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How much Revenue Google Share with the AdSense Publishers

How to Earn Money from Google

Google AdSense Revenue Sharing

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Google AdSense Revenue Sharing – Google now disclosing with AdSense Publishers about two of their AdSense products – AdSense for Content and AdSense for Search.

  • AdSense for Content – 68% Publisher Revenue Share
  • AdSense for Search – 51% Publisher Revenue Share
but Google not disclose with AdSense publishers on other adsense products like AdSense for Feeds, AdSense for Mobile Content, AdSense for Domains, AdSense for Content Host (Youtube), Google Affiliate Network and other Revenue Sharing Websites (like Hub Pages). But Google promises to reveal this revenue sharing also in future. But they are working on them to find out exact percentage of sharing. For each AdSense product revenue sharing is different one.
Google AdSense Revenue Sharing
AdSense for Content Publishers are large in numbers they can earn upto 68% revenue share. However, this share differ from big websites and smaller one. Even though Google saying they are transparent in showing how much publishers can earn from AdSense for Content. It differ from website to website. If you use channels for your AdSense for Content and also able to filter Low Paying AdSense Ads from your website. You can earn more for each click. You must insert Google Analytics code on your website for Google AdSense Bot to crawl your website content and make sure Ads display by Google totally relevant to your site content. You have to submit sitemap.xml also to Google Webmaster Tools to confirm that your site content belongs to certain topics (specific topic) so that the ads are 100% relevant one. And another important thing if you choose one topic say “Web Design” you should not include any other topic on any pages of your website except “Web Design” if you put all topics in a single website then your earnings will be lesser.  So always follow one topic and concentrate on building a website on one topic not more than that.
After following above said suggestions then you can implement SEO in your website to show your website on Search Results. You can also insert Google Plus One Button, Google Buzz Button to your website to get more traffic and also visible in search results. People can recommend your website on Google Search through Google Plus One Button.

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If you are using WordPress, then start using Categories, if you are using Blogger then start using Labels. So Google AdSense Crawler will able to identify your site content in a detailed manner and show relevant ads on your website.

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Next: Choose Best Colors for Your Google AdSense Ad Units
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