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Google Ad Sizes – High Performing Google AdSense Ad Banner Sizes

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Google AdSense Ad Sizes

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Complete List of Adsense Ad Banner Sizes. There are 7 ad format sizes available in Google AdSense dashboard.

  1. Recommended Ad Sizes by Google
  2. Horizontal Banners
  3. Vertical Banners
  4. Rectangle Banners
  5. Responsive Banners
  6. Custom Size
  7. Link Ad Units

Recommended Ad Sizes by Google

  1. Responsive (Automatic) (Mobile-Friendly)
  2. 7289×90 Leaderboard
  3. 336×280 Large Rectangle
  4. 320×100 Large Mobile Banner
  5. 300×600 Large Skyscrapper
  6. 300×250 Medium Rectangle

Horizontal Banners

  1. 7289×90 Leaderboard
  2. 320×100 Large Mobil Banner
  3. 970×250 Billboard
  4. 970×90 Large Leaderboard
  5. 468×60 Banner (Perfect Match Any Site) Especially at the Header section of the Website
  6. 300×50 Mobile Banner
  7. 234×60 Half Banner

Vertical Banners

  1. 300×600 Large Skyscrapper
  2. 300×1050 Portrait
  3. 160×600 Wide Skyscrapper
  4. 120×600 Skyscrapper
  5. 120×240 Vertical Banner

Rectangular Banners

  1. 336×280 Large Rectangle
  2. 300×250 Middium Rectangle
  3. 250×250 Square
  4. 200×200 Small Square
  5. 180×150 Small Rectangle
  6. 125×125 Button

Responsive Ad Unit Sizes

Responsive Ad Sizes always Automatic sizing based on the space available.

This ad unit will automatically adapt its size to fit your page layout and can only be used for sites built with responsive design. Responsive ad units allow you to support a wide range of devices by working with your responsive design web pages – This Paragraph Courtesy : Google

Now, we move on to custom size.

Custom Size – Design Your Own Banner

You can customize your ad units according to your own choice

Custom sized ad units may have a limited inventory of display ads available, which could have a negative impact on your earnings. If your site uses responsive design, we recommend that you use a responsive ad unit instead. – This Paragraph Courtesy : Google

Now we move to important part and final part of this series of Google Ad Unit Sizes. That is creating link units.

Link Units

  1. 728×15 Horizontal Large
  2. 428×15 Horzizontal Medium
  3. 200×90 Vertical X-tra Large
  4. 180×90 Vertical Large
  5. 160×90 Vertical Medium
  6. 120×90 Vertical Small

Hope you going through the above list thoroughly. It’s time to see which ad sizes performing well and which don’t. Here I give some of the ad units which performs really well for me over 7 years. My earnings are doubled due to this high-performing, successful ad units listed below. You also do the same to maximize your income through these ad units sizes.

Google Ad Sizes

High Performing Successful Google Ad Sizes

Google AdSense Ad Sizes are readers friendly one. Most of the ad formats are high-performing as well as successful one.Wider-formats always performing well. Readers without damaging their eyes they can read the advertisement at ease.The advertisements displayed by Google always informative, useful, relevant and solve the issue of the readers. Especially, I am using Ad Banner Sizes and Link Unit Sizes like 728×90 leaderboard, 336×280 large rectangle, 300×600 half-page, 160×600 Wide Skyscrapper and on mobile devices 300×100 large mobile number. When it comes to link units 460×15 horizontal medium and 200×90 vertical X-tra large works for me. So you also do the same to get maximize your adsense income.

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