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6 Amazing Steps to Build Successful Amazon Affiliate Website

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Building Your Website

In this stage, you might selected your niche, have a clear idea about your audience, and picked out a site model which I explained in my previous post.  Now you are perfectly ready to start putting your site together.

Building Your Website

If you aren’t familiar with putting together WordPress Websites, I suggest you outsource this process.

Here we are always available to help you at any time.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

To build your website to promote your niche product you need to keep in mind the following six steps

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. WordPress
  4. WordPress Themes
  5. WordPress Plugins
  6. Analytics & Webmasters

1. Domain

At the starting stage of my blogging, the keyword in domain for your niche site helped to find how quickly you could rank that site.   But now search engines are upgraded.  Sites can be ranked in google as per competitive keywords and brands.  So while searching for a domain, you should also keep in mind the BRAND also.

You can register your domains from any of the below sites:

You can get ideas on How to create Domain from here.

2. Hosting

Hosting is nothing but an online storage (i.e) your website needs to place to live that can be provided by the hosting.  For newbies, I suggest the following hosting providers.

Web Hosting

For fellow bloggers, here are some upgraded hosting sites:

Click here to know about Web Hosting

3. WordPress

WordPress is a web software that you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.  WordPress is also free of cost.  I prefer WordPress for fellow bloggers.  For newbies, Blogger will be user friendly which is also free of cost.


WordPress provides the following features

If you are interested to know all things about WordPress, click the link here: WordPress Tutorials for beginners.

4. WordPress Themes

I have been using both Blogger and WordPress.  But one advantage that you can get in WordPress is, WordPress helps us to create or upload customized themes.  WordPress has the biggest theme community compared to any other CMS.  Here are some of the best places you can buy professional WodPress Themes.

Get more informations on WordPress Themes here.

5. WordPress Plugins

Plugins means a piece of software containing a group of funcions that can be added to a WordPress Website (i.e) Customizing existing WordPress Website.  These plugins helps us to add new features or extend functionality to your WordPress Websites.

There are so many plugins available.  But I would like to share some important plugins.  They are

WordPress Plugins

Other than the above plugins,  there are more plugins available for both free and paid.  If you need any assistance in understanding about plugins and how to install them, here is my tutorial for WordPress Plugins.  Just check it out: WordPress Plugins and Installation.

6. Analytics & Webmasters

Tracking your website metrics is vital to online marketing success.  I highly recommend integrating Google Analytics into your WordPress website.  To get you Tracking script click here: Google Analytics

Google Webmasters is the most important one for any website owner.  Because it is a simple way to keep tabs on your websites.  With the help of this, you can come to know that how your site’s content is indexed, upload sitemaps, find if there are any issues like 404’s, identify the keywords that are driving traffic and it can connect with Google Analytics.

Analytics & Webmasters

Click here to get into Google Webmaster Tools: Google Webmaster Tools

You can also add your site to Bing’s Webmaster Tools also.  Click here to check it: Bing Webmaster Tools

Other than Amazon Affiliate Program, you can earn money online with your website using Google Adsense Program.  Click here to get step-by-step tutorial on Make Money with Google Adsense.

Next: Optimizing your Website - How to SEO Your Website

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