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Can I have Google AdSense Multiple Accounts?

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Having Multiple AdSense Accounts

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According to Google AdSense Program Policies you can’t have more than one AdSense account from one IP address. You just read below e-mail sent to me today morning by Google AdSense Team.
Can I have Google AdSense Multiple Accounts?
If your AdSense Account disabled without any reason say
1. No Invalid Clicks
2. No Policy violation in terms of Google Webmaster Guidelines
3. Your YouTube Partner Program is in Good Standing.
4. You’ve 5 years old blog and have monetizing your site for more than 5 years
5. Your site Privacy Policy is upto date according to Google AdSense Policy Updates.
6. Your site only have good dofollow backlinks
7. Your site loading in lightening fast.
8. Your site fully filled with high-quality content
9. Your ad placements are according to Google AdSense Ad Placements Standards.
10. Your site not related to Asian Countries.
After satisfying all the above conditions, still your AdSense Account is in risk of getting disabled. Can you believe it? below is the answer for your question. If you’ve more than one AdSense Account with Same Address, Same IP Address then any one of your account getting disabled sooner or later. So don’t create too many AdSense account with one communication address and in one IP address and don’t take any undue risk. The only option left now is you can get another adsense account with your Business Name but not with another individual name (Say friends or relatives or wife or father or mother’s name). So be careful if you have more than one account.

Letter from Google AdSense Team

Hello,Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. While reviewing your application, we noticed that your account information matches a currently approved AdSense account associated with Because our policies do not permit multiple accounts, we’re unable to accept your new application at this time.

If you’d like to add as a login to your approved account, you can do so by following these steps:

1. Sign in to the AdSense account associated with at
2. On the ‘Home’ tab, click the ‘Account settings’ link in the left navigation bar.
3. On the ‘Account settings’ page, scroll down to the ‘Access and authorization’ section at the bottom of the page.
4. Under ‘Users with sign-in access,’ enter and click ‘Invite.’

Once you’ve invited as a login to your account, please check this address for an email invite and follow the instructions to add this new login.
If you can’t access your approved account with, please follow the steps in our login troubleshooter: In case you aren’t able to regain access to your account in the process, you’ll find an option to contact us. We’ll then work with you to access your account with your desired login.

The Google AdSense Team

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