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Top 15 Google AdSense Program Policies for AdSense Publishers

Google AdSense Program Policies – Updates and Reviews – Learn Google AdSense Program Policies and Google Webmaster Guidelines.

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AdSense Program Policies

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1.Whether Google AdSense Publishers may click their own ads to check whether an advertisement complies with Google AdWords Policies?
No. You can’t do this. Clicking your own ads for any reason is prohibited according Google AdSense Program Policies. But you can do the following methods to check it up.
  1. Type the Website URL of the Ad directly into your web browser’s address bar and check the link is working or not and ad will complies with AdWords Policies or not.
  2. You can also use Ad Review Center in your Google AdSense Account to review the advertisers lists. Here you can see Shown Ads, Blocked Ads and finally Settings. In shown ads you can see all ads that are now displaying on your website. So, either you can allow ads to continue or block any one these ads that ad directly placed under Blocked Ads list. Now you understand the usage of Google AdSense Review Center.
  3. Install Google Publisher Toolbar that allows you to view your ads in more detail without clicking the ad links.
2. Whether Google AdSense Program Policies allow Publishers to Click their own ads or use deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks or any other methods to obtain clicks?
No. You can’t do this. If you are involving in illegal activities such as clicking your own ads or use deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks such as offer compensation to users for viewing ads or performing searches, promise to raise money for third parties for such behavior, place misleading images next to Google ads. Don’t put images link Click this Ad, Click Here, Try this and so on. You can use only either Sponsored Links or Advertisement or Blog Sponsors. That’s it not more than this. Don’t put illegal images, porn images or any irrelevant images or controversial images in your website that will lead Google to ban your account. So use your photos and put watermark on it. Don’t use copyrights protected banners, images on your website.
Google AdSense Program Policies #1
3. What is Google Webmaster Guidelines? Whether all Google AdSense Publishers should follow Google Webmaster Guidelines are not? Which type of content Google AdSense Program Policies not allow its users to put on their websites?
Following Google Webmaster Guidelines will help Google to find your website, index and rank your site in search results. I personally recommend all my online friends to follow these Google Webmaster Guidelines read fully and implements all guidelines in your website. You can also read Google Algorithmic changes on Google Webmaster Central Blog updates.
For second question my answer is simple one. If you are a AdSense publisher or not. You must follow all rules in Google Webmaster Guidelines because it’s take your website to the next level. Your website listed in Google Search Index without any difficulties if you follow these Google Webmaster Guidelines. So my request you please follow these guidelines.
For third question my answer is Google not allow you put Adult Content, Violent Content, Advocating Racial Intolerance, Porn Content, Excessive profanity, Hacking/cracking content, Gambling or casino-related content, Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia content, Sales of tobacco or tobacco-related products, Sales of prescription drugs, Sales of weapons or ammunition, Sales of products that are replicas or imitations of designer or other goods, Sales or distribution of coursework or student essays, Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites or reading emails etc., now the question has been raised which content I can put on my website. For this my answer is simple just read this article fully on Google AdSense Approval Topics.
4. Whether Google AdSense Publishers allow to put copyright content protected by Copyright Law if they do not have legal rights to put the content on their website?
No you cannot put Copyright Right Content protected by Copyright Law on your website. Unless and until you have legal rights to display that content on your website (it includes YouTube Videos). So before publishing any content on your website please make sure that your content not copied from other website(s) or blog(s) or videos. After confirming you can publish your content.
Google AdSense Program Policies #2
5. Which program policy guidelines should follow by Google AdSense Publishers?
  1. Google Webmaster Guidelines
  2. Google AdSense Program Policies
It is required that Google AdSense Publishers adhere to Google AdSense Program Policies and Google Webmaster Guidelines to ensure Google should maintain a good relationship both with Advertisers and AdSense Publishers. So read this guidelines and program policies fully and implement on your website.
6. Whether I can send bulk e-mails to click Google Ads or I can participate in Pay-Per-Click Program to Click my Google Ads or Place my website Advertisement on Third-Party Ad Network to click my Google Ads?
