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Google AdSense Optimization Tips and Tricks {Videos}

How to Earn Money from Google

Google AdSense Tips and Tricks

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How can I improve my adsense earnings? My adsense earnings are too low. My adsense earning report only showing like this $0.01, $0.10 and so on. When I will get atleast $0.50 or more than that. When I will earning more from AdSense.

Google AdSense Optimization Tips – Maximize your earnings by learning how to use AdSense Channels, Create Report Templates, Choosing Ad Sizes, Ad Placement and more….

First, I want to tell one thing before I start this tutorial on Google AdSense Optimization. Friends, Ad placement is totally different for each type of website. You can’t follow one set of rules for all the websites and another important thing Google AdSense Optimization consist of four major parts
  1. Using of Google AdSense Channels
  2. Choosing of Google AdSense Ads Sizes and using for color palettes
  3. Where to place your Google AdSense Ads
  4. Outside Google AdSense Ad Units

How to Use Google AdSense Channels Effectively

  1. If you are using Static Website then, you can use channels to the great extent possible. You can use upto 500 channels for your website. First before start using channels, you have to decide whether you are going to use Two Column Template or Three Column Template for your website. Because this will play a crucial role in your adsense earnings. In-fact you have to plan according to that.
  2. First you should know What are Channels? then only you can understand its implication. You can also understand What is URL Channels and What is Custom Channels from the above link.
  3. You can run a test to find out which channels is earning more for you and which one is not performing to the expectation. So you can change it afterwords. Whether you want to track a specific type of ad placement or an entire site, custom and URL channels will help you determine what will be most successful.
For Three Column Template you see the below picture – Live Demo
Google AdSense Optimization Tips #1

You see the template layout first, below the navigation bar (orange color ) you can place either 468×60 or above the navigation bar you can place 728×90 AdSense Ad Unit. (Above demo is for your website Home Page Only)In the left navigation, you can place 200×90 Link unit below that you can give either category links or custom url links so that Google crawl your website perfectly and show your site links in Google Search Results. (Above demo is for your website Home Page Only)

If you want to follow these rules for all the pages it is well and good.
At the end of your site content, you can place, if your website is 3-column website then you can place 336×280 at the Bottom Middle (exactly the orange color shows in the above image or you can place 468×60 or if you have large space then you can try 768×90 also. I am confident if you follow this Google AdSense Optimization tutorial then your adsense earnings doubled in few days time. You will be very happy with this tutorial and you can also bookmark this page for your future use, you can also share this page with your friends on social bookmarking sites.
Now Google AdSense Ad Title Color and your web-page title color should be the same, Google AdSense Ad Text Color and your content text color should be the same and finally Google AdSense URL Color and your content link color should be the same.
You can use upto 3 Google AdSense Ad Units and upto 3 Google AdSense Link unit plus One or Two Search Box maximum on any single page. You can all the available ad units to increase your adsense earnings to the maximum extent possible.
For example, if your template background is White, then AdSense Ad Unit also White background in the sense AdSense Background and AdSense Border color should be White. So that visitors cannot understand which one is content and which one is Advertisement. Then only you can get more clicks and you can earn more money.
Now come to Two Column Website Template – If you are using two column template, then see the below image follow for all the pages. This demo is applicable for Two Column Static Website and Dynamic Website as well as Static Blog and Dynamic Blog. You can strictly follow the rules given below for your website as well as blog.
Google AdSense Optimization Tips - #2
You see the above two picture, first one is without Featured Content or Featured Slider. The content of blog or website start immediately after the horizontal navigation bar and in the second image you can place Featured Content Slider and after the blog regular content is start. In the above demo you can either place 728×90 AdSense Unit (at the top) (you can select default ad for this choose both image and text ad) or you can choose 728×15 Link Unit for this Ad placement. Another important thing you can either place your ad above the horizontal navigation bar or below the horizontal navigation bar it is your own choice. So which you think perform better you can place the ads accordingly.
Now, come to sidebar, I recommend use 1000 pixels width template for your website or blog. Because in 1000 pixels width template either you can choose (336×280 Ad Unit or 300×250 Ad unit ) at the top right infact this is the first item of your sidebar. So always go for 1000 pixels width template. According to me that 728×90 Ad unit at the header and 336×280 or 300×250 yield more income for you in AdSense.
At the end of sidebar you can place either 336×280 or 300×250 Ad unit so that people easily click those ads or at the end of the content you can place above sizes ads so that people after reading your content what to do next? you are answering to their question by placing these ad units at the bottom of the content.
If you are using Blogspot blog then you have a chance to place link unit at the end of each post so that your adsense earnings will be doubled in couple of days. But if you are using WordPress blog site then chances of placing Link Units after every post is very difficult task unless and until you will be master in PHP Coding it is very difficult to alter or modify the codes in PHP.
But you can do one thing you can either place 728×90 or 728×15 link unit above or below the Horizontal navigation bar at the header by going to header.php and modify the file. It is very simple one. But other modifications you have to do with the help of professional web designer.
You can maximize your revenue by placing Google AdSense Link units. So use link units wherever it is possible. If there is little space then you can consider of using AdSense Link Unit.
For Static Website, News Website, Static Blog, Dynamic Blog all with Two and Three column Templates you can use the above demo. But for Forum Website you should follow the below demo.

AdSense Optimization Forum.

Google AdSense Optimization Tips - #3
See the above picture, you can place either 728×90 Ad unit or 728×15 Link after the horizontal navigation bar and place the same ad unit below (at the end of the page) Only two ad units which play a vital role in your adsense earnings and you can also place 468×60 Ad unit select (Image ad for this) at the header if there is option in your Forum template.
You can use different colors for your website as well as for your Google AdSense Ad units you can generate upto 1000 colors here. Use Hex Color Code Generator.
For how to pick right colors for your AdSense Units you see this article Google AdSense Ad Colors

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Still you have any doubts on Google AdSense Optimization. Then read this post by Google itself.

Google AdSense Optimization Course by Google.

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