How to set a STRONG Password? - 4 Simple Steps

4 Simple Steps to Create / Set Strong Password.


  1. Choose Passwords of atleast 8 characters having mix of UPPERCASE & lowercase alphabets , Numbers and Symbols ( @ # $ % & * ) .Use different password for each site. Never use the same password for all the sites. For Bank sites, Domain Registering Sites, Domain Hosting Sites use very strong password and also try to use unique password which you can only remember and note those password in your diary and keep it yourself, never show the diary to anybody.
  2. Do not use: Your Name, Surname , Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Spouse Name, Child Name or Simple Dictionary words as Password which can be easily guessed. Always setup Two-Step Verification for your Google Account, Yahoo Account and all your accounts which is having this option. If there is a option to setup 2-step verification then use it. It is strongly advisable.
  3. Do not share your Password with anyone , not even your friends and relatives . NOT Share your password with Bank Officials, Bank Authorised personnel will never ask for your Password .
  4. While entering Password , Use Onscreen Keyboard to avoid Keystroke Logging. Don't copy, paste your password. Always type your password.
Bottom Line: Choose a Strong Password and Keep it Safe
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