No. You cannot send bulk e-mails to click your Google Ads, You cannot participate in Pay-Per-Click Program to click your Google Ads and finally you cannot place your advertisement on Third-Party-Website Ad Network to click your website Google Ads. So all these leads to account termination. So don’t participate in these things make sure you should follow all program policies and maintain good and clean website. Display Google ads, search boxes or search results as a result of the actions of software applications such as toolbar. Be loaded by any software that can trigger pop-ups, redirect users to unwanted websites, modify browser settings or otherwise interfere with site navigation. It is your responsibility to ensure that no ad network or affiliate uses such methods to direct traffic to pages that contain your AdSense code.
7. Whether I can modify the Google AdSense Ad Code or not? Whether I can place Google Ad Code on IFrame?
No. You cannot modify or include anything in Google Ad Code. You have to paste ad code has it is. You cannot place Google Ad Code in an IFRAME without prior approval from AdSense. But you can place unaltered code on your website and you launching new browser window (in other words) open ads in a new window that is available after Google Ads is clicked.
8. Whether I can place Google Ads on Pop-ups or e-mails or software download?
No. You cannot do this if you place Google Ads on Pop-ups or e-mails or software then your adsense account get disabled by AdSense Team. So beware of it. Don’t participate in these things seriously.
Don’t display Google Ads on Following List :
  1. Integrated into a software application of any kind, including toolbars.
  2. Obscured by elements on a page.
  3. Placed on any non-content-based page. (Does not apply to AdSense for search or mobile AdSense for search.)
  4. Placed on pages whose content or URL could confuse users into thinking it is associated with Google due to the misuse of logos, trademarks or other brand features.
  5. Placed on, within or alongside other Google products or services in a manner that violates the policies of that product or service.
The above paragraph Content Courtesy : Google AdSense Program Policies.
9. Sites may change user preferences, redirect users to unwanted websites, initiate downloads, include malware or contain pop-ups or pop-unders that interfere with site navigation.
No. You cannot change users preference. Sites showing Google ads should be easy for users to navigate, this is essential to provide a good user experience. Example of implementations that would go against this would include redirecting users to unwanted websites, initiating undesired downloads, infecting users with malware and displaying pop-ups and pop-unders.
This above question and answer courtesy : Google
10. Whether I can place Google Ads next to other ads or other content not relating website actual content (that is layout and colors)
No. You cannot place other ads next Google Ads and also you cannot place Google Ads next to third-party content or you cannot do tricks in colors and layouts.
For this you read Google AdSense Optimization Tips by
11. Whether I have abide by Google AdSense Privacy Policy Standards set by Google or not? Whether I have set browser cookies for adsense ads and allow DoubleClick Dart Cookie on my website?
Yes. You must abide by Google AdSense Privacy Policy Standards. You site must have terms and conditions page and also privacy policy page. Your website users experience should be noticed by setting Cookies by DoubleClick Dart Coookies. So you must allow Google to do so.
12. How many Google Ad Units and Google Link Units I can place on a single page?
You can place 3 Ad Units and 3 Link Units and 2 Search-Boxes on a single webpage.
13. Whether I can modify Search-Box Code or Search Results Code or pre-populating search results?
No. You cannot modify Search Box Code or Search Results Code or Pre-Populating Search Results but you can use Refinement for this purpose to show necessary search terms related to your website content. You cannot put irrelevant search queries in refinement. You cannot do any applications or software or toolbards for search results queries unless Google allow you to do so. If you are Google AdSense Premium Account member then you can do all this there is no restriction.
14. Why my Estimated earnings on the Home page reflect estimates of recent account activity. Finalized earnings are accurate earnings that include all revenue paid for validated clicks and impressions.
Estimated earnings, which you see on your Home page, reflect close estimates of your recent account activity. However, these earnings aren’t finalized until the end of the month and won’t necessarily reflect the amount you will ultimately be paid. Finalized earnings are accurate earnings amounts that include all revenue you will be paid for validated clicks and impressions.
15. Why Google not paying for Invalid clicks?
Clicks on Google ads must result from genuine user interest, and any method that artificially generates clicks or impressions is strictly prohibited by our program policies. Furthermore, Google will not issue payment for these types of invalid ad traffic activity.
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