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Automation – For those having Limited Time

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Automation – For those having Limited Time

  • Automating your website is the best way to save time.  I would like to recommend this automation only on that time, when you don’t have enough time to focus on growing your sites.  If you need any assistance on automating your website, please feel free to contact us at anytime.
  • What you are going to automate in your site is, only content creation and social sharing.  The important thing is, you should have an idea, of which pages and keywords will bring the most traffic and conversions.

For example, If I’m creating a review site, and having WPRobot which will automatically post products from my niche.  I will also attach keyword modifiers to the product title and content like:

“5.11 Black Tactical Bag Reviews

Once I know that particular keyword is driving quality traffic or I see sales of that product in my Amazon associates account.  I will manually rewrite the article to make sure I get the maximum income from that content.

Note: Through Google Adsense also you can make some handsome money.  Check out the Tutorial here:  How to make money from Google Adsense

Next: Selling Your Niche Sites

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