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Selling Your Sites

One of the most impressing aspect of Amazon Niche Sites is, once you built a successful Amazon Niche site and earning some handsome money through those sites, you can sell your Niche Sites to some other websites or else your competitors to get a lump sum of cash.

You can sell your Niche Sites in two ways.  They are
  1. Selling on Flippa
  2. Selling to competitors

1. Selling on Flippa - Easiest way to sell

  • When you need a bulk sum of money you can flip and sell your sites.  Say your earning is $200 per month for the last 12 months.  You also have a list of 500 people, a decent social following, and got rank for some really good keywords.
  • With all the above features in your site, you can sell your site for $10,000 or more.  If you market your listing exactly then you can sell your site for even $15,000.
Selling Your Sites

Check out Flippa

2. Selling to Competitors

  • One of the best selling strategy is to target your competitors.  This is the best strategy ever, if you outranked them in organic search.
  • Nothing is complicated in selling your websites to competitors.  First you have to contact your competitors and inform them that you are thinking about selling your website.  Most important thing is highlight the features of your website.  Like,
  1.      Traffic
  2.      Conversions
  3.      Keywords
  4.      Rankings
  5.      Etc....  
    • The best tactic is to 301 redirect your pages to their website.  This will certainly send them all your traffic and give their site a huge SEO boost.
    • I've sold some of my sites to my competitors, they have earned triple the amount, what they paid for the site in a matter of weeks.  So this strategy is surely a winning strategy.  By selling your sites, you will also get some bulk cash and your competitors also gets a huge SEO boost.
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