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What is Google AdSense?

How to Earn Money from Google

What is Google AdSense

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Google AdSense is No. 1 Revenue Sharing, High Paying  Affiliate Program.  If you have a Website or Blog then you can join this program free.

Google AdSense is run by Google Inc that allows adsense publishers in the Google Ad Network content of sites to show text-based ad units, image-based ad units and video-based ad units that are specifically targeted based on the website content and its audience. These interest based advertisement are administered, sorted and maintained by Google AdSense team.
What is Google AdSense

How to Get Google AdSense Approval Fast for My Blog

Follow these steps and get Google AdSense Approval fast within 3 days to your blog.

  1. Age : You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in AdSense.
  2. Payee Name : You Payee Name need to match the name on your bank account.
  3. Domain : You must have a Paid Domain, No Sub – domain, No Blogspot, etc.  You must be owner of the domain.
  4. Google Webmaster Guidelines : Your website totally complied with Google Webmaster Guidelines. Following pages should be included in your website.a. HTML Sitemap b. XML Sitemap c. Privacy Policy Page d. Google Verification Page e. Yahoo  Verfication Page d. Alexa Info Text Page e. Unix Data Page etc
  5. Unique and Quality Content : Put Unique, Quality Content (not copied from other blogs or websites).
  6. Google Analytics : Add your site to Google Analytics. Get code and paste it on your website. (It will show that you are the real owner of the website as well as Google AdSense Crawler will display relevant Google Ads on your website. So submit your site to Google Analytics is must one.
  7. Google AdSense Program Policies : Follow Google AdSense Program Policies Strictly.
  8. Conclusion : After finishing all the above things successfully, then apply for Google AdSense. I am 100% confident you will get approval within 3 days.

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Next: Can I have Google AdSense Multiple Accounts
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