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How to Choose Best Colors for Your Google AdSense Ad Units

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Use Hex Color Code Generator for Google AdSense Ad Units

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Google AdSense Ad Colors – Here you can choose upto 1000 colors for your Google AdSense Ad Unit and Link Unit with the help of Hex Color Code Generator.

Above you see the Google AdSense Ad Colors Chart given by Google in Google AdSense Ad Set Up Tab. The real issue is there are only 60 colors available with this chart. You cannot do more things with this colors. So here is the question how can I change my Google AdSense Ad Colors. Whether it is possible to change my ad color?

Yes, you can easily change any color in Google AdSense Ad Unit and Google AdSense Link Unit with the help of this below tutorial.

  1. Click My Ads from the Horizontal Navigation Bar and Click first link that is Ad Units
  2. Name your Ad Unit
  3. Select the Ad Size
  4. Ad Type : Always Prefer Text & Display Ads
  5. Now come to main section that is Text Ad Style, by default there are 10 Ad Color Format. You can choose any one of them from the below list. If you not satisfy with those colors. Then create your own colors with the help Hex Color Code Generator.
  6. You can change the Border Color of your Ad Unit
  7. You can change the Title Color of Your Ad Unit
  8. You can Change the Background of Your Ad Unit
  9. You can Change the URL Color of Your Ad Unit.
  10. You can also select best Font and Font Size for Your Google AdSense Ad Unit.

Here you can see 60 colors available in Google AdSense Ad Color Palettes.

AdSense Ad Color Palettes
  1. Default
  2. Colorful
  3. Dark Blue Reverse
  4. Minimalist
  5. Neon
  6. NotePad
  7. Prestige
  8. Splash of Colors
  9. Blue
  10. DarkBlue

In this above color palettes only 10 Ad Color Formats available, but with the help of Hex Color Code Generator you can choose more than 1000 colors which is perfectly match your Google AdSense Ad Unit as well as Google AdSense Link Unit.

I am very much happy to announce you, that there are more than 1,500 visitors of my site using this above hex color code generator to generate colors for their Google AdSense Ad Unit. You can also join this team and enjoy the colors.
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