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Amazon Niche Site Formula – Find Niche by Using Google KW Research Tool

Make Money with Amazon

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Niche Research – Introduction

Before creating your first website for Amazon, we need to determine which niche or category is profitable one and we should focus on those niche and category. Here I give you some samples.

Keywords and Number of Searches (Monthly) – Google Keyword Planner

  1. BowHunting – 4,400 and 1,546 Total – 5,946 Monthly Searches
  2. BodyBuilding – 8,23,000 and 48,959 Total – 8,71,959 Monthly Searches
  3. Camping – 2,46,000 and 6,51,295 Total – 8,97,292 Monthly Searches
  4. Yoga – 5,50,000 and 7,50,553 Total – 13,00,553 Monthly Searches
  5. Military Boots – 22,200 and 2,025 Total – 24,225 Monthly Searches
  6. Jewelry – 3,01,000 and 4,35,011 Total – 7,36,011 Monthly Searches
  7. SmartPhone – 3,68,000 and 1,24,837 Total – 4,92,837 Monthly Searches

I personally suggest you to create a Amazon eStore like me. I have created Amazon Store in my site If you’re not clear about how to choose the best product or best niche site to promote and which is the best category which gives you high commission rate. Then better create a eStore is my suggestion.

Product Category – 10% Commission Rate & above

  1. Kindle eBooks
  2. Clothing – 12%
  3. Shoes – 12%
  4. Beauty & Health
  5. Books & Media
  6. Cars, Motorbikes & Industrial Products
  7. Toys & Baby Products
  8. Watches
  9. Jewellery (excluding Gold and Silver coins)
  10. Home & Kitchen
  11. Kindle Devices
  12. Video Games
  13. Luggage & Bags
  14. Sports, Fitness and Outdoors
  15. Office & Stationery
  16. Musical Instruments
  17. Gourmet & Specialty Foods
Please go through this Amazon Seller Fees – Commission Rate. So that you can easily find out which product gives you high percentage of commission.
I recommend keeping your niche broad vs highly targeted. This will allow you to add more and more products and give you more opportunities to create more content. The more content on your website the more potential your site has to attract new visitors and also your returning visitors.
Bottom Line: More Audience leads to More Conversions! More Conversions leads to More Commission.

Amazon Keyword Research – Finding the Right Category for Your Site

The first place you should start your keyword research is on Amazon. When researching keywords ideas on Amazon here are the basic metrics to keep in mind: There are four things you have to consider when you’re doing keywords research on Amazon.
  1. Average Sale Price
  2. Number of Reviews
  3. Amount of the Product
  4. Product LifeSpan.
For Example : Sports and Outdoors – Hunting and Fishing – Tactical and Duty – Tactical Bags and Packs.
Tactical Bags and Packs.
After thoroughly analyzing the Tactical Bag Niche it appears this is a great place to start. Because there are more than 10,000 products and out of that 424 products approximately above 100 Dollars price range. So this is the hunting ground for you.

The tactical bag niche has hundreds of products over 100 US Dollars. Look like a great way to start. You can also promote Smart Phones, Laptop and all Video Games, Kindle Devices etc.

Niche Potential Keyword Research

So we’ve decided on the tactical bag niche. Now it’s time to determine the potential. To get a quick idea on the potential we turn to the AdWords Keyword Planner provided by Google.
Now, we start by searching niche specific keywords.

For Example:

  • Tactical Bags (2,400 monthly searches)
  • Tactical Packs (1,000 monthly searches)
  • Tactical Backpacks (2,400 monthly searches)
The search volume for the above keywords are slim. So let’s do some keyword research on the exact products.

Here are some examples:

  • Condor 3 Day Assault Pack (2,400 monthly searches)
  • 5.11 Rush 72 Backpack (260 monthly searches)
  • Condor Urban Go Bag (110 monthly searches)

As you can see the search volume starts to add up pretty quickly.

Let’s have some fun with numbers so we can start to see the real value of this niche website.
Here is a realistic sample scenario:

  • 5,000 Monthly Visits
  • 500 Clicks to Amazon per Month
  • Average sale price of $250
  • 4% Conversion Rate
  • 4% Commission Rate

That’s 20 sales and $200 per month you would be earning. These numbers are fairly possible. Most of the time you will get multiple orders from one person. Also the more sales you make the higher your commission rate.

So 20 sales would actually put you in the 6% commission rate bracket. So instead of $200 it’s actually closer to $300 per month.

From my experience Amazon usually has a 7 –14% conversion rate so you could expect to make closer to the $1,000 per month.

Click the link to learn more about Amazon’s Fee Commission Structure

Easy Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner always a wonderful SEO Tool to find the right keywords for your post.

Here I do the same for my top keyword Tactical BackPacks. See the results below in the image.

Easy Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner

See the below picture for more keywords finding on this awesome Google Keyword Planner.

Easy Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner - 2

Convert Your Keywords into a Magnetic Post Titles

It’s an another tactic you can use these keywords to expand your keywords list and also adding certain keyword modifiers to your magnetic post titles for you post.

  1. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack “Reviews”
  2. 5.11 Rush 72 Backpack “Discount”
  3. Condor Urban Go Bag “For Sale”
  4. Tactical Backpacks “On Sale”
These keywords modifiers will help you to target different type of audience to buy your products.
If somebody looking for Reviews it means he’s at the crucial part of the research phase of the buying cycle. He’s more in the middle of the funnel. So this is the right strategy to convert your prospects into sales.
If he’s looking for a Discount or On Sale then he’s likely looking to buy the product on the spot and almost the deal is over now. So you already gave the perfect option for him to buy the product.
So, we come to conclusion part of this post. Hope you all enjoy it. As I promise you this post will definitely help you to choose the right product, right niche and right category and I also explained you the how to do keyword research. My personal suggestion don’t stop with reading this post. Apply these methods to your blog post and get maximum out of it. Because without implementation you can’t make money. You can also go through my another post on On-Page SEO Checklist. Because this post I’ve covered everything about On-Page SEO so it will help you when you’re drafting your blog post.

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