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Top 15 tips to Maximize your Adsense Revenue

How to Earn Money from Google

Maximize Your AdSense Income

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There are many ways to make money online. One of them is Google AdSense. If you’re a Google AdSense Publisher then you can make handsome money with this program and another thing, Google AdSense is free to join program on internet. You can make money by showing relevant ads on your site and through ad impressions and clicks. Now, we move on to top 15 tips to maximize your adsense earnings. Here it is…
Make Money with Google AdSense

Top 15 Tips for Google AdSense Publishers to Increase their Earnings

Google AdSense Secret Revealed.

  1. Display Both Text and Image Ads : Using both text and images ads substantially increase your adsense revenue. It increases the auction pressure for your website’s ads and is very likely to maximize your adsense earnings. Advertisers always prefer both text and images ads.
  2. High Performing Ads (High CTR Ads): It’s not necessary or mandatory to have 728×90 ad on every page of your site. Saying that, it is high performing ad unit on Google AdSense.
  3. Blocking Categories : Blocking categories in your Google AdSense account will affect your  revenue to the larger extent. Because the auction will replace ads from that specific category with ads from other categories. So, don’t block categories unnecessarily without any specific reasons.
  4. Using Multiple Channels : You can use the same ad unit with multiple channel option. It’s not necessary to have each ad unit should have a separate channel. This is also one of the method to increase your adsense earnings.
  5. AdSense Experiment : By using adsense experiment option, you can test and compare the performances of different sizes of ads or different styles of your ad unit and finally you can choose the best one for your site. Always use the same background color for your ads which your site have and always use the same title color which your post titles have, the URL always be “Black” and link always be “Blue” so this is the rule for the successful ads.
  6. Knowing CPC and CTR : Cost Per Click and Click Through Rate are the different terminology of Google AdSense. Cost Per Click is what advertisers pay for each click to Gogole for displaying their ads on publisher’s sites and CTR is how much clicks you received for each ad unit. Here you can learn how to increase Google AdSense CTR.
  7. Learn AdSense Optimization : If you put the adsense ad unit on right places of your site then you’ll see substantial clicks and earnings in the adsense dashboard. This will ensure, you’re optimization is just perfect.
  8. AdSense Ad Unit Colors : The best way to optimize your ad units is by blend with content as much as possible. Try to use same color combination for both your site and ads.
  9. Understanding Ad Request : Which is not correct to say, In the event that your page requires an advertisement to be served however no ad is showing back, this considers a promotion ask for, an online visit, and an impression.
  10. How AdSense Auction Works : It’s not correct to say, In the AdSense auction, if Advertiser James bids $2.40 CPC, Advertiser David bids $2.10 CPC, and Advertiser  John bids $2.15 CPC, Advertiser James wins and pays $2.40 for the impression. The adsense auction totally based on quality scores of an advertisers not based on highest bidding prices.  Watch the video below this article.
  11. How Ads are Displaying on Your Site : It’s not based on contextual targeting, the Google web crawler analyzes colors, images and videos to match ads to your content. 
  12. Number of Ad Units on Desktop and Mobile : You’ve to use the same number of ad units for both Desktop ads and Mobile ads
  13. Page Speed : Page Speed is one of the factor while determining your adsense revenue, if your site loads faster then you can make huge revenue, if your site loads slower then you’ll end up with lesser revenue, because users don’t want to waste their value time for loading of a webpage. So use Google Page Speed service to increase your site speed. You can check your site page speed with this Google Page Speed Tool
  14. Irrelevant Ads : If AdSense crawler not able to crawl your site, which means you’ll see irrelevant ads on your site. So make sure it’s easy for the adsense crawler to crawl your site.
  15. Rejected Ad Request : It’s not necessary to say, if adsense publishers not complied with adsense program policies end up with rejection of ad request. There may be lot of reasons for this. 

Here I give you some of the videos which makes you better understanding about Google AdSense and maximize your earning potential. 

Increasing Your AdSense Income – AdSense Optimization Video

How to Improve Page Speed of Your Site for Google AdSense

Check your Site Page Speed Here. Google Page Speed Tool.

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Next: 5 Ways to Get Relevant Google AdSense on Your Site
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