.  For example, if you chosen tactical bags as your previous niche for Amazon, now you can launch a new site with a similar niche.  Lets take Combat Footwear as an example.
  • Now, you need not to worry about promoting your newly launched Niche site.  Because, you have already running a successful niche site.  So make use of that existing site to promote your new niche site.  But only thing you should keep in mind is both of the sites must belong to similar niches.

2. Authority Sites – The Category Dominator

  • Once you have multiple sites that spread over many parallel niches, it might be the time to consider moving to one website.  This is a great opportunity to frame a brand and combine all your niche sites authority under one domain.  Which has amazing SEO(Search Engine Optimization) value helping you to get ranked for even more keywords.
Authority Sites
  • If you have built most your sites with Ecomm Affiliate Site as a model, there is a risk that you might want to consider physically selling the products.
  • Better start contacting the manufacturers, especially who are all offer drop shipping.  This way you can start getting more profit.  You will also be able to keep track your conversions and improve marketing performance.

Note: Like Amazon Niche Site, you can also earn money online with the help of Google Adsense.  Here you can get tutorial for How to make money through online using Google Adsense.

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